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This page is an archive page of Talk:Malton Fire Department. Please do not add comments to it. If you wish to discuss the Malton Fire Department page do so at Talk:Malton Fire Department.

UDBrain Tool

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know about a greasemonkey script my friend and I just developed. It tracks barricade status of all the buildings in Malton using a database. I'm looking for a large group to sponsor it because the way the script works is that every time a user with the script visits a building, a barricade report is submitted to the database. In order for our data to be up to date, we need a lot of users. Would you please use the script? Once the user base gets large enough, you'll enjoy the barricade status of each building appearing on the map. It should make your UD lives much easier. The script is available here. Thanks!
--Scotaro007 05:30, 3 January 2008 (UTC) Looks like it's time for a bit of house cleaning. Any MFD members want to volunteer? Anything that is obviously fluff or very date dependant (and not of historical importance) and more than 4-6 weeks old can probably just be deleted. Anything that might be interesting from a historical perspective or contains important information or discussion can be shuffled to the bottom into a history section or some such. --Gilant 12:45, 2 March 2006 (GMT)

If you guys actualy run any hospitals as part of your ongoing effort to help malton, please tell us here. If the hospital isn't up yet, please don't pos it anyway. the list should be finished tommorow. Malton Hospitals Group04:28, 16 May 2006 (BST)

The Second Big Bash

I would like to refer you to The Second Big Bash. I have set up a page to help coordinate the efforts of Survivors vs The Second Big Bash and would be grateful if you would add any news or ideas you have. --Richardhg 14:31, 29 October 2007 (UTC)

They have set the bar ...

... so we must raise it higher!

I XxCannon FodderxX of E.N.D. have made efforts to call upon every major survivor group to join in a full frontal assault into the red zones.

The plan: Have a major and a minor group take a red suburb. The bigger group will take the TRP of choice while the minor group will employ the DEAD E.N.D. (see below) method outside.

Have a few floating groups (which can be alive or undead) that will be kill units taking out any and all zeds it finds.

With these groups taking out the zeds, it will allow the survivor teams to raise the ruined buildings and, also allow the time to search for needles, and other supplies.

I won't lie, this effort will take some massive under taking, but, if done right with proper communication between teams.

Each team will spend time working on restoring the outside red zones and then working there way to the north western corner.

While this is being done, other groups will of course stay within their borders restoring their own suburb, which will hopefully slow down the efforts of it spreading further.

The major issue is if we do this, the zeds will counter by joining forces as well. LUE, RRF, Extinction ect, will be fighting back, and we will have to double the efforts even more.

To me, this is the only way this "ruined" status will be over taken by the survivors.

DEAD E.N.D. Method: There will be times, (especially with this new ruin status) where we will be put in harms way. In these times of danger there will be a standing order, called Operation: DEAD E.N.D.

Those of us that have fallen, will stay outside and guard a NT, while those still alive will stay inside caid, and revive when possible.

Those that are dead will attack ONLY zombies, and the living members will mention that we are fighting the undead outside, to greatly increase the chances of survivors staying to defend the NT. Also as a new update, (Not officially mentioned) survivors that do not have construction to barricade, search around for a lead pipe. Even without the construction skill, you too can do some minor helping. Length of Pipe

In extreme cases DIRT:NAP may be employed in mass:

This will keep the zeds busy, while the survivors gain more AP, and, hopefully increase the chances of having a working NT, threwout a siege.

I call upon you the bravest that Malton has, and any other survivor group you can rally to take part in this undertaking before it is too late.

--XxPale HorsexX / XxCannon FodderxX 02:17, 4 September 2007 (BST)

Important Note Regarding Contacting the MFD

The MFD's wiki presence is fairly minimal, particularly in comparison with our presence on the Brainstock forum. If you have a matter you wish to discuss with us, particularly if the matter is urgent, you will be far likelier to get a speedy reply through our DEM Services section. -Ashate 01:13, 30 May 2007 (BST)

UD Project

Hey, being one of the longer active groups in Malton, the UD Project would like your help in compiling a general history of Urban Dead. If you could help us out, either contact HereticSoul or post on the UD Project talk page. Thanks! --HereticSoul 17:38, 12 April 2007 (BST)

East Grayside Spraying

It has come to my groups attention, that our tags have been sprayed over in our home of East Grayside. We have been in EG for about a year now, and have a tagging policy that is kept in place always. But, in the last week or so, "Join MEMS" tags have popped up over our STARS graffiti. We know that the MFD is a large and respectable group, and that is why we would like to solve this on the wiki and not get into a little tagging war. hehe. We do not mind a few scattered MEMS tags, but we would like for the MEMS to stop posting over our tags. We have them there for a reason, we do not want them scribbled over. Thank You for reading this, Please respond ASAP on either the STARS wiki page or My talk page, thank you. - Chris Hollis , Special_Tactics_And_Rescue_Squad - December 16 2006

Wyke Hills

There's been tags over at Julie General Hospital signed by MFD stating that the hospital is no longer an Entry Point. Julie General has always been an entry point. Please see the Wyke Hills main page in the wiki for the proposed current barricade plan. Entry points to Buckley Mall on the Wyke Hills side include Julie General and St. Emelia's.--Cartoonlad 22:27, 18 September 2006 (BST)

Mercenaries.jpg Last Hope Mercenaries for Hire
Last Hope Mercenaries never die, they just go to hell to regroup.

Need a task done, we'll do it for you for a price, Hire!

Crowbank Defense

Paddy O'Toole's Volunteer Fire Brigade formally requests assistance from the DEM and more specifically, the expertise of the Malton Fire Department to restore order to Crowbank. Currently, much of the suburb has fallen into undead hands and the number of survivors are dwindling by the hour. Every building in sight is besieged. POVFB members are attempting to offer refuge to survivors at St. Eugine's Church with an emergency fallback area at Club Ravenhill in the western area. Without your help, we won't last more than a couple days. Razorwire 1852 GMT July 24, 2006

The Shuttlebank Militia

Calzion Smith has been trying to get in contact with us. I have approved all the reported MFD people trying to get in my forums, and responded on his talk page. I just thought I would post a comment here and take it a bit further, as time is a pressing issue. --Jeffireland 10:17, 21 July 2006 (BST)

Shore Hills Defensive Movement

As of late June, the Malton Fire Department began setting up a base of operations within Shore Hills to help aid survivors in barricading, revives and combating the zombie threat. The front is being led by Captain Patter and Captain Jego and is supervised by Fire Marshall Grant Teanly
--Jego - 01:57, 30 June 2006 (GMT)

MFD & Edgecombe

Hello. I am leader of the Acid War Templars. We have been based in Edgecombe for about four months now and havn't seen a single MFD personalle. The Edgecombe wiki says that you guys are known in the suburb. What is the situation with that? - --N dG 1:01AM, 29 June 2006 (BST)

Disgruntled Heroes call for help...

The Disgruntled Heroes, as well as the First Earth Batallion, and the Army of Dave, and the M.A.I.M society are defending Mitchem Mall from the Shining ones, a zombie hoarde. We may not be able to hold them back and would like to ask for some backup if at all possible. Your assistance would be appreciated. --DarkShines 23:40, 26 April 2006 (BST)

You guys have T-shirts?

Saw someone walking around Bismarck, ND with a Malton Fire Department T-shirt. Who was that? --Slicer 02:40, 11 April 2006 (BST)

We had discussed T-shirts before, but I wasn't aware any had been made. I want one if so!!! :D I'll ask about this in the forum. --Gilant talk|DEM 18:51, 20 April 2006 (BST)

The Sun Organization Requests a alliance

I would like to propose a alliance, i am the leader of the Sun Organization, check out our group page Sun Organization , we are looking for alliances in Brooke hills as we believe it has a fairly strong strategical standpoint in the current zombie situation at the moment, tell me what you think on our disscusion boards under alliances, we would only ask for help in securing property, and in return we offer out combat services.DannGunn 14:15, 6 April 2006 (BST)

This is in discussions on the forum --Gilant talk|DEM 18:49, 20 April 2006 (BST)

Tags - Observed & Suggestions

Have you seen a MFD tag out in Malton? Do you have a suggestion for a new one? Please put them here!

  • Make zeds kiss your Axe, join the MFD! (see wiki)
  • Always ready, proud to serve - MFD

15 April 2006 (BST)

I like these: (and versions of them... --Raystanwick 09:27, 30 June 2006 (BST))

  • KEEP at VSB! Help maintain a Reliable ENTRY! -MFD
  • EHB and POWER! Help Maintain this RESOURCE! -MFD
  • KEEP at EHB! Nearest Entry: 1N 1E at [25,65] -MFD
  • Find Revives Fast! -DEM


To Captain blue chixen, Do not be concerned, most zombies take constructive critique very well. Normally it wouldn’t be my responsibility to answer anything that comes up on the wiki but we value you, and your group too much as opponents for me to ignore this. We do not wish to target any specific individual or group, but we attack large quantities of survivors within very close proximity to Eastonwood. This is the reason we mostly attack resource buildings and freerunning junctions since it is safe to say that there will be survivors inside. The true value of zombie spies is highly overestimated as it rarely would be beneficial to crack open an EHB safe house for only one or two harmanz to eat, given that our goal is to eat as many people as possible and not any specific kind of them. The reason your members get eaten first if present at our targets is fairly simple, organized survivor groups with members who posses Headshot and Construction equal the greatest threat present and must be cleared out first for our raid to succeed. One smart survivor active at the wrong time can thwart an entire operation if he gets lucky. I would guess that your perception of being targeted exclusively may be due to our fore mentioned policy. Anyhow, I brought your stance to the attention of the others and it will be decided what to do. If you wish to, use the e-mail of the EF contact and I will gladly continue this discussion with you. Yours,--Brainzombie 05:36, 8 April 2006 (BST)

BTW, the spies are freelance and may be persuaded to work for you as well :)

Remember, remember the 5th of November

You are all urged to storm the infected heart of our fair city of Malton on the 5th of November. We shall not lie down, we shall take back what is ours! Codename V 14:44, 4 April 2006 (BST)


El Diablo Cazador would like to thank the MFD and the Necrotech guys for the countless revives. Where ever you all are, thank you.

Coalition for Fair Tactics

If you agree please join this organization--GageCFT 03:10, 27 July 2006 (BST)


I need a revive yet I am clueless as to how to use a forum. If your so kind I am a A Cemetary (34,65) which is a revive point you monitor, right? and my profile is, Thanks!--Canuhearmenow 14:59, 28 July 2006 (BST)

Request for Updated Information

This group is listed as active in Molebank. Please advise that this is still the case by replying to this message on my talk page. Thank you. Conndrakamod TCFT 01:41, 4 August 2006 (BST)


One of your members killed me for no apparent reason. This is his name: Jim Rockford attacked you for 10 damage. (exactly 3 hours ago) ...and again. ...and again. Jim Rockford attacked you for 5 damage. (exactly 3 hours ago) ...and again. (2 hours and 59 minutes ago) ...and again. (2 hours and 59 minutes ago) ...and again. (2 hours and 59 minutes ago) I'm not sure why he did that but could you please verify why he killed me. Thx. This is NOT fake. One more thing, he killed me in a building. THX--DO 08:53, 16 August 2006 (BST) Hi again, this is my profile link : Please check it out thx--DO 08:49, 18 August 2006 (BST)

I'm sorry you got PKed. First however, and most importantly, I don't have a record of any 'Jim Rockford' in our duty roster. Most likely he is an impostor - real MFD members know they would be kicked out if they PK an innocent (as in someone not a member of a well-established PK group or listed as a PKer individually). However, could you be a little more vague in your report? :P When talking to any group about a member, including the profiles of everyone involved is vitally important. With just a name I don't have record of, there is little more I can do. And 'a building'?! There are many 1000's of buildings in Malton. If you are PKed in the future, please see the PK Reporting wiki page for guidelines on how to properly report a PK so that action can be taken against the criminal. --Gilant talk|DEM 15:49, 18 August 2006 (BST)

Please delete after reading

Greatings from the QSG
We've been painstakingly trying to recapture the suburb of Roftwood from a zombie horde. Almost daily I see a MFD member waiting at our revive point. I'm curious, are you guys active in Roftwood ? Please respond on my wiki site...

Revive Point

Hi there, just to let you know that the revive point you maintain alongside the Bandit Queens will be marked unknown in the next 48 hours if it is not updated. The revive point is located at [34, 65]. You can remove this message once updated. Thanks. Pillsy FT 10:27, 26 October 2006 (BST)


Just out of the blue, but you guys are listed as active in Nixbank. The NE quarter of Nixbank (Deakin PD, St. Danny's, Penning Building, etc) has once more been devastated. DAG's members are almost all dead, since Deakin PD's been breached. So, yeah, this is a request for help from a concerned Nixbank resident who's been killed with the rest. If you're busy elsewhere, I'll understand, but it never hurts to ask. ;P Nermid 20:23, 10 November 2006 (UTC)

Seeking an Alliance in Ruddlebank

Speaking on behalf of The Ruddlebank Resistance Front I, Michael Blackstone, am currently seeking alliances with all survivor groups who have a presence in or around the Ruddlebank area. We're of course not asking for a merger or anything of the like, merely an alliance. After all, working together has always been more productive than working apart. You can give us your reply on our Discussion Page, thank you. --Blackstone 21:29, 10 November 2006 (UTC)

Please Send Help to SW Wykewood

-- Survivors desperately needed @ Adalbert & Josephine Hospitals. It is 90 zombies against around 30 survivors. I am asking for your help. It has been really fun so far ( the last 4 months(especially the last month), and we Josephine's Generals are have been stalwart defenders, but these numbers are just too much. Please help. Rolo Tomasi 15:43, 14 December 2006 (UTC)

Malton Fire Dept. condones PKing innocents?

One of your members, p4x639, is broadcasting this about Quartly Library:

26.17 MHz: "Hildebrand Mall, if RRF kills someone in the mall, the 26.17 MHz: "library becomes a killzone. -Capt. P4X, MFD on 26.17"

There are currently revived RRF members inside Quartly Library to participate in the library's Quartly_Study_Group/Zombie_Lecture_Series and to bid Sir Fred and the QSG a fond farewell as part of our Salute To Literacy Through Squaredancing. One person has been killed in the mall by an RRF member since we've been there, and that was in response to his blatant and unnecessary violation of the No-Kill Policy in effect at the library. Other than that, the revived RRF members have been enjoying the lectures, refreshments, and the dancing.

The Blackmore Bastard Brigade, Malton Rangers, New Malton Colossus and USSR have all sent representatives to the library to watch or participate in the festivities. None of them have been harmed. In fact, I personally brought down the barricades last night to assist a BBB member in re-entering the building after he got stuck outside. Are these the actions of a zombie spy?

I would like to invite the Malton Fire Department to send a representative to Quartly Library to attend the Zombie Lecture Series, and I want to encourage you to have your MFD member refrain from making unnecessary threats of violence against the members of the Quartly Study Group. The RRF are peacefully departing this evening after a final round of dancing. Please join us! --Goolina Gore Corps 19:53, 18 January 2007 (UTC)

I apologize for the misunderstanding here. This was in no way officially endorsed, and the offending parties have been contacted to get their side of the situation. Hopefully we can resolve this peacefully. --Grim44 01:23, 19 January 2007 (UTC)

Phone Mast status report

If you time, can we get your members to update with the current status of your phone masts near your locations? Thanks. Asheets 20:12, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

The James Earl Jones Awards

JEJ.jpg JEJ Nomination
the Malton Fire Department has been nominated to win the Best Survivor Group Award.
APEX ALMIGHTY Talk/Mall Info/ JEJ Awards7:00 A.M., 28 February 2007

Shuttlebank Activity?

As a longtime Shuttlebank resident and page maintainer, I've not seen any consistent presence by the MFD as long as I've lived/maintained here (on the order of six or more months), yet you're listed on our page's active groups--unless you really are active and I've missed it, it seems your group should be deleted from this suburb page, at least for now. Your thoughts? If I don't hear anything on the SB page/talk page or on my own talk page, I will delete the MFD references after March 20, 2007. --Barbecue Barbecue 02:29, 6 March 2007 (UTC)

You are correct. While there was a Shuttlebank crew at one time, the MFD has not had an official presence in your suburb in quite a while. While it is hoped that we may one day re-establish an active crew in Shuttlebank, I've removed our group listing from the page for now. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Griff 13:36, 6 March 2007 (UTC)

Poser, Ex-Member, or...?

I wanted to contact you in order to confirm whether there was a real group affiliation with this individual, Mr K Dilkington, or if he was simply hiding behind your group's good name. The reason is that recently he was reported for PKing in Rhodenbank. I cannot find any outstanding warrants for him so I wanted to confirm with your group first before issuing an official bounty on him and adding him to the Dulston Alliance Black List. --Mobius187 March 6 2007, 8:22 AM (EST)

Well, now - Caleb Usher! It's been a long time! Good to hear from you (though I wish it were under more pleasant circumstances). I've checked both the NE and main DEM Rosters and can find no record of the individual in question within our organization; I have passed on his information to NE-3 personnel. Thanks for bringing him to our attention. --Griff 13:58, 6 March 2007 (UTC)
Glad to hear that he isn't one of yours. I always hate it when someone hides behind a good group's name and then goes around killing other survivors. The Alliance had a problem a while back when a survivor named "Fosi" pretended to be "Mr. Fosi", leader of the Palytoxin Gang (one of the Alliance's member groups). Bad bit of business that as it caused some confusion. Ok, so I'll add this fellow to the Black List and issue a warrant for his demise. Thanks for the prompt reply.
On another topic, do you guys have anyone actually at the fire stations in the NE corner? I ask because I've updated the location wikipages for Dulston, Pescodside (unmerged), and Rhodenbank (unmerged), but I don't see many "Current Event" updates. So I'm not sure about the status of any of those locations. You may want to provide an update every now and then, I mean, if you're there. That way people will have a better idea if it's a safe place to travel to. Obviously most locations, other than Treweeke Mall (recently at least), are uncertainties as to what their status is... I'm hoping we can change that and for this reason I've provided updates to 90-100% of all location in Dulston and Pescodside. Rhodenbank is my next target, as it needs a lot of work for it location wikipages. Still, I used the same template as for all my other fire stations so you can rest assured those are ready to be updated as you see fit. --Mobius187 March 6 2007, 12:20 PM (EST)

I have returned to request an identification for a survivor claiming to be with the MFD. While no known crime has yet been committed the following survivor, KarIoth Vois, claims to be a member of your group. As the spelling of his name closely matches that of the known Red Rum PKer Karloth Vois and his current location places him near Rolt Heights (where The PKer Alliance is attacking the suburb), I wanted to confirm whether he was in fact a member of the MFD as he has proclaimed. Members of the Burchell Arms Regulars would like him dealt with if he is revealed to be hiding his group affiliation, either to conceal him as a PKer alt or copycat. --Mobius187 April 12 2007, 7:49 PM (EST)

You are quite correct in your guess - Karloth is most certainly not a member of the MFD. --Ashate 03:06, 23 May 2007 (BST)



The Beatbox Kids have decided to hold a Santlerville/Huntley Heights-wide Rampage. We regularly have our own BBK Rampages in which our whole group goes out at the same pre-determined time to the same general area and kill every zombie in sight. So we'd like to expand this concept and invite all the groups from Santlerville and Huntley Heights and any lone characters to participate in a Rampage on Sunday the 8th of April at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (which is GMT +10 for those outside Australia). Check to see what time that is your time zone so you can go Rampaging with the BBK. We'll aim to eradicate the zombie threat that has Huntleigh Heights coloured red on the danger level map. In doing this Rampage we also hope to strengthen ties with Santlerville/Huntley Heights groups such as yours. As Santlerville doesn't have enough of a zombie presence to support every group Rampaging at once, we will not be Rampaging in our home suburb of Santlerville - this will change should the danger level of Santlerville ever rise above yellow.

So spend the next 5 days stocking up on ammo, reving your group members, and finding appropriate safe houses for after the Rampage. Let the BBK know via email, wiki, or in game whether or not your group will be participating. Also, we'd like to get a head count of rampagers and a zombie body count so we can see how successfully the Rampage went after it's over. Together, we can make this small, localised, weekly shooting trip a huge, wide spread kill-fest. Who knows? One day this could become a Malton-wide event...

Good luck.

Nick (Nallan) from the BBK.

Station Barricade Policy and Wiki Page

Hello, this is the Administrator for St. Matthew's Hospital (Santlerville). I am writing to request clarification of the barricade policy for Burrough Row Fire Station which is the head-quarters for the NE division of the Malton Fire Department.

The Uniform Barricade Policy states this building should be kept at VSB+2, however, the Santlerville Barricade Plan set up by The Dribbling Beavers of Santlerville states this building to be kept at EHB with an entry point 2S at Dennis Row Fire Station.

Currently, the two plans are in conflict. Please could you clarify what the barricade status should be, or more particularly, whether you accept this particular station should be held at EHB.

Thank you.

St. Matthew's Hospital Administrator.--Sunil 20:41, 7 April 2007 (BST)

Brainstock Template

A Brain.jpg Brainstock User
This user posts on Brainstock.

I've created a New Template for Users who post on Brainstock. --Kamden 15:33, 8 April 2007 (BST)


To the MFD for doing their part to return the survivor/zombie ratio to 50/50. Kudos. Tyler Whitney0 00:53, 21 April 2007 (BST)

A polite request from BARBRAZ

If Soph is one of your members, we'd be grateful if you could ask her to kindly stop indiscriminately killing our staff. Going forwards, we'd like to open dialogue with the group as a whole through the BARBRAZ talk page. - 10:58, 13 May 2007 (BST)

Dulston Alliance - Treaty Status

Greetings, I am Caleb Usher of the Dulston Alliance. I am currently sifting through the stacks of old paperwork here at the Alliance HQs and came across an old treaty between the DA and the MFD. As the treaty is old and I prefer matters be kept up-to-date, I would like to confirm that:

1) The MFD is still on friendly terms with the Dulston Alliance.
2) The MFD is willing to renew its status as Dulston Alliance allies.

As a point of reference there are no obligations to renewing the ally status, as it would be strictly the lowest level alliance (i.e. Non-Aggression Pact) which simply states that both groups are on friendly terms. By that, any altercations between members will first be resolved peacefully rather than with bullets and if either group is in the area and the other is in trouble they may lend a helping hand. A non-obligatory commitment, of course. --Mobius187 May 15 2007, 7:56 PM (EST)

No reply? Alright, just to be clear, if I do not have a response by May 25th (evening) I will consider the alliance status as null and void. If at a later date you do wish to renew your ally status simply contact the Dulston Alliance via their member group forum. Have a nice day! --Mobius187 May 24 2007, 1:33 PM (EST)
in truth the wiki is not the best way to reach us or any commanders in the MFD. Also much more so these days you generally don't just deal with the MFD but the DEM as a whole. And just so ya know the best way to get ahold of us and discuss things like this is on our forums...come there post this again and I'm sure you'll get more of a response.(our forums are listed on the front page)--Kristi of the Dead 02:39, 26 May 2007 (BST)

The Crimson Clan

Hi, I'm a member of a relatively new survivor group called the Crimson Clan. We are about to join the UG, PARD, and hopefully FUACK in a war against the PK'er group IWM. We have about 20-25 active members, and are thus the biggest group in the suburb. We are located around Swearse Lane PD and St. Bartholomew's General Hospital in Dakerstown. We could really need some aid, so I wondered if you guys are interested in joining us in the fight? I've noticed that you have a few members around. I'm sorry if we have killed any zed members of your group, but many of my folks don't have the NT skill required for extractor operation.

By the way, we're trying to get a few groups use our forums, and I may offer you a section like that of the DoL and Akatsuki. Already, we have the by far most active forum community in the area. --JudeMaverick W! TJ! Talk Zzz... P! 14:41, 20 May 2007 (BST)

The MFD (like the other DEM branches) has not maintained a presence in Dakerstown for quite some time, so I'm not sure who you are seeing in the area, though we do have crews in neighboring suburbs. We also do not participate in PK wars - barricades are our weapons, and zombies are our foe. --Ashate 03:21, 23 May 2007 (BST)

New Service

Hello, MFD;

Name's Jonathan Frey ( and I'm a former MCDU-track Cadet from the SW Campus of the Academy.

Life in the DEM didn't agree with me, and a few months short of graduation, I set out to make the world a better place in my own way, particularly the SW Quadrant, which I call home. I trained with David Luci, now an inspector with MPD, and even maintained a brainstock account for awhile. I'm a certified Academy dropout and now a small business owner.

My new role is as the independent cellular and electric technician for the Southwest Quadrant. I carry generators where they need to go. Right now, I'm dedicating the bulk of my AP to getting the cellular network up and running for all of the Southwest quadrant. I barricade, set up a generator and fuel it, all in the name of keeping things running smoothly, and in the interests of travelling hither and yon.

I understand another fellow I used to work with is now the SW Commissioner...John Cannonfodder. If the MFD in the SW has any gennie requests, they can place them on my wiki page, soon to be supplemented by a dedicated GMail account, and I'll do my best to help out. Also tell Cannonfodder I said hello and that the diary is up and running again.


J. Frey

The fight for a New Malton and an old Mall

Long we have seen these meta-herds trample through our suburbs, they attack quickly then leave a suburb in ruins. These rampages through malton have not yet been beaten, though we have come close. I propose we stand together one last time and show them that we can work together. Malton has been divided in recent times, no longer do we see alliances working together, people working together to beat a before seemingly invincible enemy. The first siege of caiger mall and the battle of the blackmore have shown us that when we work together we can win. Another chance will soon arise to work together again, forge new bonds and make new friends, this chance is to fight the LUE in darvall heights. The LUE numbers but 300 zombies, we can easily match that with the organised surivor groups. New tactics will beat these zombies, we have watched and learnt their tactics now it is time to shown them our own. Join me and your allies for the battle of darvall heights, write your name into the modern history of urbandead, fight where others have run, win where others have lost. Standing together we are strong. al duck

help help help help help help help

hey i'm in the Wilia Hotel Roywood (6, 18) without any cades or AP!?!? This group is active in Roywood according to the wiki so could you please send healers and caders ASAP!! Thanks heaps! --Jed 07:54, 12 December 2007 (UTC)

Great Fire of 1912

Check it out. Seems to suit you guys. Feel free to contribute to it.--Nallan (Talk) 22:54, 27 March 2008 (UTC)

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