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A Tactical Resource Zone (TRZ) is any area containing more than one Tactical Resource Point(TRP). The phrase generally is not applied to areas around Malls (see below) though they are TRZs. It is commonly used to refer to a resource-rich area with a variety of TRPs together. In practice, it means a few blocks around some central point with emphasis on the Resources present.

For convenience in discussion, exact coordinates or specific building names (preferably the first) can be given to indicate the center of a particular area. Where this is in reference to a TRZ it is always with the understanding that it includes an undefined area around that block. The Suburb Danger Levels are a convenient and commonly understood system to use when discussing the Condition of a TRZ.

There is no clear delineation of where one TRZ ends and another begins. They do not have borders. Attempts to restrict a TRZs scope to a defined range (ie exactly 3 blocks around...) would be meaningless and defeat the purpose of employing the phrase.(it may be useful for planning and coordination...) Also, the Suburb boundaries are NOT considered when discussing TRZs. (Some quite valuable TRZs fall right on a corner, see (40,70) for an example) MAPs should always be expanded to provide the widest View. The use of the term is to draw focus to Key Buildings (NTs, Hs, and PDs) with an understanding that the Attack or Defense (depending on where you're coming from) is to include as much ground around them as possible.

"TRZ", generally, is not applied to Malls or their surroundings, though each Mall does form a valuable TRZ around it in conjunction with nearby TRPs. Each Mall's Name serves as a reference to the area around it. The relative density of surrounding resources, particularly NTs, and their conditions at the time strongly influence a Mall's resiliency to a Zombie assault. The significance of regional TRZs is dramatically increased when the Malls in a region Fall.


A TRZ's relative Value is how useful it is to Survivors. Since values depend on Condition, they fluctuate. Value may be assessed by considering the following factors:

  • contents and structure - what's in it (ALL the blocks), and how its arranged (ie a tight cluster or riddled with open blocks).
  • Location - where is it and what's around it. It's position in the Region; and Malton. a comprehensive understanding of the wider area (a 9 or even 16 suburb large area!) is required to accurately assess the value. Consideration must be given to Malls and other TRZs.
  • Presence of Groups - Who is where is what really makes the difference in Malton.
  • Conditions - the History, and the recent, current, and anticipated Conditions of a TRZ and it's region influence the value.

The more strategically significant TRZs contain a NecroTech Building AND a Hospital. (Syringes and FAKs are VITAL to Survivors. VITAL.) Where they also contain a PD(in particular), or a Factory or Auto, or some combination, the Value is increased. Furthermore, of those, the one's with both a judicious distance from Malls AND the extreme edge of the map form the most valuable TRZs.


Wiser Players understand the true significance of Resources in the Survivor:Zombie struggle and use that knowledge. Even the less deliberate ones can see the value in a cluster that offers everything. Those who carefully choose where they fight create an advantage.

There are less than 230 NTs in Malton. Some have Hospitals near, some are close to Malls, some lay on the periphery.... there is a finite number, and they are not equal. Any Grand Strategies would serve best by adequately accounting for these more valuable TRZs along with the Malls.

Below are a few particular examples, followed by a Map showing the larger region.(the SW)

Some Examples:

  • (40,70) - the example given above that falls into too many Suburbs to list. NT, H, PD, Factory; what more could you want?
  • (25,65) in North Blythville - this Factory is adjacent to a Hospital, a PD, and NT, and 2 away from an Auto Repair. That's one of each TRP(sans a Mall; nearest about 12 away) in a tight area.
  • (43,85) in Kinch Heights - this Cemetery is adjacent to a Church and School which are (almost) always at VSB. It has 2 Hospitals, 2 NTs, and a PD (and an Auto) within 2 blocks; there are 2 more Hospitals and an extra NT if you go out a block or so. It's close to Pole Mall(about 10 away) and Buckley Mall(about 15 away), so if I were looking for a revive in the south, and Kinch and those malls were reported safe, that's where I'd go...

Resource Survey of the southwest: Below is a map of the SW corner of Malton highlighting the more strategically valuable areas. Malls blue, NTs yellow, Hospitals pink, TRZs green; the brighter NTs and Hospitals are in close proximity. (there are some exceptions...)

Remember, the green borders are ONLY a visual aid! SWresources.PNG