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But...Tomorrow is Friday
East Grayside/Scarletwood
Status: Recently Repaired..Again!







know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info

Frequency: 26.19 MHz
Transmitter coordinates: 69,81

Members: 12
Contact: Felix Scherer or Doctor Laura Solis, or use the TIF Talk page.
If you would like to become a patient/staff member, please ask any questions you may have, and visit the location and speak with Felix Scherer or Laura Solis in person.

Balance scale.jpg Fair Tactics Group
This group has ratified the Coalition for Fair Tactics group pledge.
Ubpicon1.gif UBP Supporter
This group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy.
Redcrosssmall.jpg Malton Hospitals Group
This group supports MHG in their attempt to restore health care in Malton.
Police Helmet1.jpg Malton Police Departments Group
This group supports the MPDG in their attempt at restoring law and order in Malton.
Tardis.jpg Tardis
This group would love to find a Tardis in Malton, because it's safe and doesn't need barricading.

But...Tomorrow is Friday (TIF) is a group made up of conspiracy theorists, religious fanatics, former-psychiatric-patients-turned-doctors, and former-doctors-turned-psychotic.

The group is named for a sentence the entire psychiatric hospital uttered during the day of the apocalypse. For when the apocalypse struck the city of Malton --and the zombies began to ravage the suburb of East Grayside, causing the electrical power for the suburb to shut down-- televisions all throughout the area ceased to work. Without television, there could be no more episodes of Doctor Who. Knowing that a new episode was due to air the next day, the frightened, alarmed, and dismayed patients of Adalbert General Hospital cried out in disbelief, "But...tomorrow is Friday!" Though East Grayside fell, all was not lost for fans of the doctor, as every fan knows, the doctor cannot be killed. And thus, from the ashes of every broken dream, the residents rose and dusted themselves off.

Please keep all buildings barricaded according to the barricade plans set forth for their respective suburb. See East Grayside Barricade Plan and Scarletwood Barricade Plan for details. Adalbert Hospital's barricade levels should not be raised past "very strongly barricaded".

Adalbert Psychiatric Hospital

Interiors: Beds have been pulled out into a lobby area so that doctors and patients can sleep near each other for comfort and safety purposes. In a "prominent" place, a stuffed lion head looks out over the patients. Simba provides members and visitors the protection and comfort only a large cat head can provide. His nose and head fur wears thin as the residents occasionally pet him. Next to Simba hangs an African painting. It depicts tribal women riding lions; a mysterious blue box can be seen in the background. An abstract painting, possibly portraying cows (though you may have a different opinion), was donated by a visitor. The conceptual painting was painted by a hospital doctor. It depicts Felix Scherer bravely and heroically being eaten by a zombie. Several more stuffed animals can now be found near Simba. They can be moved around or fed to the large cat head if you happen to be bored or just a little mentally disturbed. In a small room next to the lobby a large cabinet is filled with drugs which are kept arranged in alphabetical order by Doctor Solis. All visitors and members are welcome to these drugs, even the little red pills.

Psychiatric Treatment

The Average Survivor: This person is not usually a danger to the hospital, but they may do annoying things such as raise the barricade level.
Treatment: We recommend drugs, a banana, and plenty of rest!

The Inconsistent Survivor: This person appears to have multiple personality disorder, possibly caused by multiple people logging into their mind. This person is a danger to the hospital.
Treatment: Death. (Note: We still welcome these mentally ill patients to our supply of drugs.)

The PKer: This person kills the average survivor while in the safety of a hospital. We don't do mercy kills in Adalbert and we don't attack the average survivor.
Treatment: Death. (Note: We still welcome these mentally ill patients to our supply of drugs.)

Brain Rot Victims: This person has brain rot and cannot be trusted.
Treatment: Plenty of drugs.

The Depressed Survivor: This person feels like jumping out of a window.
Treatment: Please take plenty of drugs and stay in the hospital, pet Simba, and discuss your problems with the person standing next to you! We're all here to help!

Big Bash Three arrived in East Greyside with numbers estimated to be above 50. The Hospital, NT, and PD held out for some time, but being greatly out numbered, most of us were killed. Zombies haunt the streets and neighboring buildings.

We are currently in the process of rebuilding East Greyside.

If anyone sees a stuffed lion head in the rubble, please return it to the hospital. Thank you. 5 July 2010 (BST)

We are currently in need of staff! We have muffins!

A special note to our many patients: please return to the hospital. You are all unwell and need drugs. Also, feel free to apply for a doctor's position!
Udcross.jpg Doctor Laura Solis Udcross.jpg 00:06, 11 July 2010 (BST)