Tactically Innovative Territorial Zombies

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Tactically Innovative Territorial Zombies
Abbreviation: T.I.T.Z.
Group Numbers: 20 or so
Leadership: We ate him.
Goals: Kill, kill and more kill.
Recruitment Policy: Total apathy
Contact: http://titz.proboards.com

T.I.T.Z. is T.I.T.Z. We really can't explain it any better than that.


Who or what is T.I.T.Z.?

T.I.T.Z. is a bunch of guys and gals who spend a lot of time playing online games together. In the world of Urban Dead we quickly realized that Malton was, well, boring. Zombies kill humans, humans kill zombies, humans kill humans. Yawn. So we wanted to come up with a way to keep it interesting and to provide us with as many laughs as possible. If those laughs came at the expense of others, so much the better. So our group made it our business to target a group, rather than the broader targets of zombie or human. This means we usually stick to one area and beat the ever-lovin snots outta one particular group until such time as.... uh...well when we choose to stop.

General operations

How does T.I.T.Z. choose a target group?

Usually we pick a target based on something that group did. Maybe they attacked one or more of our members? Maybe they wandered into an area we were calling "home"? Maybe they talked smack or tried to enforce stupid rules or tried to help a group we were fighting? Heck, maybe we just rolled the dice. Who knows? The only sure thing is that once we find someone to attack we tend to be somewhat relentless. It passes the time and that's gotta count for something, eh?

Goals/Purpose/Things that make us happy

Every group has goals in life (or death) right? Well T.I.T.Z. is no different. Our main goal is mop the streets of Malton with one survivor group at a time, while maintaining our world-class reputation of being snappy dressers. (Ok... I made that part about the snappy dressers up. Sue me.)


The beginning

Back about 2 years B.T. (before TITZ) we were a bunch of folk who happened upon Urban Dead and decided to give it a go. How exactly that happened is another story and maybe one day we'll share it. But not today. Anyway we messed around with UD and eventually realized it was every bit as boring as we had originally thought. So many of us gave up and stopped logging in. About 2 years later I happened to walk up to the desk of a co-worker and saw UD on the screen. I said, "OMG, you still play that?" He blinked, looked at me and said, "No, I just kept this up on the screen for 2 years as a reminder.". Ok, bad example... but the point is while chatting with some of the others who used to play we then decided to fire the game back up again and meet up somewhere in Malton. We put pins in the map and made a rough circle that encompassed all of our locations. We then put a pin in the middle and said, "OK, this is where we're headed." Northern Mockridge Heights. Specifically the Mycock Building. A home was born.

First encounter, first target, first group to fall at our feet

So there we were, all making our way to Mockridge Heights. Some arrived sooner than others and just milled around. One day I logged in and...ugh...dead. Killed by some guy from a group called We Are Nice Guys. Ah well, it happens right? So a day goes by and two more of us are killed. We compare notes and what the heck? Also from We Are Nice Guys (from here on referred to as WANG). We quickly realized that WANG was headquartered here and they didn't want us around. *sniff* (ok..yea...I know. We're flesh-eating zombies who wanted to tear out their spleens. Work with me here.) So, we decided we'd work on these guys and make them our mission. But we didn't have a group name. Hmmmm.... They were WANG. What would be a good counter to that? Wait! We've got it! From here forward, WANG would be harassed by TITZ! (sigh, yea. You already knew that. Kinda anti-climactic. I get it.) And harass them we did. Oh my...did we. Sadly after several months worth of attacks most of WANG moved on to other games and left Malton. The few that remained dropped tag and ran away. We had defeated our first group. .....and we liked it.

Mistakes enemies make (they call for help)

So now we've got T.I.T.Z., beating up on WANG like there's no tomorrow. In an effort to fight back they reached out to nearby groups for help. Sadly, they were pretty much ignored. But one brave group stepped up to the challenge and came to their aid! The GHDU. Bad...bad move on their part. GHDU was small but determined. Unfortunatly neither of those qualities ended up being useful so in our spare time we killed them repeatedly, wrecked their support buildings and tore up Galbraith Hills just for lols. GHDU eventually came to us and asked for a truce. Hey, we're reasonable people and they weren't our first target. So ya, truce granted. This allowed GHDU to reform as the Galbraith Hills Police Department and to shift their efforts elsewhere. Mostly away from us.

Mistakes allies make (they answer calls for help)

Before the truce with GHDU was reached, they called out for help themselves. Again, not many groups answered. But one did! Dun dun duuuun.... ENVY to the rescue! ENVY initially provided quite a bit of muscle and for a short time almost appeared to make headway in stemming the T.I.T.Z. war machine. (wow...that sounded cool huh?) But alas, with WANG gone and GHDU non-existant, our wrath was focused on ENVY and ENVY alone. We all moved up to Richmond Hills and what followed was many months of relentless hunting of ENVY and ENVY-run buildings. It wasn't pretty. Eventually however, ENVY leadership came to our forums and formally offered surrender. T.I.T.Z. then left Richmond Hills and notched another victory on our belts. Go us!

Mistakes new groups make (some are just stupid)

We came across a new group called Facepunch. These brilliant tacticians actually posted a "policy" on their wiki site saying that if a survivor stayed in their HQ building(s) for more than 24 hours they'd kill him or her. Think about that? New guy spawns into the game, doesn't know squat, stands there too long. BLAM! They kill him. Good call Facepunch, good call. So one of our members was in the Facepunch HQ and was told to leave or they'd kill him. After all, that's their policy right? Yea... uh huh. Within a few hours T.I.T.Z. had ripped into the HQ and surrounding buildings and 25-30 Facepuncher bodies were strewn about the place. How's that policy workin out for ya now? On that first day the stats page showed Facepunch having 53 members. After about 2 weeks they went down to 17. 36 had dropped in an attempt to just stay alive. As of this writing, Facepunch no longer shows up on the stats page. Sigh. Kids today, no staying power.

Remember that whole "maybe we just roll the dice" thingy....?

.....sometimes it works. So it seems there was this happy little group in Molebank called 10 Minutes from Hell. One of our members was wandering around looking for love and he happened upon their HQ. What he saw was about 10 people wearing the same group tag standing in one place all nicely packed together. So he took a quick look at their wiki page and realized....paydirt! The very first line on their page says, "10 minutes from hell is a survivor group based in Molebank. We are not PKers. We do not bounty hunt. We are not dual-natured players." I mean this is like dangling a big toe on a string in front of one of our zeds! Sooo.. the call went out, T.I.T.Z. regrouped in that area, broke into the HQ and tore them all apart. And then again. Oh yea, and again... So what did they do in return? Yea that's right, they PK'd our PK'ers. Now don't get me wrong...heck all is fair in love and pistols. But to make a point of saying at the very top of your web page that you don't PK or Bounty Hunt and then turn around and PK and Bounty Hunt? It seems the big bunch of meanies called T.I.T.Z. have lured the 10MFH clan down the evil road of hypocrisy! Damn those T.I.T.Z.! Damn them straight to Hell! (well, in 10 minutes or so) And so, after a few weeks of ripping at their faces their membership dropped from the 26 or so listed on their wiki to just about 10. They were on the verge of falling off the stats page completely and into the dark abyss of the T.I.T.Z. waste bucket when we got word in game that they were officially declaring defeat and wanted a truce. Again, we're not completely coldhearted so a truce has been granted and as of the last screenshots I've seen 10mfh and T.I.T.Z. were seen FAK'ing each other. Oh the fortunes of war...

Now and then, a diamond in the rough turns out to be a well-polished gem

A new target was needed. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Grayside Demons. This time we used the ever popular "poke them with a stick until they swat at you" method. One of our members came upon their HQ and squatted there a bit. I believe he threw our tag up with spray paint once or twice also. I mean, sure there -might- have already been some writing mentioning something about an HQ but hey, we never said we were literate. Words went back and forth but nothing too serious so we started gathering nearby just because conditions looked good. Then came the flinch. A Demon leader told our guy in game (I believe his rant started with "ok stupid...") that there were no second chances and due to being impolite and clearly spray-can-trigger-happy, they were now officially p-o'd. OH NOES! Then some other lackey chimes in with how we'd better listen to him cuz they have 100 people waiting on standby to come to their aid!! GASP! The Horror! He then said....(I get chills just thinking about it)...that he has our names on, dun dun duuuuun, a Notepad file! Aieeeeeeeee!!! Not Notepad! For the love of all that's holy he didn't even use 3rd party software! He's tracking us with an official Microsoft, low level, text-input tool! Guys!! Runnnnn!!!! Ok. Sorry. Got caught up in the moment. Anyway he said there'll be a bounty on our head and we'll have nowhere to run. Speaking as the owner of a zombie do you realize what this means??? Every....single....day... I might have to log in and hit...ACK!... "Stand up"!!! My lord I'll have to click my mouse!! Cuz with a bounty on me I'll have nowhere to run!! I might...DIE! Ok, ok...I know. This is directed more toward our human members. Not sure what they'll do mind you? I mean, they've never been hunted before so the... oh wait. Nevermind.

So anyhoo, on a positive note we'll now have 100+ people to kill who will in turn, kill us. I guess we'll just have to see which side of this battle gets tired of it faster. Not like we have an HQ to get ruined, or turned into a piniata, or otherwise rendered uninhabitable day.... after day... after day... after day....

UPDATE: (4/9/2012) The Demons are scattered, their area is trashed, and according to their Wiki page their leadership has abandoned them (Their words, not ours.) Heck they even had to create an interim forum cuz the leaders who manage the old one are gone! Now credit where it's due...there's still 1 or 2 Demons who keep popping up and shooting us in the head so we give them points for trying to save face. But let's call this like we see it peeps, the Demons aren't exactly pushing back hard. And there's no sign of the 100's of people who were supposed to come help them. So we needed a bigger challenge. Hmm...what to do in our spare time....what to do??

We got it! TITZ COMPLETELY TRASHED POLE MALL AND CLAPTON STADIUM!!!! Yes, that's right, 7 buildings total all joined, all broken into, emptied of life, ruined, smashed, TOAST! We weren't sure we could take it all out but hot damn we did it! And as of today they're still all ruined. As is the Demons HQ, and all the surrounding buildings, heck...all of NorthWestern West Grayside for that matter. Our very first mall....sniff...so proud. And we have the Demons to thank for it. Had they not made themselves a target we might have moved on.... gotta love fate.

Different battles, same outcome

Let's see now, what else has happened. Oh yea, small group called "King of Masks" (and I use the term "group" loosely) kept popping out of the Harrold Museum, killing us, then running back into the Museum and hiding. So, we started killing them. Over and over and over and over (well you get the picture). Oh boy did he (oh I'm sorry...they. cough) ever get pissy about that. So they ran away. They always came back though, props to KoM for that. So next thing we know a cheery (read that as "gloomy as heck") group named Philosophe Knights starts massing around Mockridge and targetting T.I.T.Z. Each time they kill one of us they throw out a little text blurb about how we've been "Found guilty of ignorance and sentenced to death". Ok, fine. Nice role-playing. Ha ha. We laughed, we cried, we rejoiced in their creative flair. oh, and then we killed them. It turns out their MO is to defend "places of learning". This includes Museums. Hmmm.... wonder who called them in?? (ok reader. I know you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer so let me help you. It was King of Masks, ok?) So T.I.T.Z. now had a new target and for several weeks, Philosophe Knight stew was on the menu. Then we noticed that not only did they bug out of Mockridge, but many of them on our contact lists had dropped tag. Wow, chased 'em right out of their group. Sweet! T.I.T.Z. rule.

Other minor battles have taken place as well. At one point the Malton Giants (no idea if they still exist) wandered into our area. Their public forum said they were going to make it their new home. 3 days later they were running full tilt to the far NorthEast of the map. Wonder what changed their minds?

Oh, and there was the ЯHR. Wouldn't want to leave them out. They were a main ally of ENVY back during that slaughter but all they really ever did was sit in the Splain Arms and talk about making lasagna? I mean seriously! We'd flood in, kill them all, ruin Splain and then brace for the payback. But rather than fight back they'd just repair the building, revive themselves, and pile back into Splain pouring imaginary rounds of drinks until someone claimed to pull a lasagna out of a backpack. It was soooo weird. Fun to kill mind you.... but weird.

Current/Future targets

Mark the date boys and girls! Today, April 10th 2012 we officially Piniata'd Pole Mall and Clapton Stadium!! It brings a tear to this reporters eyes. (well, it would if I actually had working, non-rotted out tear ducts. But I digress...) Well done TITZ! Well done!

For potential T.I.T.Z. supporters


Would you ally with us? I wouldn't.