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The Battle of SantLUEville

As a LUEser, I'm obviously pretty biased when it comes to my perspective in regards to Urban Dead, but in the absence of a formal "notability = historical event" rule, my reasoning is this: this is one of the rare cases where a horde operated without the assistance of local feral zombies and won, and it's a way to avenge the zombie defeat in the Battle of Santlerville. I think for those who weren't there, it's tough to see how it was notable, but it was essentially LUE at 300-strong on its own against a very capable survivor coalition led by the same Dribbling Beavers who'd managed to defeat a large zombie horde just a few months before. It wasn't a repeat, but since zombie defeats everywhere else have been squared up, this is a way of noting that that one was as well.

If the majority of sensible person's disagree, I won't try to keep it in or argue further, though.--Insomniac By Choice 10:29, 19 June 2008 (BST)

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