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Thank you for adding yourselves onto the MHG page. It is apreciated.

Welcome to the triage desk for Cornelius General Hospital! We hope you enjoy your stay.

The roleplay horseshit at the top of the article means we maintain a high level of barricading, so you'll need Free Running to enter under most circumstances and you are very welcome to use us as a safehouse so long as you contribute to our defense.

If you need help in a nearby building, please leave a request here with your location and time so we can send a physician or nurse out to assist you. (It would be helpful to update the request so that we don't arrive to find you healed, deceased, on holiday, etc.)

If you lack the Free Running skill and would like to enter the hospital, make a request here and we'll set up a time to bring down the barricades and let you inside.

Please remember to timestamp your requests by signing with two dashes followed by four tildes. (No space between them.)

Crisis Information

Information on & discussion of large zombie concentrations, approaching hordes, breaches, leaked battle plans, and so forth. (Please do not post information learned by infiltrating private forums.)

House Calls

I've fallen and I can't get up. I'm at [ Cornelius General Hospital]. Fortunately I know to follow this template for house call requests by inserting the correct GPS coordinate and place name in the map link, and more importantly I know to sign & timestamp this request like so: --~~~~ --einexile 11:10, 30 April 2006 (BST)

I managed to get up! I don't need your help anymore, but I know you'll come to my aid next time I fall over, because you'll remember I was courteous and canceled my request for aid like a well-bred member of the survivor community. --einexile 11:10, 30 April 2006 (BST)

I (Bake Hayes) am dead, and I'd like a revive please. I am at Mester Square. Bring extra syringes because there are others here, too. In the meantime, I'd also like to stop getting shot at by trigger-happy survivors (I am keeping a list!).

I'm alive again thanks to a CzSS scientist. Thanks! There are still 3 other zombies presumably waiting for revives (or getting in the way). --Bake Hayes 00:54, 18 May 2006 (BST)


I would like to enter the hospital tomorrow morning at 9:00 tomorrow morning. I'll check here to make sure someone has confirmed they'll let me in, and then I'll reply that I saw the confirmation and be sure to show up on time. If I'm an exceptional human being, I will help rebarricade the building once I have entered. And yes I remember I must timestamp my request by adding --~~~~ at the end. --einexile 11:10, 30 April 2006 (BST)

Hey, I'm outside and the barricades aren't down. What gives? Oh dear, I know - I forgot to convert the time to GMT! --einexile 11:10, 30 April 2006 (BST)

Rapid Response Plan

This section is for discussion & coordination of efforts by the hospital and its neighboring facilities, mainly the Usher Building and Goldney Place Police Dept, both for defense and to service the surrounding area.


If you're in a bind and need someone to barricade for you, ask here. This is also for reports of overbarricaded entry points and incorrect tagging. Heytown does not support the suicidal and backwards Uniform Barricading Policy. Spracklingbank does, but I'm guessing they'd rather have a functioning hospital they disagree with than a politically correct hospital which only serves Heytown.

Comment: The Spracklingbank barricading plan calls for the hospital to be preserved at VS+2. This plan was agreed to by representatives of the Malton Fire Department, Malton Police Department, and the Spracklingbank Resistance Front. As there is only one hospital in Spracklingbank we feel that it is essential that it should be available to all persons, including those who don't yet have Free Running. I am concerned that your group has taken the unilateral step of declaring that they're planning to ignore this policy and overwritten our tags without contacting us. On the other hand, it is good to see that someone will be taking over permanent watch over this building - D.E.M. is spread too thin to be there all the time and it is an essential service. Can we please talk about your plans for the hospital and its immediate area before writing any policies into stone? --Fredi, Captain of Spracklingbank, MFD --Ky 21:54, 1 May 2006 (BST)

Comment: The fact of the matter is that Heytown does support the UBP, as do a great deal of people and many of the largest groups in the game. People expect resource buildings to be used as entry points, as they are obvious and important landmarks. Simply sauntering in and rejecting a long-standing policy, then deliberately violating it for your own purposes is going to cause quite a stir. I support your desire to create a safe place for healing others, but the fact is that this building should stay at VSB. Perhaps you would accept a compromise, and establish a next-door building, like the museum, as your "ward"? This way, the hospital can remain at VSB, people can still use it as an entry point, and you still have your secure medical ward. There is no reason why we cannot come to an amicable solution to this dispute. --Terminator 484, Chief Inspector of NE-1, MPD --Terminator 23:32, 1 May 2006 (BST)

Comment : Lets go through the facts, shall we?

- Hospital is the only one between Heytown - Spracklingbank.

- Hospital is being kept at EHB.

- With generators, search rates go up.

- Generators are still a bitch to find.

- You want the Hospital to be VSB.

- Anyone can enter a VSB, including recently revived corpses with a grudge against the generator.

- A VSB can be cracked by a feral without anyone noticing.

- Neither the MFD nor the MPD are helping with the day to day running of the hospital.

I'm a neutral observer here, considering I mostly eat brains. However, I also help run a revive clinic four suburbs away. It required that one NT be open, while another be barricaded and searched in. Advantages included people getting a free run entrance, rotters not being able to stop queues, amongst other things. Think out of the box. The UBP is a policy for general suburbs with standard hospital configurations. In case of extreme cases, such as in Spracklingbank-Heyton; a policy revision may be wiser than just beating the book.

--wcil 13:55, 2 May 2006 (BST) , GMT Strike Team, RRF

Comment Comment:

- Actually, the hospital is the only one in Spracklingbank; there is another one in Heytown.

- The hospital has historically been kept at VS+2, not EH.

- Any recently revived corpse can enter an EH building also, as long as they've gotten Free Running at some point.

- A VSB is certainly easier to crack than an EH building, but hardly 'without anyone noticing'. Anyone inside or just outside can see the current state of the barricades.

- It's true that D.E.M. doesn't have anyone permanently stationed in the hospital but we have been keeping close watch on it for quite a while. One of us is usually through there every few days - at least - to check, repair, and heal; more often when there've been problems with zombies spies.

- I can see your point about the limited number of facilities, but to my mind that just makes it more imperative that we not over-barricade the only hospital in Spracklingbank. In burbs with several hospitals, one could be maintained at EH while another is at VS whereas in Spracklingbank if we barricade over VS, people are not going to be able to get into the one hospital in the suburb.

- It seems to me that Terminator's suggestion of a separate clinic might be the way to go. It might even be possible to have the clinic at VS and the hospital at EH, so long as both are well-tagged and the clinic is regularly manned. Otherwise the clinic is just offering a second medical target to the zeds. --Ky 21:38, 2 May 2006 (BST)

Comment: I've been giving this issue of barricades some thought. I may not have the best perspective on it because a) I'm fairly new to the game and b) I started as a scout, so barricades have never been a major obstacle for me. Based on what I've seen so far, however, I do think UBP defenders have a point regarding the heavy barricading of Hospitals and Police Departments, but not when it comes to other resource buildings.

Here's my reasoning: Once your have Free Running, the barricading of resource buildings is not a big deal (provided there are some access points in the neighborhood). So the only people to whom barricade policy matters are the very lowest-levelled players and first-time revivees. (Any survivor who gets to L4 w/o taking Free Running has a death wish and gets no pity from me.)

So the issue really boils down to: what barricading policy will provide the best defense while still allowing newbs to get their first couple hundred XP so they can buy Free Running? And my conclusion would be that PDs and Hospitals, but only those buildings, need to remain accessible because they contain the essential suppplies for low-level survival.

Firefighters are really the only class that starts out self-sufficient. With determination, they can axe their way to L2 or 3, get running and be golden. Lab Techs also start with an inexhaustible source of XP (DNA extractor), but it is much less efficient and they need 150 XP to get running. Everyone else is dependent on finding consumables (FAKs and ammo) to convert into XP, and the only places they can get them with any efficiency are Hospitals and PDs, respectively (I am assuming Malls will always be at EHB whenever possible). I realize this makes those two buildings zed-magnets (low defenses and crowded with weak harmanz), but without access to those resources, new characters have no chance. Obviously, in the face of an active horde such as we faced (and there are still a dozen or more zeds clawing at the hospital doors), throwing up the barricades as high as they can go makes sense, but I think I have to concur with the UBP that under normal conditions, PDs and Hospitals need to stay at VSB.

I would however, disagree with other resource buildings (NecroTech buildings, Fire Stations, Auto Repair Shops, and schools) being kept at VSB, especially NecroTechs. The resources available in those buildings are of little or no use to low-level characters: syringes and axes are not helpful until you have the skills to use them; generators, fuel cans, and spray cans won't, in themselves, help gain XP. The fact that these are useful resources is actually an argument for keeping them well-barrricaded. Advanced players with Free Running can gather such items in relative safety and use them to help the newbs stay alive.

--Bake Hayes 04:21, 5 May 2006 (BST) (edited slightly 14:37, 5 May 2006 (BST))

Comment: The reason for designated resource buildings to be at VS+2 is 1. to allow those without Free-Running in (of course), and, 2. to scatter access points across the suburb. so that folks won't end up blockaded outside and get eaten. After all, even with Free-Running, one still needs a place to start from. Many of us have had characters die from being stuck outside without enough AP in a place where too many buildings - including the usual access points - were all 'caded above VS. If you check the Spracklinbank barricade plan, for instance, you will see that VS buildings are sprinkled across the suburb. There are some clusters here and there, but it gives us a fair balance of accessible to non-accessible buildings.

So, anyway, are we agreed that we'll keep the hospital at VS+2 and designate a nearby building at EH for folks with free-running to use as a base and clinic?--Ky 21:54, 5 May 2006 (BST)

Zombies would like to tentatively agree with the VS+2 policy. However, we propose unbarragahz or "non-barricade policy" for the hospital. This is for zombie feeding purposes in accordance with the Brains4Newbs movement. -- ah zambah 23:37, 5 May 2006 (BST)

I like the Hospital at EHB. As it stands, there are regular mercy missions taking place where free-running pseudo-medics heal people in nearby building, and generally serve the local community of players (both residential and those travelling through) quite well. Non-free-running players can gain access to a number of the local buildings with relative ease. If the Hoptital barracding policy is reverted to VS+2, I suspect that it will be routinely occupied by zombs - both ferals and organised, with ransack capabilities - resulting in the FAK search rates plummeting and wasting survivor AP attempting to regain and re-barricade. That isn't preferable.

As for new players... yes, I do sympathise with those who do not possess free-running, but there are other adjacent suburbs that contain more than one hospital (unlike Spracklingbank) which would allow a player to reside within them, collecting FAKs in order to get those crucial first 100-200XP. Let's not get our knickers in a twist here... yes, there's only one hospital in the the immediate area, but there's another EIGHT in Gibsonton and Santlerville alone, which would allow a new player to easily level up with reasonably little effort. As such, I can't see why there's such opposition to EHB'ing that one hospital. Tambourine Man 07:19, 6 May 2006 (BST)

Comment My concern isn't that new players won't be able to get XP because of being locked out of the hospital, but that they'll die from it. Someone with no Free Running and down on hp is an easy target, and can quite literally die from seeking shelter if infected.

However, considering the Shining Ones are attacking Giddings and we'll be getting their overflow spilling up into Spracklingbank and attacking the hospital, I'm starting to think there may be a point in barricading over VS - SO LONG AS there are several well-marked VS+2 clinics in the blocks surrounding the hospital.

  • Comment See, there was a time when that was actually the case. Well sign-posted/tagged buildings around the hospital, designated as places where a player could be healed. Unfortunately, various other groups have re-tagged the buildings and disrupted the hospital's barracading. I think it's worth noting, however, that other than the occasional minor zombie success, the hospital has been remarkably well-defended, organised and has suffered very few catastrophic breaches since the implementaion of EHB. Although it is difficult to accurately quantify such things, I'm almost positive that if the surrounding buildings were not being re-tagged by griefers, that the number of heals would have increased more than it already has. -- Tambourine Man 03:57, 8 May 2006 (BST)

Comment No, I was wrong - having seen this in action for a few days now, I must conclude that it's flawed. So the hospital isn't getting broken into as much - what about the folks needing heals who can't get in?! I've seen quite an increase in the numbers of wounded folks stuck outside who went to one of the other buildings instead. All well and good if they were getting treatment, but that's the problem. When I see the same folks still wounded several hours apart, the system's not working. With this the ONLY hospital in the suburb, it *must* be available to all needing treatment.--Ky 12:07, 8 May 2006 (BST)

  • Comment If people weren't wasting AP re-barricading and re-tagging the buildings that others are tearing down in the name of UBP, there's be more AP for mercy missions. I agree that it ain't perfect at present, but these really aren't conditions in which everyone is pulling in the same direction. If the players who are dedicated to holding the hospital were given time to establish themselves and their system (as opposed to those who drop in occassionally and dictate chapter and verse of the UBP Bible), then I'm fairly sure they could make it work. At present, I suspect that there's at least four or five people who are playing an RP character levelling solely on FAK application/building defense. If that's the case (and they're committed to it), Cornelius could easily operate by having the surrounding buildings as triages (providing we're not fannying around clearing up other people's greifing tactics). It would take a week or two to get it perfected, but it could operate quite efficiently. Alternatively, we could just leave it at VS and see what happens... but I'll wager that people get tired of replacing gennys and having shitty FAK search odds. -- Tambourine Man 16:42, 8 May 2006 (BST)


Please try not to make additional sections if it can be helped. You may want to bold your topics under this header.

Contact Information!!!

Does the CGH happen to have a forum anywhere that we can talk on? It would be much easier to come to a comprimise there than to keep with the Wiki talk. - Grim

Here is a widely used UD forum for organized groups to converse and strategize: You can introduce your group and talk, etc. BoriuaX


Hello again. I, and most of the comunity have slight concerns as to your baricade levels. If somebody is in the area looking for a hospital, yours is the only one for several blocks. It would be almost immpossible to make an appointment if they were being presued. I would like to request that you bring the barricades down to VS. Also, I noticed that you are no longer listed on the list of hospitals in Malton. I was wondering what had happened there. Have a nice day,--Labine50 MHG|MalTel 02:52, 12 June 2006 (BST)

The consensus among permanent residents of the hospital has for some time been to ignore the UBP and to respond to the MFD's officious drama with a combination of silence and barricading correctly for the situation at hand. It's odd that you take this opportunity to bring up the matter as our barricades have been down for several days, thanks in no small part to the hospital's reputation as an easy target due to constant debarricading by members of the MFD.
It's pretty simple; when there's no immediate threat and the hospital is well-staffed, we can bring down the barricades. When there is an imminent threat, we barricade as though others don't get to decide how much we care about people who put off training the Free Running skill but aren't willing to deal with the consequences.
If it was ever appropriate for people to get so excited about roleplaying their status as Malton city officials that they really believed they had the right to instruct the permanent residents of a building how to run that buidling, that ended when the MFD attacked our barricades and erased our tags, then left during the resulting breach. This happened more than once.
There was a time when we had pointers to our VS triage and checked it many times in the course of a day, and that building was never once attacked. However we quit doing that when it became clear that the only way to prevent the MFD from killing a half dozen of us every few days with their breaches was to deny them the drama they clearly thrive on, so we left the tags down and quit responding to their sanctimonious whining about self-centered, ignorant level 2 players getting what they signed up for.
--einexile 15:11, 12 June 2006 (BST)

I must point out that the MFD was in the area before you were and that you erased our tags first. Also, the MFD had ceased de-barricading the building for the duration of the Giddings Siege (maybe you didn't notice but it was the zombies which were attacking the cades then as we were actually re-inforcing them over VS in accordance with our siege rules - but I guess you didn't bother to actually ask about that), but we will now again be enforcing the official Spracklingbank Barricading Plan. The fact that the hospital was breached more than once while the Shining Ones and their allies were attacking the area is regretable but hardly a surprise - especially once the Barhahville Constabulary got into the act. There were other local buildings in the area which were being breached on a daily basis, as we all know is what happens when you're the focus of a horde attack.

It's too bad that you feel you can come into a suburb and simply institute your ideas without conferring with the groups that are already there, who had talked and agreed on a plan they liked. If you want to own a hospital and cade it over VS+2 that badly, why not go to a suburb with several hospitals where they can afford to have one over-barricaded? In the meantime, DEM will continue to maintain the hospital as available to all to the best of our abilities. --Ky 00:01, 13 June 2006 (BST)

Actually I did confer with the groups that were already there, i.e. the residents of the buildings who relied and depended upon them daily. Forgive me for excluding a bunch of officious roleplayers who pretended at authority over a neighborhood for which they were doing absolutely nothing. I arrived six weeks ago at a full hospital under siege and established the wiki entry as an emergency measure. There were no MFD tags there at the time, and no one in the building asserted any authority. (This was not a one-time check on my part but several days of rallying and organizing those present.) One would expect that the only hospital in the area (of course you're ignoring the mall which is 5 blocks away) would be a high priority for your pretentious organization, but quite enough time passed without your involvement for us to forget you had anything at all to do with defending the hospital.
You most certainly did NOT cease to debarricade the building. This is an outright lie - and you weren't present even if you did want to tell that lie with a straight face. At least three times in the space of two weeks, members of the MFD (raive & nkoi, and I think one other) openly admitted debarricading the building while it was under attack, and each time it was breached they fled to nearby safehouses. Before their arrival we had twice been successful in repelling larger attacks. Nor did the Usher Building or Goldney PD fall once during that time, thank you very much. Meanwhile not only did you tag over our barricading notices, which is understandable given the disagreement, but you tagged your whiney "newbies need healing too" slogan over links to this discussion and to the blog for revive requests.
Also a lie is the assertion that you ever barricaded above VS, as every DEM member present during those breaches loudly defended their attacks on our barricades while the zombies were attacking. Not once did any of them offer any sort of a compromise wherein the barricades would move to EH during an attack and then back to VS during quieter times. They were quite vocal in defending their debarricading with zombies outside, and in fact even complained that they were wasting AP countering my and others' attempts to keep those barricades up.
Oh, and no one from the DEM was in Goldney PD either during those attacks. To wit, there is still no official organization of Usher or Goldney; am I to assume this is your responsibility? Maybe if your aim was to actually help the survivor effort rather than prance around like a bunch of precocious children pretending you own the place, you could direct your efforts towards the buildings which are being run de facto by people who'd rather be doing something else, and provide organization and leadership where it is actually needed rather than where it suits your ego and self-promotional needs.
--einexile 02:12, 13 June 2006 (BST)

Sigh. You arrived six weeks ago - we've been in the suburb for many months. We had been keeping our tags up in the hospital as much as possible; as you may have noticed, there are some death cultists who regularly overwrite tags in the area. It is not a lie that we ever barricaded over VS as I caded it to EH myself more than once in the last few weeks. We declared siege conditions a month ago (May 16, to be precise), and until TSO left a few days ago, anyone de-barricading was doing so against standing orders. Usher and Goldney are in Heytown; I am, as I have said before, in Spracklingbank. And most of us who are local have been busy healing, cading, fighting, and reviving in the Giddings area for the last month. I'm sorry that you feel the need to lash out at us just because we're trying to help everyone instead of only those who have the time to follow our particular rules about how to beg for healing, but you're obviously not interested in civil discourse on the subject. We will do what we need to do. You do whatever you do.--Ky 02:30, 13 June 2006 (BST)

Bang up job you're doing so far; keep up the good work. And those aren't TSO outside the hospital; they are ferals, and there are 39 of them there right now. Where are you?
--einexile 03:11, 13 June 2006 (BST)

Player Killers and Generator Killers

Do not discuss these things here or in the article itself.


This section is for archiving of the updates on the article page.

To request a house call or schedule an appointment please speak with our staff at The Mad Craskers Forum.(The old forum is defunct. -06:33, 15 May 2019 (UTC))

24 Nov, 2009- It's bad now, about 30 zeds inside, another 30+ outside (I count over 70), survivors fighting on but losing ground slowly despite help from the neighbouring area.-Fallout11 23:22, 24 November 2009 (UTC)

9 Jan, 2011 In Zombie Hands. All survivors dead after multiple teardowns and re-barricades exchanged by the survivor and zombie forces. Approx 30 Inside. --- Dr Kruger, Useless Doctor

23 Nov, 2009- Stopped in from the Godson Arms, and I tried to help a little bit, but a couple of the zombies got in. Its not too bad yet, but could lead to some survivors needing more than a little medical assistance. -- Joseph Pennywise the 3rd, Firefighter

19 Nov, 2009 - The barricades have been repaired and the hospital is still accessible to the wounded. We are now cut off from armaments as the nearby Goldney Place Police Dept has been overrun as is the rest of Heytown to the west. A horde has also moved in to Gibsonton north of here and emergency flares were launched from Fort Creedy to the south. Cornelius Hospital is overfilled with refugees and defenders, it's almost as if the undead are corralling us in here. -- Booban1

18 Nov, 2009 - Zombie attacks repulsed, barricades back up. Increasing number of survivors. Lone zombie outside surveys. -- Booban1

19 Sept, 2009 - The hospital is at VHB. About a dozen survivors. A small group of zeds 1 block east. Generator up and running. --Mx311 02:37, 20 September 2009 (BST)

Sep 5th, 2009 - The hospital has been attacked earlier today. Number of victims unsure, but the hospital is currently Heavily Barricaded to keep the 16 zed mob outside.

May 5th, 2009 - "The hospital is closed due to Undeadites. Happy Cinco de Mayo!" --ZombieMcAllen 15:06, 5 May 2009 (EST)

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