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On 2) I suggest the following, loosely based off the Uniform Barricade Plan:

  • Felix General Hospital (VSB+2)
  • St. Simon's Hospital (VSB+2)
  • St. Anselms's Hospital (EHB)
  • Patriarch General Hospital (VSB+2)
  • Elers Auto Repair (EHB)
  • Pooll Crescent Police Department (VSB+2)
  • Timewell Drive Police Department (VSB+2)
  • St. Anthero's church (VSB+2)
  • St. Chad's church (VSB+2)
  • All fire stations (VSB+2), except
    • Thickett Plaza Fire Station (EHB)
  • All NT buildings (EHB)
  • All the rest: EHB.

Comments to the plan: Elers is an important source of fuel. St. Simon's is closest to the revive points, so St. Anselm's can be kept secure. You need to have gained a few levels to make use of the NTs anyway, so they might aswell all be secure. The churches can function as entry points from the revive queues. Courtney Lane is closest to the revive points, so Thickkett can be kept secure. Rutt and Attrell are close to eacther, so only one of them need to be seure.

The hospitals, NTs and PDs should preferably be powered. Allthough one should probably only power them right before doing searches. In addition to this, the Hosken Building should be kept secured and powered for the mobile network.

Plan table

(To be put on the front page)

Yellow: EHB
All others: VSB+2
30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
20 - C W - - NT - -
21 - H H S FD - -
22 NT - - - FD NT -
23 - - NT W AR - - - FD
24 - FD NT -
25 C - - PD - FC
26 H Fa NT Fa - PD
27 - Fa FD FD - - -
28 - - - - -
29 - - H

NT buildings

well, low levels scientists(or other class) may wander in and want the use of a good NT building, in some cases not having free running, besides that NT buildings are the only way to get syringes and DNA extractors(for military and civilians)these can be considered "important" and the NT building should be in this case classified as a resource building allowing those without free running to get inside, since theres more then one only 1-3 need to be kept VS and 1-2 of those with a generator, as a suggestion please check this out and think about it.1 1/20/07 10:04

Suggestion for the Barricade Plan

The Malton College of Medicine (MCM) is currently on our summer holiday and we would like to stay a few weeks in Eastonwood. We noticed that most of the barricading plan is set to EHB. Since the zombie presents is down for now we would like to get some spots open for new players to find safety. We would like to suggest having the rail stations and churches at VSB for safe entry.

In addition, if no one has any objections we would like to set up a temporary Brain Rot Revive Clinic (BRRC) in Tryme NT. --QBee 02:17, 9 June 2009 (BST)

New Barricade Plan Discussion

Originally from the Eastonwood talk page.

Next step in the process: a formal cade plan proposal, with some modifications from what was discussed previously. See the notes at the bottom.

This is based on the Uniform Barricade Plan, where all resource buildings are to be at VSB+2, and all other buildings at EHB. Resource buildings to remain VSB include hospitals, police stations, and fire stations. The plan introduces the following exceptions:

One item to discuss: would it be good to have one dark building left uncaded? It would allow permanent access as an entry point, and would afford MCM's zombie lecturers and Club Vagg's zombie dancers a place to sleep with less chance of a headshot. I know this is a survivor-based barricade plan, but there's no reason we can't be a bit accommodating to our zambah hranz.

If we do, Club Burningham is not vital on the free running routes, is readily accessible to both MCM and Club Vagg, gives the newly-revived at Darke Walk an easy entry point even if Tryme is under siege, and allows rot revive clients for Tryme a place to recover AP with a reduced chance of headshots. I've included it on the plan just in case, flagged as a smiley. Coplestone Bank is another possibility.

Eastonwood Barricade Plan
30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
20 RP Ce W NT Lib
21 H (H) S (FS)
23  :) NT W (AR) FS
24 FS NT
25 Ch PD FC
26 H Ce Fa NT Fa PD
27 Fa FS (FS)
28 Lib
29 H

Unenterable Buildings
Extremely Heavily Barricaded Phone Mast
Enterable Buildings
Auto Shop Fire Station
Hospital NecroTech
Police Department School
Other VSB Buildings Unbarricaded Buildings
Other Locations
Street Monument
Cemetery Revivification Point

Please discuss.--Violet Begonia Dean MCM MOB 05:00, 28 June 2009 (BST)

looks good, Tryme in my opinion should be considered VSB but in reality only be repaired to VSB if rotters aren't trying to get in for a revive --Kakashi on crack 02:34, 1 July 2009 (BST)

Yuk, what a terrible looking barricade plan. The !zanbah barricade plan should be more friendly towards new players, it should be simple and without complicated symbols like RP, :), and Fa. To make things easy for the type of new player who should be hanging out in !zanbah, I suggest that the 10x10 block square from 30, 20 to 39, 29 remain with their doors wide open and unlit by generators. The young ones of !zanbah are confused when they can't get inside their homes. The young ones are also frightened by so many lights and talking radio boxes. I suggest the below barricade plan not as the "zombie barricade plan", but as THE barricade plan. Please note, I am not suggesting segregation, just because !zanbah is a zombie homeland does not mean humans cannot come visit, however you should obey the same rules of etiquette you afford your own kind and not drop by uninvited and not rearrange the furniture. I mean come on, who in their right mind wants their refrigerator in their foyer blocking the door? Not us zombies that's who.

!zanbah Barricade Plan
30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39

Unenterable Buildings
Extremely Heavily Barricaded Phone Mast
Enterable Buildings
Auto Shop Fire Station
Hospital NecroTech
Police Department School
Other VSB Buildings Unbarricaded Buildings
Other Locations
Street Monument
Cemetery Revivification Point

I for one find it sad and disappointing that in this day and age we kick good and honest people out of their rightful homes because of race (undead), skin color (green), and dietary preference (braaaainz). We've come so far in the field of civil rights, but we still have so far yet to go. It's time to stand up and fight for our rights. !zanbah is a ZOMBIE homeland, not a HUMAN homeland! End the oppression! EQUAL CIVIL RIGHTS FOR ZOMBIES! !ZANBAH IS FOR ZOMBIES! BARHAH!!! BARHAH!!! BARHAH!!! --DonTickles 15:11, 6 July 2009 (BST)

Don, we're delighted to have zambah input here! I'd love it if we could put up both cade plans on the Eastonwood page. We don't have to label one as "zombie" and one as "human"; We could call one the "open doors plan" or the "unbarricade plan", and one the "alternate plan" or even the "scaredycat survivor plan". By the way, if you'd ever like a rot revive so we can chatter in something other than zamgrh, let us know and we'll arrange it. (Hope you enjoyed your breakfast this morning, hon! ;) It was good for me, too!) --Violet Begonia Dean MCM MOB 17:42, 6 July 2009 (BST)
Really you could call one the Eastonwood barricade plan and the other the !zanbah barricade plan, though we should really only need one, and I strongly urge you to throw yourself out the highest window and rise to help enforce it... C'mon, what's with a field trip to a zombie homeland if you don't come as a zombie? Breakfast the other day was good, but people keep throwing me outside when I'm sleeping and pileing junk in front of the door. This morning I was only able to grab a few bites of various meats and chew on some loud metal contraption which didn't taste like brainz at all. Please leave the doors open so I may join you for breakfast more often and get my fill. --DonTickles 14:11, 8 July 2009 (BST)

I discussed making a bank a survivor to zombie relationship center in one of the banks here and it was deleted by people, I personally have no problems living with zombies as long as I don't find one sucking on my rotting head when I wake up... --Kakashi on crack 21:41, 6 July 2009 (BST)

Do you mean the comments below, retitled as "early discussion on barricade plan changes"? I didn't delete it; it's just retitled since it was a discussion based on the now-modified barricade plan. I tried to incorporate the concept of an uncaded zombie-friendly location into the uncaded Club Burningham. I believe, based on experience, that it'll be hard to keep more than two buildings uncaded. Additionally, the new management of Club Vagg has discussed a possible "horde night" for a one-night-a-week zambah zanz (zombie dance) night. That's still on the drawing table though, and not mine to make a final call. If we were going to have another building left uncaded, I suggest leaving the Dukes Hotel (the fight club) uncaded, just as it was in the original, long-abandoned cade plan. Most suburbs have NO buildings uncaded - I've tried to make a zombie-cohabitation-friendly plan that is still maintainable/enforceable, given the inevitable trenchy mindset of some survivors. --Violet Begonia Dean MCM MOB 23:26, 6 July 2009 (BST)
One building Violet? Sounds like the humans are trying to put us zombies on a reservation, which I suppose history shows is human nature. Just more civil rights abuses against us zombies... Let's not forget that until recently the enforced barricade plan of Eastonwood was most similar to what I posted above. Unfortunately it became too difficult to enfore after October 1st, 2008 (sobs), when tired !zanbah soldiers of barhah laid their weary heads down inside Pooll Crescent PD, never to rise again. Excuse me, speaking of it gets me all choked up... --DonTickles 13:40, 8 July 2009 (BST)

I'm not really sure why St. Chad's is being left unbarricaded as an indoor revive point, since indoor revive points aren't very effective, and especially so because no group has expressed a desire to use that location as a revive point. It might be more effective as an entry point to Eastonwood's key hospitals. --Vilien 17:40, 7 July 2009 (BST)

no I was talking about something different from a while back lol, so... who wants to put these somewhere important and why can't those darn rotters attack NT buildings so I can press the refresh button every half hour and necrotech em when I see them... --Kakashi on crack 23:55, 8 July 2009 (BST)

early discussion on barricade plan changes

QBee posted about this on the barricade plan page, but given the lack of commentary I thought it better to bring the discussion here and hopefully spark some interest, input, and brainstorming.

Malton College of Medicine (MCM) is currently on our summer holiday field trip and will be staying several weeks in Eastonwood. We noticed that most of the barricade plan is set to EHB, and the plan has not been modified since long before the evolution of dark buildings. I believe the plan is pre-Eastonwood Ferals.

Relevant to the barricade plan: does anyone know if the Dukes Hotel is still a fight club? And is anyone running Club Vagg?

We'll put together a graphic for you soon with the possible modifications.

Suggested changes:

MCM works a great deal with new players, many of whom do not have Free Running. We would like to open up more entry points, including having one NT open for new scientists. We suggest having the rail stations and churches (except St Chad's, the indoor RP) at VSB for safe entry. In addition, we are setting up a temporary Brain Rot Revive Clinic in Tryme NT, which we would like to change to VSB. The indoor revive point of St Chad's Church does not appear to be maintained as uncaded. We'd like to tag it as such and educate people about indoor revive points.

Go forth and discuss! --Violet Begonia Dean MCM MOB 19:22, 21 June 2009 (BST)

The problem is that there are people like me in eastonwood who want nothing more then its destruction (unless I'm a human), by making a lot of buildings VSB, you are letting yourselves be killed. of course this is only a man v. zombie view so it doesn't mean it isn't possible to hold a building that's VSB, it just means you need someone checking to see if they need to re-cade every hour or so because those damn zeds are single minded... --Kakashi on crack 08:08, 22 June 2009 (BST)

Keeping buildings at EHB kills more people then it saves. Not everyone has free running (more then you would realize,) and the suburb as a whole isn't too bad - there are suburbs with much more liberal barricade plans then Eastonwood, which are more dangerous. And besides, since there aren't many organized zombies in the suburb (now that the RRF has left,) it's hard to ruin a building as a lone zed - even if it's VSB (humans are tasty meat shields.) Linkthewindow  Talk  08:12, 22 June 2009 (BST)
The best way to do a new barricade plan, as I've been thinking about this for awhile, would be having all non-resource buildings at VSB. All resource buildings would be EHB. I've seen a lot of low level characters get stuck outside because of the rampant over-cading in this suburb. That way low level characters have somewhere to sleep, and with organized zombie activity on the fall, it would probably be safer for them than sleeping in resource buildings. --Vilien 17:00, 22 June 2009 (BST)
But then newer players won't be able to get resources. They'll likely just leave the suburb. Linkthewindow  Talk  22:19, 22 June 2009 (BST)
What resources do they need? We're talking about players who are level one and level two here. At that point they aren't going to be of much use with any resources other than a fire axe. It would take them days to purchase free running at the rate of xp gain that you get from starting with a pistol. They'd be served better by having players who can actually use the resources that they need (FAKs, syringes, and guns) get them and stay safe while doing so. Newer players are more likely to get a heal while staying in a safehouse from an older player than do it for themselves. The primary concern of a new player is staying alive, not kitting up with a full pack. --Vilien 18:02, 23 June 2009 (BST)
You're assuming that every single new player starts as a firefighter. That's just wrong - notice those "scientist" and "military" characters you see around? New players don't often know much about the game - hence why they don't start as a firefighter, and choose a class that needs consumable resources. Yes, new players should focus on staying alive, but that doesn't mean that they should be denied the right to resources - I'm sure you had it when you were new. Linkthewindow  Talk  22:31, 23 June 2009 (BST)
The first time I played as a survivor, I was a scientist and got locked out of the building I spawned in, not knowing about the wiki at the time I hid in a ruined building for about 3 weeks before being killed by a new zombie that had come in while I was on vacation,if you can find an abandoned building, you're probably safe for a long time. Plus as a survivor at low levels, the only thing you are going to have in your inventory that you didn't start with are lengths of pipes, heal kits, and books basically. I sugest that we make NT, fire stations, hospitals, and police stations EHB, leave non important buildings like the random office buildings/banks and such unbaricaded so that new survivors can use them as hideouts if they can't find anywhere to hide, (and so that zombies can have a place to stay thinking they are halting contrustion) and places like librarys, clubs, and warehouses be simply VSB since they provide the most valuable resorces to new survivors. this would probably be a good idea in the long run. (and if anyone knows where a powered NT building is, could you tell me so I can get in and get a revive? maybe systematically taking them down was a bad idea in the long run...)--Kakashi on crack 23:25, 23 June 2009 (BST)
Denying new players access to resources is the best way to get them to quit the game. It's why MFD maintains almost all Fire Departments as VSB. New police officers desperately need ammo or they'll never level. New scientists need access to an NT, and there is no VSB NT in the burb. Eastonwood needs its resources to be more accessible, not less, with more entry points than there currently are. Libraries and clubs have nothing of use to new survivors, and warehouses are only of minimal use. Furthermore, there's no reason to leave any building unbarricaded unless it's an indoor revive point.
What you are suggesting is a marvelous barricade plan for zombie players. It'll kill lots of new players and leave survivors at a major disadvantage, while leaving lots of easy meat for babah zambahz. I'm not being sarcastic here - if you want to create a second barricade plan from the zombie perspective, (see Ridleybank,) then feel free; it's a perfectly valid thing to post.
If you seriously want a rot revive, then you can contact MCM on our forum and we'll get you up and breathing in a jiffy. We do rot revives all the time. Best of luck! --Violet Begonia Dean MCM MOB 07:58, 24 June 2009 (BST)
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