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WTRF Hole of records


Radio WTRF - The TRF radiostation!

We in TRF aim to please - so when anyone coops up in malton, WTRF is bound to broadcast at any given time - For your listening pleasure!

Our frequency is: All

We broadcast from: Everywhere

We are currently:

On Air.jpg

After a leave of absence (e.g: The forts where in zombie hands and Zombies are generally bad radiolisteners; them being busy eating brains and all) we are back on air! Sending live to a fort near you as usual, Brunhilde has gone through a quick polish-up and is out on the roads again!

WTRF - Tune in or butt out!

Our trusty broadcast-van "Brunhilde"


WTRF denies any involvement in:

  • Disupting barricadeplans
  • Promoting overcading
  • Promoting decading
  • Promoting letting zombies in to eat
  • Slandering our trusty trenchcoaters
  • broadcasting false PK reports
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