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Greetings and salutations from the Philosophe Knights. We are very gald to see another intellectual group form within Malton. The Philosophe Knights are extending the olive branch to your distinguished group with the intention of friendship. We wish to form an alliance of sorts and we request that you support the Centers of Learning Policy. Good luck, and continue praising knowledge. --Flogging MollyTinywhitemask.GIFPK 04:32, 25 December 2006 (UTC)

From the FOD

Maybe you don't think you have much in common with us...but you do. There's a common group of vermin that plagues us both.

There is an ugly stain on the landscape of Roftwood. Who would have thought that a disgusting haven of necrophiles and death cultists would be located in the innocent looking library?

The Quartly Study Group have been using this place as a shrine to evil for a long time, much longer than all of us have been in Malton. Inside this den, they invite the undead in, protect them with cryptic symbols on their walls and engage in sordid activities, including poetry recitals, literature critiques and diabolical musings. The QSG themselves are made up of some of the most respected and experienced members of the Malton community, it is foul that these sins to Pro-survivalism have gone unheeded for so long...

But worse yet, the evil spreads as a carnival of depravity travels around Malton tracing the pattern of a heart-shape, poisoning a symbol of life and vitality. Upon this tour, the group tear down barricades in chosen library locations, invite the Undead to join them and then waste precious AP on their unholy mantras when they should be killing the zombies and then reviving those who desire it. Further more, when they have concluded their foul orgies, they then leave the library unbarricaded, their filth still covering vital tags and 'cade plans, and leaving any zombies to gorge themselves on the sleeping.

It's good to see someone stand up to these interlopers.

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