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Welcome to the archive. Recorded here are messages from ages past stored to clean-up the main Talk wikipage.


Hello there, people, this is MalTel speaking.

I noticed on your Wiki page that you have outposts in the phone mast building in two suburbs (Rhodenbank and Dunningwood), and you also claim the responsibility for the Dulston phone mast (Or so the Dulston page says). We welcome any people who help us maintain the phone network in Malton, so for that, thank you!

Would you perhaps also be so kind as to maintain the status of your phone masts on the mobile phone mast page?

Thank you, SkullnBones 16:03, 15 December 2006 (UTC)

I'll get right on it.--Conno30001 April 24 2007, 4:33PM (GMT+00)


So I was in Downdey Mall and there'd been a breakin and I was helping to kill off two of the remaining zeds. I was low on Ammo, but I managed to get one down too 2 Ap. I switch to my kife to kill it, when suddenly I get the message "Xahp Killed a Zombie". He's a member of your group, according to his info. I say to him "That was my kill". All he does is run away. I don't what your policy is on this, or even if you care, but I just thought you might want to know what your more lower level soldiers are doing. --Officer Johnieo 21:56, 25 November 2006 (UTC)

Call for help...

I have been sent to write to you. We are desperate and maybe you guys, being an antiPK group, wouold like to help. We, the caretakers of the Beacham Museum, have been threathened to be PKed by the Black Mesa, a group of apparent art and culture haters.

Since we are a peacefull group and avoid violence, we had to spread along the district of Lockettside. Only the minimal staff has remained in the Museum.

We only want to promote culture and art in Malton City. We think that the fact that the city was infestated by zombies is no excuse to continue educating ourselves and read and learn. But groups like the Black Mesa, who apparently just want us to stay ignorant, are being a problem to continue our good work. Would you please come and help us? --Eek x 23:58, 13 November 2006 (UTC)

Linkage breakage

Hi FOXHOUND. I'm about to request a speedy delete for the misspelled Dunnel Hills Police Department page. Wanted to let you know so you could repair the link on your talk page above. -- Atticus Rex AMP ' T 06:38, 26 October 2006 (BST)

ASS PKs Newbies?

Do you have any proof of that? –Xoid STFU! 16:56, 4 September 2006 (BST)


This is aimed at Dr Demento: Thanks for pointing out the typo in my profile on UD. No, I'm not being sarcastic. I never check that thing. I'm usually tired when I edit. So seriously, thanks. --A1C JerryASSPKASAT09:29, 28 August 2006 (BST)

Also, another thing Dr Demento... It's not Aic Jerry... --A1C JerryASSPKASAT09:33, 28 August 2006 (BST)

Charon's Freight and RCDC

Howdy FOXHOUND. A few days ago, Rikogen informed us on our forum that "as you might already know i am a member of FOXHOUND (mid-high rank), but what you might not know is that we have had a violation of your alliance. One of your members... Charon's Freight killed my character not too long ago and we expect justice unless proven otherwise...thank you.[/url]"

Here's the deal: Charon's Freight is a dedicated PKer (an alt of one of the members of the Drunken Dead, I suspect), and she was posing as an RCDC member for a few weeks. She also killed about 3 of us during that time period. She has since changed her affiliation to "Death's Advocates." She has never and will never be a part of RCDC. If you see her, shoot her dead--or tell us her location, and I'll come do it myself if possible.

So there's your proof, or the best explanation I can render anyway. If you have further concerns about this issue, please take it up with us on our forum. --Bulgakov 16:17, 2 June 2006 (BST)

Sounds good to me. I'm currently offering a large bounty on Charon to FOXHOUND operatives, so we'll all keep our eyes open. --la plaga


This is Mushroom Blue of the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad. Having read your request for an alliance and some of your wiki, you seem like a truly well organized and skilled group. You do the survivors in Malton proud. I'd like to accept your request for an alliance. Good to have you along for the ride. We're busy battling the undead overtaking the Pole Mall in West Grayside and waging war with a PKing religious cult known as the PH, but if you have any questions, comments, requests, etc, visit our wiki and our forum. Keeo fighting the good fight. -- Mushroom Blue

Thank you Mushroom Blue. Be sure to contact us if you need our aid in any endeavor, and we will do the same. - la plaga - 21:16, 12 May 2006 (BST)

Training Exercise

I request permission, as a simple exercise, to see exactly how well your boys are trained. It's simply a training exercise, and all wounds i commit will be healed. However, every one of your boys i tag, i will put in the list below. My objective is to sneak into the area and tag every one of you once. your objective is to find me and if necesarry, kill me. (I will wait at a revive point, or if you deem it likely, achieve an on the spot rev.) So what do you say? Email me at And we shall discuss whether or not this training exercise is deemed useful or not. I simply wish to pit my skills against your in friendly competition.

I do not think it would be appropriate to play "games" or perform "simulations", primarily because we actually do have to deal with PK'ers and incoming zombie hoards, and do not have time to sit down and have a hunt. However, if you do decide to attack a FOXHOUND member, we will treat you with the same courtesy we do to everyone who attacks a member. We will kill you. So, if that's your idea of a game, we will play. - la plaga 15:10, 16 April 2006 (BST)
Haha! I like your style. At the beginning, i simply had thought you a bunch of metal gear freaks with no micrimanagement or semblance of civilic order, or leadership. While in fact, i find that you are actually competent. I appreciate that. But well, everything's a game, isn't it? Its just a matter of who will play. As it is, i cannot spare myself at the moment to argue aforementioned. However, i dont think the training will be necesarry. Even if you are led by a man who playts too many video games, at least you're a competent, and well led group. I commend you. --Kaein


The Imperial War Machine Offers it's Alliance with FOXHOUND. We're in Dakerstown, Drop in any Time.--Duce Nauks 21:28, 5 April 2006 (BST)

The Imperial War Machine is a little to far from Dulston for FOXHOUND to be able to offer it's services. However, if you come to us needing aid in the destruction of zombies, or the protection of survivors, we will always do what we can to aid you. - la plaga 15:10, 16 April 2006 (BST)

Heh heh, it's ok, we never need help, but just the same, you won't mind if we're allies would you? I't be kindof neat for both of us to be able to say we've got the North corners.--Duce Nauks 14:55, 21 April 2006 (BST)

Sure, so long as the Imperial War Machine stands for the protection of survivors, consider us allies. -- la plaga, 00:14, 25 April 2006 (BST)

People called the Romanes, They Go The House?

I really liked the way your motto was just as wrong as the rest of the page. It fits so much better that way than if it were reasonably close to being, say, Latin. You guys are obviously just covered in AWESOME. Keep up the good work. --Fred Dullard 22:54, 17 March 2006 (GMT)

^Is that guy being a dork?^
Anyway, guys, I was passing through Pimbank and found a known Pwotter sitting alive in Bhore Cinema [61, 47]. I suggest someone goes and TAKES HIM OUT! BAM!


Cheers, Rip Purr, Justice Inc

Active Members

Just wondering if any of you use the UDtool ? if so here is a little list to add to your list it contains FOXHOUND members now you will know a member when you see them :)

la plaga,FOXHOUND 
Plisken Lt Jr Grade,FOXHOUND 
Cobra Guardian,FOXHOUND 
Dr Demento,FOXHOUND 
Nippin Tuck,FOXHOUND 
Tiger Todd,FOXHOUND 
Johnny Sasaki,FOXHOUND
Jaden Cole,FOXHOUND 
batty boy70,FOXHOUND
Cobra Guardian MkII,FOXHOUND 

Feel free to add your name to this list if i have missed anyone :) Just copy & past the list of names and add them to your UDtool list can someone update this ? as the forums search is disabled :) TigerTodd 13:58, 25 March 2006 (GMT) Greetings 'Foxhounders', like your 'no nonsense kick ass style'. If you're ever in our part of the world (Eden Library, Kinch Height) drop in, kick your boots off and down a few. On a more serious note we, Leasehold Services, are keen to forge links across town in mutual support and are happy to take on any ad-hoc hit jobs where the purp moves into our jurisdiction.--Big Ian 2 08:09, 20 February 2006 (GMT)

Can someone please update this Udtool for me i cant find it in the forums no search feature TigerTodd 15:05, 28 April 2006 (BST)

RCDC Alliance

Howdy FOXHOUND. I have contacted you on behalf of RCDC. Good to see a competent new survivor group in NE Malton. Drop by the Ablett Arms when you get the chance; the first round is on us.

Two things I want to run by you:

1. RCDC is always interested in forming alliances with other non-assholey survivor groups. We're a pretty straighforward, direct-democracy, no-orders-leaders-or-other-bullshit survivor group; note that RCDC and FOXHOUND have a common ally (the DDDS) and a common listed PKer (von Lichtenstein)--I'd say we're pretty much on the same page. Care to ally up?

(In the interests of full disclosure, I direct your attention to the RCDC-Newgrounds feud. We feel that our stance is justified, and clear--and we've only had to kill two [NG] members so far. We wouldn't expect you to join in this petty squabble--we just want you to be aware of it.)

  ---I just want to know if the city of Malton really understands what happened. Be aware - be very aware

--Matt guthrie 00:03, 22 March 2006 (GMT)

2. We tag Rbank buildings with their appropriate barricade levels so that noobs don't get caught out in the street. A few of our members have commented on your recent tagging spree in south Rbank. We realize that y'all are running a recruitment drive, and good luck with that; regardless, we'd like you to leave our tags up in the future. As far as the Anstruther bldg goes, we don't care if y'all are using it for one of your outposts, for orgies, or whatever else (I tend to sneak up to the roof and smoke a reefer once in awhile, myself), but we feel that it needs to stay at EH. We've replaced that generator 3 or 4 times now.

rsvp on my discussion tag when you get the chance, --Bulgakov 23:38, 6 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Who hates The End?

HEEEEEEY! do you hate The End? then go to the bale mall and kill the leader!, see you later , and dont make any time paradoxs!

A suggestion, if you don't want your page to be deleted for only having one member simply put, "unknown" or "classified" as the number of members. It works for loads of other groups ;) --Qwako 20:25, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)

What does foxhound stand for?--Denzel Washington 21:23, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)

It's a metal Gear solid reference. In the game, foxhound was a bunch of militaristic AWESOME freaks with shitloads of sweet powers. however, in here, it is simply a group attempting to emulate a military command chain, and i suppose, doing an okay job. -Kaein

Check out Pegton, it looks like a good suburb for a base, besides the fact it's partially surrounded by very dangerouse suburbs, but seriously check it out it looks really good.

This page has to stay purely for comedy purposes. --Katthew 00:12, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Hehe. i like your system. it's pretty good. Although i dont think your deserving of the Rank BIG BOSS. But meh, youve got a good system, and you seem to be doing well. Snake would be a good name for your top ranking member.

so whats the go nah just kidding just saying G'Day to all the other players here TigerTodd 10:06, 5 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Cobra Gardian can you please send your email to, It's josh.--7ate9 08:43, 12 Feb 2006 (GMT)