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The following are out of character notes.

October 17

Operation Mach One, the Creedy Defense Force has been strong at the Marks Building (NT). However a horde of zombies has taken the building twice now. Here is a list of zombie assailants...

September 16

I landed one more hit on the zombie. It's at 42 points now. I wish the others in the building were here!

September 9

I spent quite a bit of time getting to know the Wiki and developing content. Feel free to leave some comments. It is nice to know people are reading.

September 7

I was looking around the Wiki at what happened on September 7. It seems I was in the heart of Operation Windmill Scrotum and I was unaware since I am not part of either PA Rebel Alliance or The Pretorians. I know that Fuzzytek played a key role in the defense of the northwest corner of Giddings Mall. I was there when the barricade fell and brought it back with minimal zombies infiltrating.


The title says it all... - --Walt.... 21:51, 9 Sep 2005 (BST)

Great idea

Hope you don't mind if I borrow your journal idea for my user page as well. I think it�s a great idea, since journal-type threads on the forum, although they have some of the best writing, offer little opportunity for role-playing so they often just ignored. Keep up the good work.--Dorian Grey 04:22, 10 Sep 2005 (BST)

I really like it too. I'm afraid I'll be doing a bit of plaguerising of your idea too. I've put a link back to your journal on my page though. Thanks for the inspiration,--Perikles 17:53, 16 Sep 2005 (GMT)
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