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The primary challenges facing the current barricade plan are perhaps: (1) lack of population (East Becktown survivor activity is low during the Caiger Mall siege) and (2) lack of centralized intercommunication.

Anyone interested is encouraged to discuss the current East Becktown barricades here! --Tycho44 16:39, 2 March 2006 (GMT)

The North-West East Becktown pseudo-secret Barricade Report has been moved to its own page! See Pikes Towers Barricade Report. --Tycho44 03:56, 11 March 2006 (GMT)

New BP Proposal

Here's a quick draft of a proposal for a new barricade plan for East Becktown. I'm recommending moving the RP from Dinmead to Spirod as the official RP for E.B. Dinmead has a long history I know, but I think Spriod is a much better location. It is between two NTs, making it easy to keep one EHB, as well as being right next to a VSB hospital for looking for FAKs. I've also proposed a second non-resource entryway next to the RP. I changed the Herbert Museum to EH, hopefully no one feels too strongly about that. Given the number of hospitals and NTs in E.B. it seemed to make sense to make 2 of each EH, as well as 1 of the two neighboring Auto Repair Shops. --Gilant talk-DEM 01:05, 18 June 2007 (BST)

BARBRAZ has set up shop at the Doggrell Hotel (25,32), and have requested that location to be left open. Is there any strong opposition to that? If not, should the Northup Place School be marked EHB to try to balance it? Should BARBRAZ be requested to set up at another location (Lush Auto Repair?)? --Gilant talk-DEM 01:31, 18 June 2007 (BST)

I've been a survivor of East Becktown for a while now, and I've noticed a few things in the wiki are different from in game. I'm proposing that I be allowed to make Spirod Row my own personal RP, if not a publicly maintained RP. The other local RP I find to be dead, not because there isn't anyone to revive, but because there is no one monitoring them, so zombies looking for revival wait until they eventually move on to another suburb. Not only that, but the population of central East Beck is fairly low. Another proposal is the fact that there are so many hospitals here in East Beck that I don't see the need for all of them to remain VSB. I think if we were to upgrade the barricades of some of the hospitals to EHB, and create entry points not far from those hospitals, everything will work out fine. I recommend St. Eleutherius, St Ethelbert, and Barbara General to be hospitals kept at EHB. The entry points for the hospitals would be Brittan Towers, The Snail Museum, and The Rideout Museum.--Itzjustj 02:24, 25 August 2010 (BST)

East Becktown Barricade Plan
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 NT
32 *
33 H
35 AR NT
38 H

Unenterable Buildings
Extremely Heavily Barricaded Phone Mast
Enterable Buildings
Auto Shop Fire Station
Hospital NecroTech
Police Department School
Other VSB Buildings Unbarricaded Buildings
Other Locations
Street Monument
Cemetery Revivification Point