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This ain't the dig site


Nothing to see here. Move along.

No seriously, what?

Schh, it's a secret you fool! It's like Fight Club: You do not talk about the TTP!

the TTP?

Dang! Okay, but remember, you didn't hear this from me. It's probably just rumours anyway, so...

From what I hear the TTP stands for The Tunnel Project or quite possibly Thuper Thecret Project. Basically, a bunch of desperate idiots trying to dig a tunnel out of Malton. Admittedly not a very smart move, I mean, the army's got this heavy quarantine setup going for a reason, I don't think they'll take any breaches lightly. So if it's true those escapees are gonna get quite a whoppin' methinks... If it's true. And if they succeed.

Sources indicate that the TTP (damn, that is a bit redundant isn't it?) is funded by MRH, a group of senior citizens from Stanbury Village. However, some spraytags regarding the TTP dig site have been found in the neighbourhood of Buckley Mall and the French Fudge Factory down in Buttonville so as you can see all these rumours just don't quite add up.

But what if it's all true? What if there are people below us, under the city, digging for desperate life to get out of this hellhole of a city? Man, that would be sweet. I can't even remember what life was like before all of this, this zombie business, happened. Never having to worry about waking up dead with a hunger for human flesh. Being able to walk the city streets without a shotgun. No f-wording trenchcoaters running amok. Actually being able to go to the mall. Sure, I like the crash and carry discount as much as the next guy but I would gladly pay for some real service! That, and some marshmallows to keep the munchies at bay. By the way, anybody noticed how hard it is to find a decent stash of sweet leaf these days? Man, I found this little corner of wasteland up in Stanbury, or was it Barrville? I forget... Anyway, there was things growing, I've seen nothing like it. I ended up crashing there for weeks until the zombies rolled in yet again.

Sorry, got a little off topic there. Can tell you this though, if those MRH dudes are for real and digging down there in Buttonville, you can be sure they've got a sweet setup. Beer and shovels, wine and wheelbarrows. Man, it would feel good to try to do something about the situation for real. Hell, maybe I'll start a tunnel project of my own! I mean come on, if we stay in this city we die like rats. Face it people, we're doomed. We gotta get out. Might as well be digging our own graves as we would a tunnel eh? Heh, I've convinced myself. See you in Buttonville people. Thank you and good night!

Things said on TTP

  • Im So Hosed said "Nice to finally run into you MRH people. I enjoyed your WIKI page immensely since I came across it a few months ago. Stay safe guys, and keep the Advil well-stocked ;)"
  • whoflungpoo said "you have all forgotten the faces of your fathers."
  • Ruan Thomas said "...Right. lol well anyway. Just take it easy, let some Randoms know if you need help. Also, check the B-Ville wiki for the barricade plan before you barricade or tag over VS+2 tags please. Other then that, enjoy your stay and...uh dig on."
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