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I've noticed you've created a group page. If you need any help with anything at all, continue below and I will get back to you as time permits. --Banana reads Scoundrell for all of Yesterday's News, Today! 02:06, 11 November 2007 (UTC)

Hearty Welcome

Welcome to Hollomstown, Doc! I am Rubin York, the resident pirate of the Hollomstown Area Regional Defence. We're pleased to see an enthusiastic new group stepping up and taking part in the defense of the area, and we look forward to future cooperation between us, form a united front against the heinous zeds, etc. We do, however, ask that you refrain from spraying over our tags and announcing changes to our suburb barricading policy, which is on display 'here'. As you can see, the 'important' buildings are kept at VSB+2 to ensure that low-level characters will have access to vital resources necessary for reaching that elusive 100 exp required to buy Free-Running.

While you are free to tag an identifying feature to your HQ, we ask that you kindly respect the barricading policy. Also, beware that there may be some resistance to your claiming Theophan, a building that is rather dear in our hearts, as your own.

Thank you: Hollomstown Area Regional Defence

Inreplie. I like to say thank you for your kind welcome to Hollomstown , if only the zep was this kind. I'am sorry about what I've did to the Barricade plan and your tags, but sadly under the current circumstances I feel that it's just to risky to keep the barricades at any hospital at VSB+2 is madness. This is preante and once the big bash carmed down i will retag the ward and puting it back to VSb+2. I rereget anyone who have died over this action and I am well aware that the base might fall within the week but free runing is our weekness and also our stranght for bring back the low level zep that dosen't have free run it might make them think twice about bashing into theohan.

Thank you for your hospitaly and i hope we can work together. P.s i am count the days we can hold Theophan i know it's mad but it's fun good luck fending your selfs form the big bash and sorry about my spelling --The1doctor 13:07, 13 November 2007 (UTC)

Keeping the cades at hospitals at VSB+2 is a tried and tested method which, like I said, gives the newbies a chance to access resources needed for getting that experience needed for free-running. If we barricaded the hospitals to the point where no one would be able to enter, then low level characters would have to rely solely on the charity of others passing by them at that time.

Also, I think I've picked up on a very fundamental misunderstanding; zeds cannot free run. To enter a building, they must tear down the barricades and undo the door. Thereupon, they must exit the building, go next door, and repeat the process. Unlike survivors, they can't jump from building to building. The only exceptions are the "large-block" buildings such as malls, mansions, and stadiums; these buildings are large and interconnected, so Zeds can move through these easily.

The Big Bash, I'm afraid, WILL destroy Hollomstown. There is simply no way to hold out against a horde of determined, organized, immortal zeds. As a result, the barricade policy should not be changed drastically to deal with them; the Barricade policy works well as it is now, and that it is meant to function. No alteration to it would make it Big Bash-safe.

Finally, I'd like to address one of your points on the main wiki page; you essentially suggested that Zeds be "combat-revived" so that they are forced to waste AP's dying (at least, I think that's what you meant.) However, this generally causes another, unwanted kind of monster to come into creation; the anti-survivor survivor, otherwise known as PKer, RKer, GKer and griefer. They will attack fellow survivors, destroy generators and radios more easily by by-passing the barricades that normally keep zeds out (using free-run) and free-running into Tactical Resource Buildings like hospitals and police departments to spy on survivor numbers and such for zeds outside. We want anti-survivors kept as zombies. Combat reviving is a capital offence, and we have enforced very severe punishment for it; it is seen on par with collaboration with the zeds.

It's clear that, while your enthusiasm and intentions are good, you are still new to this game and haven't yet learned the finer aspects. That is, by no means, a bad thing. However, I do suggest that, in the mean time, you moderate your drastic approaches to protecting survivors, or at the very least, talk with us about the changes to the suburb you think would be beneficial. We can extend to you a "guest" position on our boards, if you would like, so that you can discuss your ideas with the rest of HARD. Thanks! - Rubin York, 6:29 PM (UTC) 14 of November, 2007.

Yeah thats a good point but meh what else can you do other than hit and run then stock up and hit agin, ill retag the hospital tomorro. --The1doctor 07:14, 15 November 2007 (UTC) good luck with the bash o yeah i got to get a web site or otherwise ill just keep on feeding the zeps.

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