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The Black Berets send their regards to the Penny Heights Resistance Forces and respect the work that you've done in securing and stablising Penny Heights, especially the two malls. Your request for a pact has been passed to leadership. Our areas of concern with forming any pact with your group stem from the following statements on your main wiki page:

"They are very flexible on loyalty and can be fickle when things do not go their way."
"...pledges mean nothing here."

While we certainly respect your right to be free willed and self determined, we are concerned that any pact with your group may be tossed aside casually. Having said that, the operations of our groups are unlikely to clash any time soon and I'm sure that we'll be able to work out something that will be mutually beneficial. Regardless, our diplomatic envoy will respond shortly on your forums to open discussions about how we can help and work with one another. ValDiva 10:01, 1 Feb 2006, GMT

Why does this group consider itself anarchist? Is it ideologically so? Do the anarchists in your group believe in creating an egalitarian and stateless society? Do they study Bakunin and Durruti and Mahkno? --Luigi Galleani 23:31, 9 August 2006 (BST)

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