Sweet like Chocolate

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Sweet like Chocolate
Abbreviation: SLC
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Shadok
Goals: Restoring Malton to its pre-zombie glory
Recruitment Policy: Contact a SLC member in game.
Contact: Contact in game or on the group talk page

"The bitterness of Malton will be resolved"

What we Are

Sweet like Chocolate is a Pro-Survivor group which aims to one day completely restore Malton to its glorious pre-zombie state. One where the homeless can sleep on the sidewalk without the risk of dying from brain-eating monsters and don't need to worry if their room mate is a homicidal maniac.

We hope to cover the sidewalks with sugary sweets and perhaps maybe even call on the powers of Kevan himself.

We're a new survivor group, but we're determined to fight for the right of all survivors to play without fear. We will Headshot, Revive and Survive.



Currently recruiting! Contact one of us in game or on the talkpage to join!

Revivification list

None presently

Known PKers and enemies of Sweet like Chocolate


Serial Rotters

None at present

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