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"and thus choose the Consumer despite his obvious weaknesses." -- I'm not sure we should rag on consumers that much. I was persuaded last night on the forums that consumers get the best deal for the first aid level up route, because they don't have the too-good-at-it thing that Medics and Doctors do, and they have shopping, which means that if they get to a mall they can search the drugstore, which yields more FAKs even before Bargain Hunting than hospitals do. Weakest civilian, sure, but not the worst class in the game. Morlock 17:11, 11 Sep 2005 (BST)

Indeed, the Consumer isn't necessarily worse off than Scouts, Medics, or Doctors, all of who have trouble gaining XP initially, which seems to be the largest weakness of all those classes. Once you start leveling up, you can gain XP in any number of ways, of course. John 19:13, 13 Sep 2005 (BST)

Agreed. Alternative: "despite his lack of combat abilities" (true in comparison to the other civilian classes) or "although the class has trouble getting XP initially." -- Markus 19:23, 13 Sep 2005 (BST)

That's a fair position, and I wouldn't object to an edit to that effect. However, I stand by my original phrasing to the extent that consumers and scouts are probably least suited to immediate XP gain.--Cruci 19:49, 16 Sep 2005 (BST)

Starting out as a Cop

As a cop you will start out at a police station that is very strongly barricaded, this means that you can exit and enter the building without the freerunning skill. My advice is to spend about 100 AP searching, load up on pistol ammo. drop shotguns and empty pistols if you are over encumbered. you want enough ammo to last you until you can get 75 exp and buy the freerunning skill.Ccubedd 00:20, 2 January 2014 (UTC)

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