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College of Suplex
Abbreviation: CoS
Group Numbers: TZH, The Church Of The Beyonder, Super-Man, Dave Mustaine , Robert Neville, Team America, Mr T, COG's Gears and Dr.House
Leadership: Alexander Karelin
Goals: Bring Glory and Beat Assery to Malton, and to give Praise to "The Awesome"
Recruitment Policy: you MUST SUPLEX PEOPLE!
Contact: Obi

Tha College

Here you can see the college's facilities. Also: HornyHornyHippo chasing a cunt.

College Staff

Dean of Suplex - Alexander Karelin
AK's Assistant - Obi
Suplex Staff-
Security - HornyHornyHippo
Janitor/Crack Whore - Officer Sam Jackson

Mission Statement

Here at the TZH College of Suplex, we strive to make you a better, more awesome, and more suplex version of yourself. Our world class faculty, and utter devotion to ass kickery have kept the TZH College of Suplex at the top of the ranks in academic quality in Malton. Certainly on top of the College of Medicine. Unlike other institutes for higher learning which focus on the "why", we feel that the "how" of something is just important. Sure, at the MCM you might learn the anatomy of the human or zombie throat, and the structure of the human and zombie anus... but we feel that this doesn't go far enough. At the TZH College of Suplex, our students learn the practical skills too, such as overcoming the seemingly physical impossibility of giving a douche bag a boot enema. As well, our intense physical training, or "brutality" as our freshmen refer to it, prepares our graduates for real world Suplexing, and killing of fuck-tards. In addition, we would like to state that the MCM can suck it, and tell it to our nuts.

Notable Landmarks

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