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Tactical Strike Force
Abbreviation: TSF
Group Numbers: Enough to get the job done
Leadership: Current: Punisher206 Inactive:An Obese Penguin
Goals: The mindless mass-slaughter of zeds, and having fun!
Recruitment Policy: Email
Contact: TSF Forum
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Anywhere we are.

Tactical Strike Force History

As of January 10th, 2006:

We have had small success in helping the GHDU regain many buildings around Burdekin Alley PD, and rid some of the zed taggings. This is not enough, I'm afraid, so we are pulling back to Shore Hills. We will still make smaller tactical strikes into Galbraith Hills, but we are now trying to reduce the zombie population in Shore Hills.

As of January 16th, 2006:

Master Loki and Dirty Bubbles have left Mythical Force of their own accord, and on peaceful terms. To fill the spot of Mythical Force-Councelor of the gods...An Obese Penguin has stepped in. Actually, An Obese Penguin was nearly unanimously elected as leader on the forums. In light of this, I wish to make this a single leadership democracy. I am officially stepping down as leader to the position of 3rd Councellor of the Elders. I think that An Obese Penguin will make a fine leader...I just don't have the technical know-how that it's going to take. Besides, I will still be here to lend a hand when necessary. Also, The Infamous Dan, Cyclop, and The Goddess of Love will now be taken off the member lists due to inactivity. If they still wish to be part of the group, they must petition either me or An Obese Penguin. (His email is ddrcompanion202@yahoo.com).

January 23rd, 2006:

This is it. The time has come for the zombie nation to rise against Caiger once again. We will be there, we will fight for the mall. And we will win. Again. Because Caiger will not fall. Anyone that can supply either a main char acter, a group, or even an alt...this is where the fight will be, this is where we will prove our prowess, our power, and our potential to put down the zed nation. Hereto unstopped, they will now hit the brick wall that is Caiger. The last seige lasted well nigh a month...how long will it take for the zeds to give up this time?

February 13, 2006:

Well, we've been at Caiger for 2/3 of a month, and so far we have had major success. Though there is over a thousand zombies in the 9 block radius (from SE corner of Caiger), there have been few break ins, and all those have been put down effectively by the mass amount of survivors inside. Many of our members have completely topped out their human abilities, and we are sitting on a giant XP farm. Everyone is welcome to come, whether you are a part of our group or not. Yay for putting down zombie sieges!

March 19, 2006:

Caiger was a great success! The siege isn't officially over, but the zombies haven't made any super great, awesome break down the cades and rush in moves...so we left. We have 4 members who reached into the 30's levels while at Caiger, therefore it was a complete success. We have begun Operation Move A Lot to try and bring in more members. Does this interest you? Now. To our actual location. We reside in Shore Hills where there is a plethora of activities to choose from. We have healers, and gunners. We barricade buildings, and help the elderly cross the street. We have a revive station set up at Tompsett Walk, and we generally have fun laughing at the slow-moving zombies that try and break into our safehouses. We need taunters...we need goooood taunters. Anyway. That's where we are, so come check us out. I promise you from my cute ittle feet to my sadistic ittle penguin eyes that you'll have fun ^_^

March 20, 2006:

By nearly unanimous decision, our group has switched names from Mythical Force to Tactical Strike Force. This new name should inspire thoughts of what we truly stand for. We move around, and claim no suburb as "home". We arranged tactical strikes, and as a group do repairs to suburbs on our list. We attack quite a bit, but we also set up a revive point in every suburb we visit, and run it thoroughly. Also--We're a Force to be reckoned with ^_^

April 20, 2006:

By a unanimous decision, we move from Kempsterbank to return to Darvall Heights. Kempsterbank has been heavily overrun, and we do not have the bodies to repel and contain such a massive infection and spread. Hoards of 20 or more were springing up in pockets everywhere, and buildings were being torn apart multiple times a day. Members of TSF, both dead and alive, make their way across a torn city to find refuge in Caiger Mall.

May 10, 2006:

Our teams are all together and have been restocking and resupplying. The team has been discussing the best plans of action, and we are not quite sure where we are going to be going next. Several probes have been sent to view surrounding suburbs, but as of now, we do not know where we will be most needed.

May 19, 2006:

The team has decided to move to Eastonwood. The area there has a zombie population that our teams can easily handle. There are many here that have welcomed us with open arms and are grateful for the services we are providing. Shortly, we will establish our own revive points and pick off the rotters that have been plauging the area banging on the local hospitals.

July 04, 2006:

We moved to Barrville to help out in retaking the suburb. We're also trying to bring in more recruits and re-establish our old alliances.

July 25, 2006:

A few weeks have passed since the beggining of the Big Bash. Ackland and most of the other malls in Malton have fallen into the zombies souless hands. The fight is now raging in Darrville Heights where Caiger Mall is under seige. There are currently 280+ zombies attempting to enter the NW corner. There have been small break-ins once in a while but the steadfast surrvivors are bravely battling the horde. The survivors in the mall are taking pride in that Caiger is the only mall never to fall into zombie hands and they plan to keep it that way.

July 30, 2006:

As Caiger seems to be holding out pretty well against the zombies, we've decided to leave Darvall Heights, and try to recapture suburbs devastated by the Big Bash. We have taken up residence in Peddlesden Village, aiding the stranded survivors and keeping everyone safe from the hands of the undead.

August 24, 2006:

Peddlesden has been recaptured. Most buildings are safe, and the survivors there can manage without our help. We've decided to go back to good old Kempsterbank and set up an HQ and revive point there. Several members have been removed from the member list due to inactivity. These are: Badger Garner, Drake Darkstar, Buck Chinstrap, seanmc10 , Lancer711, cronic88, mimja and cancereater.

September 12, 2006:

After clearing the majority of the infection from Peddlesden Village, TSF is moving onto Wray Heights.

October 11, 2006:

We have moved to Kempsterbank, where we have joined forces with the Knights Templar group to try and push out the zombie infestation that plagues this suburb.

January 27, 2007:

Kempsterbank is pretty much safe, so we decided to leave the responsibility of this suburb to the Knights Templar, KNW and our other allies so that we may move to an area which may need our help. We've decided to advance to the suburb of Ridleybank, where we have met resistance from the local zombies. Break-ins are frequent, but we have already set up a number of safe houses to counter the threat.

February 9, 2007:

We've set up HQ at the Hume Arms in Galbraith Hills. From here, we can strike into Ridleybank, Barrville and the other highly infected suburbs, without actually having to sleep in zombie infested areas.

April 3, 2007:

The inactive players have been removed from the roster, including the inactive generals. In response to the vacancy in the Council of Generals, Punisher206 has been promoted the new General of the TSF, along with Cyber_D and Naniki. We also welcome two new recruits, being McLung and Julia Roberts. The team will soon be scouting for a new home.

As of November, 2007

The team has suffered heavy losses due to the raging hordes,with a number of members being declared "Missing in Action" but this has not deterred the spirit of the team, which still goes from strength to strength. Plans are being put in place to adapt to this new situation. Where one needs help, there they will be!

July 5, 2008

Most of our forces are MIA, but the few who remain fight on the best they can. Our new addition is Rick Zackhov who has been promoted to the rank of SWAT.

August 18, 2008

Welcome a new recruit into the group, MaraJayde. We are still currently located in Kempsterbank where for the most part everything seems pretty clear.

April 25, 2009

Congratulations to zeeddy, who has been promoted to the Council of Generals for his tireless work during a period of inactivity by TSF leaders. Also congratulations go out to Rick Zackhov who has been promoted to the rank of Emissary, Rick Zackhov has also been a huge contributor to the group and very deserving of his promotion. We are still currently situated in Kempsterbank.

June 6, 2009

As of today we have set up HQ at Spreat Alley School, in Kempsterbank in coordination with Knights Templar and other area groups to provide a better defense of the area.

July 25, 2009

Hot and heavy all throughout Kempsterbank, we have recently retaken our HQ and are again trying to help stabilize the area the best we can.

August 14, 2009

Veteran member, and Council of Generals member Naniki returns from a long hiatus.

December 2, 2009

Still based in Kempsterbank, but some members have joined along with Knights Templar and the Boardsies for a tour around Malton.

January 7, 2010

zeeddy and I are currently in Dunningwood in the midst of the Malton tour. It has been a real struggle as most of the surrounding areas are heavily infested with zombies, and most buildings are in ruins.

February 7, 2010

The Malton tour is over, heading back to our HQ in Kempsterbank.

March 18, 2010

TSF welcomes Lord Kuam back into the fold.

June 18, 2010

Most members are missing in action, Punisher206 and zeeddy continue to assist their allies in Kempsterbank, and try to stay optimistic their missing teammates will return soon.

November 2, 2011

Most of our members are still MIA, but the group itself remains active, still led by Punisher206. Still headquartered in Kempsterbank.

January 25, 2012

Group still MIA, Punisher206 continues on in the battle, and hopes for the return of long time members soon. I remain headquartered in Kempsterbank.

September 15, 2016

Team members have been MIA for years, Punisher206 fights on, weary, but never giving in to the endless horde. Still located in Kempsterbank.



To Join: Firstly, you can visit our forum (web address at top--in info. box), and apply for membership there. This is the preferred way, but also--

You may email Morgan at a1melody@lineone.net and then add Tactical Strike Force to your group name, and your rank to your profile. The email should contain "Urban Dead" as the subject, and the body should have your UD name, your level, your location, and requested position. Your rank will then be emailed back to you, and posted on this page. You may also post on the forums for recruitment, which is the probably the best way to get in contact with us.

  • If emailing is out of the question, you can always head to our handy forum which is linked in our group box at top.


  • You must be completely dedicated to the destruction or revivification of the Zombie Nation, and the revivification of all fallen members and allies as quickly as possible.
  • Ability will be nurtured...if you don't have the proper skills, it doesn't particularly matter. Higher level members are constantly in contact, and are always more than happy to answer questions / give a helping hand to lower level members.


We are currently allied with:

We are a very friendly group (towards Human Groups), and look forward to anyone that wants an alliance.


Our current goal is two-pronged. We are making a sorta cirular motion around Malton, either helping existing groups, or just plain helping keep suburbs safe. Ever 2 weeks-a month we will move to a different suburb. That's prong 1. Prong 2 is recruitment... ^_^

The main goal of Tactical Strike Force, however, is to prove that there are outstanding members among the survivors, and to show the zed forces what will happen when these survivors band together under a highly organized group.

1st Order of Business:

  • Constant Recruitment--special consideration, and tie breakers (for promotions) will be determined by number of people that an individual has recruited.

Our Current Location is:

Kempsterbank, but we've been known to show up where needed most.

Hierarchial Status



Everyone has a voice, and the rank really doesn't too mean much...it's just a nifty hierarchial way of keeping up with your stats and rewarding those who show loyalty and commitment to the group.

Positions needed:

  • 2 more Captains
  • We also need as many low level people as possible--you will be nurtured into the best possible survivor you can be.

In the beginning, higher level players may be "given" a high rank based on need and loyalty.

The Council of Generals will make all final decisions, though everyone has a vote. Currently the Council of Generals consists of Morgan Hines, Punisher206, Cyber D and zeeddy.

In status, the Emissaries will be right under the Council. There will be an appropriate number of Emissaries that will change according to the needs of the group.

  • To achieve the rank of Emissary, one must be of level 10 or higher, and must prove their worth as negotiators and recruitors. Our current Emissaries are Rick Zackhov and Ram I Am 712.

The Captains will be underneath the Emissaries in status, but will hold more sway in our plans. Each Captain will command a squad.

  • To achieve the rank of Captain, the rank of SWAT must be attained, plus 5 member revives and 30 group acknowledged Zombie kills / 5 PKer Assasinations from the Hit List since joining group.

SWAT are the shock troopers of Tactical Strike Force. SWAT can be unlimited in number, but there must be at least one SWAT in each of the Captain's squads.

  • To achieve the rank of SWAT, one must first be a Recruits of at least level 10 that has a total of 30 Zed kills since joining the group.

Recruits make up the core members of the squads.

As a note:

Everyone has a voice, all comments / questions / plans for action or strategies can be emailed to ddrcompanion202@yahoo.com (Urban Dead must be in subject, and UD name must be in body) As before, any comments / questions / plans for action are also very welcome on the forum page.

In the beginning, higher level players may be "given" a high rank based on need and loyalty.

Member Statistics

- # of Zed kills since member : 1065
- # of deaths since member : 80
- # of given revives since member : 511
- # of recruitments since member : 1
- Points of healing since member : 11090
- Level : 41
- Rank : 1st seat Council of Generals
- # of Zed kills since member : 0
- # of deaths since member : 0
- # of given revives since member : 1
- # of recruitments since member : 0
- Points of healing since member : 0
- Level : 32
- Rank : 2nd seat Council of Generals
- # of Zed kills since member : 3
- # of deaths since member : 15
- # of given revives since member : 0
- # of recruitments since member : 0
- Points of healing since member : 0
- Level : 41
- Rank : 3rd seat Council of Generals
Morgan Hines
- # of Zed kills since member : 97
- # of deaths since member : 8
- # of given revives since member : 49
- # of recruitments since member : 2
- Points of healing since member : 650
- Level : 41
- Rank : 4th seat Council of Generals
Cyber D
- # of Zed kills since member : 148
- # of deaths since member : 25
- # of given revives since member : 69
- # of recruitments since member : 4
- Points of healing since member : 2040
- Level : 41
- Rank : 5th seat Council of Generals
Rick Zackhov
- # of Zed kills since member : 32
- # of deaths since member : 27
- # of given revives since member : 45
- # of recruitments since member : 0
- Points of healing since member : 35
- Level : 36
- Rank : Emissary
Ram I Am 712
- # of Zed kills since member : 70
- # of deaths since member : 14
- # of given revives since member : 13
- # of recruitments since member : 2
- Points of healing since member : 330
- Level : 41
- Rank : Emissary
Lord Kuam
- # of Zed kills since member : 0
- # of deaths since member : 0
- # of given revives since member : 0
- # of recruitments since member : 0
- Points of healing since member : 0
- Level : 38
- Rank : Captain
- # of Zed kills since member : 22
- # of deaths since member : 8
- # of given revives since member : 9
- # of recruitments since member : 0
- Points of healing since member : 990
- Level : 31
- Rank : SWAT

  • After being added to this list, each member will be responsible for adding their OWN statistics. Just click on the edit link beside Member Statistics, find your name, and adjust as needed.

  • Keeping Track IS NOT Mandatory, but WILL be Used

for Promotions

Inactive/Former Members

bowenoneil RECUIT - INACTIVE
Buck Chinstrap SWAT - INACTIVE
seanmc10 SWAT - INACTIVE
cancereater RECRUIT - INACTIVE
The Goddess of Love RECRUIT - INACTIVE
foreverfrost RECRUIT - LEFT

Supported Tactics and Groups (S.T.A.G.)

Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Police Helmet1.jpg Malton Police Departments Group
This user or group supports the MPDG in their attempt at restoring law and order in Malton.
Redcrosssmall.jpg Malton Hospitals Group
This user or group supports MHG in their attempt to restore health care in Malton.
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