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Shouldn't you mention how the SWFM/PK13 hostilities are over now? - ElMarto

Alright guy hear you are looking for a hand kill a few z's be over there in a day or so to give you a hand ---Killphilv4


Pkdaythumb.jpg PK-Day
Remember that 6/6/6 was Pk-day!

Please feel free to take part, and spread the word. Further Ideas, Suggestions and contributions are welcome. Yours sincerely --PatheticBill 23:34, 6 May 2006 (BST)

Cybele's Children Says Hello!

On behalf of all of the Children, I would like to extend a hearty hello. So hello from all 1 of us!  :) I hope that one day we may meet and work together... Either that, or you avoid taking me out. I'm just a simple psychiatrist trying to advance the presence of women in Malton.
It seems I have a lot of greeting to do, so I may talk to you all later. Until then, *nods her head* Torec T 20:41, 8 November 2006 (UTC)