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The Mess Hallers
Tmh header.jpg
Abbreviation: TMH
Group Numbers: 24 (19/02/06)
Leadership: Democracy
Goals: Secure a safe haven and aid other survivor groups
Recruitment Policy: Current RV is Broadbelt Grove Police Department, Dunell Hills
Contact: Post on the forums

'The Mess Hallers (TMH) is a survivor group made up from various rogues from the off topic forum. One day we decided to have a game of Urban Dead, and here we all are. With members from the US, Canada, UK and Europe we're a pretty rounded lot but avoid talking to Jibba (you'll never get rid of the guy if you do. He'll hump your leg till it breaks.)


If you wish to join us, post on the forums and set your group to TMH

Aims & Objectives

- Hold out for as long as we can and have a good laugh. (And find the player known as Chuck Norris)

Sit Rep

See the DHPD and the DHPD forums for intel concerning Dunell Hills, Peddlesden Village, and Caiger Mall. (You must be registered in order to view messages on the DHPD forums)

  • Massive overhaul of the Wikipedia site to keep up to date with current happenings and events. Please read over. -- TMH swedish, Feb. 16th
  • Setting up a new revive point, Tidball Library (12,43). -- TMH StreamlineData, Jan. 31
  • Burrel Way PD has been attacked by a mob of 10-20 zombies, and it is believed the attack was orchestrated by Da Shamblin' WAAAGH. Citybeatnik, a known member of WAAGH, was spotted inside the police department hours before the assault. The ambush has been stopped, barricades have been re-setted, and a main revive point for TMHers has been established @ Tidball Library, 1 block NorthWest of HQ. -- TMH swedish, Jan. 29
  • Reports from scouts in Stanbury Village tell of a large Zombie force sweeping through suburb and moving East. If the group gets to Havercroft a plan will be drawn up for Molebank in the event of a large scale attack taking place. -- TMH Ska Wars, Jan. 19
  • Molebank is now more or less under survivor control again, exept for a few persistant lone zombies wandering around at random. More and more THM'ers have returned to Molebank. -- TMH Steffmeister, Jan. 16
  • Several TMH members have returned to Molebank RV to help in the counter attack. SO far we have helped the MCV in retaking the hospitals and PDs. Clean up operation is now in progress.-- TMH Ska Wars, Jan. 6
  • Minions of the Apocalypse have attacked Burrell Way PD and broke ranks. Most have scattered throughout the suburb, but a few units are scouting a new suburb in case the need of a move.-- TMH Ben, Dec. 23



Enemies of the state (PKers and Spies)

If you've recently gotten PKed or seen a PKing, list the player's name, profile link, and their whereabouts here so that everyone would be aware of them! Also, please report PKers to the DHPD Forums if you are nearby their precincts - they will be more than happy to hunt down any PKers of their allies.

  • Keep an eye on the DHPD's Most Wanted list as well. Anybody who PKs, spies, or in any other way deliberately causes trouble by anybody will be seen as enemies of the state by TMH.
  • If you are wandering in Peddlesden Village, anybody affiliated with the Peddlesden Village Infestation should automatically be killed on sight. -- TMH swedish, Feb. 16th

Allies and Brothers in arms

The DHPD has been nice enough to give us a temporary home in Dunell Hills. More additional intel can be found here at their forums.

The Super Sports whereabouts are currently unknown eversince we have moved to Dunell Hills.

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