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This is great, Mobbo. Funny too. It makes me sad that my box is offline and this one's connection is unstable at best, it's really difficult to contribute like I'd like to right now.

We're going to need ourselves a little logo dealie to go on the known groups in East Becktown list -- I mean I suppose we could do without a logo but the only other listed group without a logo in East Becktown is the D.E.M., and I'd rather we not sink to their level. Ideas? I really liked that rattled image when you got back from your work up north, I know it's too big but something along the same lines but scaled-down and simplified might be cool. What do you two think on the image subject? --Jantrit 04:52, 2 October 2007 (BST)

I was thinking we'd coerce someone who knows what they're doing (Talunex) into making a nice logo for us... Something lika a zombie in a rocking chair in front of a fire or you know... Something really homey. We could make that rattled thing our logo for now though. Something like zh!z anh zh!z? We can scale the big one down when we're implementing it on the wiki so it fits. Oh, and I guess I'll go update our membership numbers too. *gasp* --Murgel 19:10, 2 October 2007 (BST)

I'm thinking we need to either expand the numbers system or come up with a way to note long numbers that aren't meant to represent quantities. This would be useful for sharing recognition of contacts that aren't making themselves visible to everybody (for example, repeatedly shooting up one of us in real-time fights but not quite killing us, and not speaking to or interacting with the others). Do you think inserting a period between individual digits would work well? Rattle something like "Harman gh!!bz bang-bang!ng m!! arahn -N- AA GMZ. Harmanz nambar -!z -N- BAA.BA.BAAAA.AAAA.B.AAA. Zmazh h!z azz!" Then again, that's pretty unwieldy.... suggestions to improve brevity and clarity? --Jantrit12:37, 7 January 2009 (UTC)

So that would be 769453. Your profile! I think that's an excellent addition. I don't have any suggestions on the brevity part, that's a downside I think this system will always suffer from. On clarity... Maybe we need a second prefix. Like -B!G NAMBARZ-. And instead of using periods that could be confused with decimals (when the mathematician and scientist zombies talk) or commas, for example when talking about coordinates, we could use the hyphen here too. "Ah habh ah hran. Zha nambarh -!z -BN- B-AAAA-AA-zarah-BAAAA-AAA." I like how "anh" and zarah will come into play more with this addition, but I guess we should put emphasis on using lower case in those cases. "Mazzmaz!zz!an zambahz naah zha BA! -!z -BN- AAA,ahn-AAAA... Anh zhan zharh arh marh nambarz." This can at least work until zombies find a need to subtract, but then, I guess since we don't have a "+" I guess we'll go with BRAZ and M!NAZ. ;) --Murgel 16:14, 7 January 2009 (UTC)
Subtraction's easy, we've got claws and teeth for that. Good point about the decimals though, can't see an immediate need but it seems like a good idea to keep the decimal point freed up. Unless ZEM's got an objection, using dashes as digit separators seems like the better call. -B!G NAMBARZ-/-BN- to distinguish from normal numbers is also a good idea. You want to update your number system proposal on the main page? --Jantrit 16:55, 7 January 2009 (UTC)
Yeah I'll get around to it... soon :) --Murgel 23:52, 7 January 2009 (UTC)
Made a small update for now. --Murgel 21:51, 15 January 2009 (UTC)

Hey Daubeneys, just inform you that i led myself in to Zahbnaabarn. !zanbah is far to big for a lonely feral. Zawa o' Draugr 16:36, 4 September 2009 (UTC)

Funny Thing

Can't really rattle this effectively, and given the situation lately a CR seems unlikely. You guys remember an Ephraim Reigner that set up a carved pumpkin in our house? That guy actually headshot me with one a little while before, when I broke in and he was active. Then laughed, remarked he didn't care I managed to ?rise so long as he managed to headshot me with a pumpkin, and briefly discussed the daily life of a zombie with me... all this while infected. Guy's relatively cool for a breather, has a sense of humour. --Jantrit 18:50, 27 November 2009 (UTC)

The Great Suburb Group Massacre

Check-Mark-Reviewed.jpg Group Confirmed.
This group was confirmed active. Thank you for your reply.

Currently the suburb in question is East Becktown but one response to this query will be all that is needed to protect your group link on all suburb pages. I know this is a random request but its for all groups regardless of size. Thank you. --Adavastor 17:06, 31 July 2008 (BST)

We're active. Due to the nature of our group, we don't do a whole lot of communication over the wiki. --Jantrit 03:36, 7 January 2009 (UTC)

The Great Suburb Group Massacre, 2009

Check-Mark-Reviewed.jpg Group Confirmed.
This group was confirmed active. Thank you for your reply.

I know this may seem like a random request, but it's for all groups regardless of size. Thanks! -- Linkthewindow  Talk  23:57, 13 February 2009 (UTC)

Check-Mark-Reviewed.jpg Group Confirmed.
This group was confirmed active. Thank you for your reply.

-- Linkthewindow  Talk  10:30, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Argh, why can't these idiots just stop into the building and see how long it takes them to get eaten. YES, we're active, even though we don't do much on the wiki. --Jantrit 18:42, 27 November 2009 (UTC)


Stop hand.png Group Active? Request.
In order to maintain the wiki as an up to date source of information groups are occasionally removed from the Suburb pages when they are no longer active. Is this group still active? If so simply confirm here by writing something below. If not it will be removed from suburb pages in 14 days.

--Yonnua Koponen Talk ! Contribs 15:22, 26 January 2010 (UTC)

Yes, whatever, go bother someone else. --Jantrit 18:26, 26 January 2010 (UTC)
Check-Mark-Reviewed.jpg Group Confirmed.
This group was confirmed active. Thank you for your reply.

--Yonnua Koponen Talk ! Contribs 18:34, 26 January 2010 (UTC)

watch for DT zergs

I'm convinced there's some fairly serious zerging going on in East Becktown lately. I shot up Death Trees a couple times during my recent revived stint, then was eventually PKed by Dean Tres (see dumbwit). I didn't think much of it, until I saw Death Tres talking at the Daubeney Building recently. And now I log on to find that last night, Dan Tres DNA scanned me in the Daubeney Building, shown here.

Death Trees, Death Tres, Dean Tres, Dan Tres... hmmm.

Could you guys try to grab screenshots of these guys operating in this same suburb, and keep an eye out for any other uncomfortably similar characters around? I'd like to get them all on the Zerg Liste to occupy the next do-gooder that comes by, but a little more than hearsay that they're in the same place is needed. --Jantrit 17:05, 4 November 2010 (UTC)


Dear Daubeney Resident Zambahz:

Please come back, I miss stealing your home and monies!

Love, me.--Mary Winchester 22:21, 2 January 2011 (UTC)

Re: Hi!

Dear Jantrit/Daubeney Resident Zambahz:

I shall endeavor to redecorate the DRZ home by the time you return then! I hope you like the color pink and decorative ficus's. Daubeney currently has several easily excitable harmanz inside who like to indulge in tasty beverages while dancing to our modern music, and I sadly fear the current carpeting has been a bit ruined. Oops! But in our defense, it was one Hell of a New Year's Party! Good luck at Caiger!

P.S. You'll find plenty of pretty lights when you get home!

Love, me. --Mary Winchester 01:58, 3 January 2011 (UTC)


Check-Mark-Reviewed.jpg Group Confirmed.
This group was confirmed active. Thank you for your reply.

Any response here will be enough, but please list suburbs you're actually active in. This is a generic message and not directed at any particular group.--GANG Giles Sednik CAPD 18:55, 22 January 2011 (UTC)

The Daubeney Resident Zambahz are active in and around the Daubeney Building in East Becktown. Due to the small size of the group, we can be hard to spot if a couple members take a walk to attend nearby interests or avoid alt conflict, but East Becktown is home and we are active. --Jantrit 22:09, 23 January 2011 (UTC)
Thank you for your quick reply! I've confirmed you on the wiki and you won't have to answer this question again for another year. Take care. =) --GANG Giles Sednik CAPD 01:28, 24 January 2011 (UTC)

Great Suburb Group Massacre 2013

I'm a volunteer helping to do some janitorial work on the suburb pages of the wiki. As part of that, we're double-checking in which suburbs each group is active. Currently, you're listed in one or more suburbs, in addition to using a radio frequency. If you would like to continue being listed, then please respond within the next month with the radio frequency you are using and a list of every suburb where you are currently active. If we don't hear back from you or we can't get the information we need, we'll be removing you from the lists, but you're welcome to re-add yourself later. If you have any questions, feel free to visit our informational page. Thanks. --RWSig1.png RWSig2.pngFoD PK Praise Rando!08:10, 23 October 2013 (BST)

Yes, we're active in East Becktown, as always. We don't have an allocated radio frequency as far as I know (too difficult to twiddle the knobs with rotting fingers). --Barg Mahazzharmanz 02:44, 5 November 2013 (UTC)
Thanks! You've been marked as active in East Becktown. Bob Moncrief EBDW! 03:16, 5 November 2013 (UTC)
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