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the Quartly Study Group
Read a Book!
Abbreviation: QSG
Group Numbers: 10+
Leadership: Committee Advising the Head Librarian
Goals: Forcefully Securing All Overdue Library Books
Recruitment Policy:
Contact: visit the Quartly Library
QSG promo eight.jpg


One Angry Zed said "I must say, I think this the most delightful place in all Malton"

When people turn into Zombies they quickly forget about civic obligations like library books or parking meters. We enforce the former. The Quartly Study Group is dedicated to retrieving all of the Quartly Library's overdue books by any means necessary.


We prefer if survivors come to the Quartly Library to return the books themselves and pay the late fees. We do our best to ensure that the stacks remain organized and free of the Hideous Beasts. To that end, we are forced to keep the library heavily barricaded. You should be able to get in from Eligius General Hospital. If you find yourself unable to enter, please drop your book in the night deposit slot and we will collect your fine on your next visit. Thank you for your cooperation.

Guest Speakers

Pauci, superbi, literati.

Zombie Dialect


The QSG thanks everyone for the donation of time and art to making the lectures magical.

The locals practice Q-zombie in loving memory of Mr.Unicorns.

Book of dead.jpg Index


Several weeks before the Outbreak many of Malton's most literate citizens were contacted by the mysterious Head Librarian. They were asked to meet at the Quartly Library at an appointed time. Those who attended this meeting were not seen again until ten months later when they emerged, having been trained in the techniques that would be necessary to ensure the preservation of humanity's knowledge. These people, who would become known as the Committee, formed the Quartly Study Group on the one year anniversary of the Outbreak. The QSG have seen their ranks swell and the shelves of the precious library become stocked with glorious knowledge.

Survival Protocols


If Terrified Then Barricade Everything - When the library books are just plain lost, when you're library card lamination has peeled allowing moisture to spoil the ink, or when a member of the Nauseating Legion won't let you keep your Reader's Digest condensed books, just repeat this simple phrase "Keep 'em off me, please God keep 'em off me."


Barricade Revive Heal And Read - On long stormy nights the thunderbolts and one of the Vile Host rattle your shutters the howls of the wind and the undead can overwhelm conversation. When it isn't safe for an educated Librarian to walk to the drug store alone, the informed reader makes a secure place to indulge his or her passions. Reinforce the barricades and provide support to the warriors around you. Let them draw the attention, then relax and read.


Overrun by Horde, Safe House Immediately Threatened - When you wake up with your Library torn asunder, all your fellow survivors are corpses on the floor, or your favorite copy of The Hobbit is destroyed, it is understandable that you forget the proper training and panic. In the heat of the moment a specific explanation, like suburb danger levels, is time consuming and exposes you to dangerous, adult-oriented situations. Just call for support from fellow Librarians with an O.H.S.H.I.T. and one of the Literate should come to your aid. While waiting, it is advised that you begin the I.T.T.B.E. protocol. Someone will come for your library books eventually.


Further Revives Immediately After Revivification - Sometimes the only way to make a difference is by sacrificing your literate self for the greater good. In hopes of recovering as many lost Tomes as possible, we of the QSG suggest carrying out as many revives as possible. Fulfilling the maximum number of revivifications will leave you asleep in a cemetery, but if one survivor returns her lost copy of The Fountainhead, then your efforts will be repayed with interest.


Brain Rotted And Interested in Life - To remind ourselves of the true horror and mortality involved in the Apocalypse, we appreciate the company of the serious dead. We prefer the B.R.A.I.L. would seek out a legitimate rotter revive clinic before coming to our fine suburb, but should legitimacy not be forthcoming, we may be able to drop a generator into a science factory. By the nature of Rotter Revive, the precious generator is in a building with easy access to the undead. With how much fun other zombies have smashing these things, timing is critical.


Operation: Feaster from Afar

  • Make contact with other Roftwood groups.
  • Expediate the reclamation of our homes.
  • Remind people of their civic duties
  • Commitee member acting as bureaucrat: The Good Doctor

Operation: Haïta the Shepard

Operation: Whisperer in Darkness

  • Reconnoiter other literary havens.
  • Defend and surveil occupied libraries.
  • Commitee member acting as bureaucrat: Librarian Beagle

Operation: Reference Desk

  • Help the living find books.
  • Help the dead understand polysyllabic words.
  • Keep the reference desk open at all costs.
  • Commitee member acting as bureaucrat: Mz.Tonin

Operation: Guest Speakers

  • Contact career zombies with an interest in education.
  • Arrange for the revivification of guest speakers.
  • Providing Tea & Biscuits at all costs.
  • Guest speaker's liaison : Sweet Irony



  • Assistant Librarian/Intern: Responsible for alphabetization and conversion from the Dewey Decimal Classification to the Library of Congress Classification.
  • Librarian: Collection of library books and late fees.
  • Committee Member: Revivification of the dead borrowers of Quartly Library books. Advise the Head Librarian on matters relating to the Zombie situation.
  • Head Librarian: He that is not to be named.

Library security is provided by Dale McGillicuddy. He's got keys for the basement and main office.



Recommended (but not required)

Current Events

February 2007

00:05, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

Literary Acquisitions

For over a month now, we have had a gang of at least three zombies demolishing our barricades daily. GrumbleCake, Senor Misterioso, and snotmonster form the chore of the Quartly Librarians newest opponents, the picnic club.
Their constant assault has made it nearly impossible for our brain-rotted librarians to return for discussion, song, and dance.

The lectures continue despite the endless assaults, the murder has fallen off a bit, but survivors still voice dissatisfaction with, and violently refuse to support, our 'no kill zone.'
Recently a member of The_Many decided to delight us with stories of old. Only through his lectures have we started to understand how much Malton has changed.
  • boxes of books have been shipped up from the Alner Library
  • we are still sorting through books recovered from the overnight drop-box.

04:03, 9 February 2007 (UTC)

Literary Aquisitions

We have made it through the book burners attacks, and now a few zombies have migrated to our namesake for the purpose of eating literate brainz. We are being contacted by an original citizen of Malton and our guest zombie was one of The Many. Literates abroad have made connections in the Dalley Library and in the Alner Library.

January 2007

07:50, 25 January 2007 (UTC)

Literary Acquisitions

The past two weeks have been filled with danger and excitement. We've had wars waged in our peaceful halls, dances held by warlike zombies, speaches given by the undead, and it is quite normal to have peaceful zombie guests inside. The locals of Roftwood have tried to cooperate, and many have respected our 'no-kill' policies, but there have been some rough spots. We do not openly defend murderers nor saboteurs, we just request notification and then we'll ask them to flee.

  • Prufrock by T.S.Eliot returned by Norbert VonHuge

01:55, 11 January 2007 (UTC)

Literary Acquisitions

The new year is off to a bang. We have new members to the Literacy, both human and zombie. Discussion and study groups continue daily. Rumours have been circulating about the location of the bookmobile. I heard Richmond Hills but Mz.Tonin heard East Becktown.

  • Mitch Altogether ran all the way from South Blythville to return a very special book, which I promptly lost all record of. (This was probably because Mz. Irony had it; it was The Battle of Marathon.)
  • The Malton Herald & Sun

December 2006

December 31st 2006

Literary Acquisitions

The end of december brought bounty and blessings to the QSG. Not only did our expedition result in safe libraries in Chuddleetown, but we saw some old allies and met some fine literates.
The home front has calmed down significantly as local zombie hordes have been pushed outside of Roftwood and are being battled outside our borders.

23:37, 22 December 2006 (UTC)

Literary Acquisitions

The QSG Book Reclamation Project is in the Caiger area. Libraries will be secured as soon as possible. We have exchanged some pleasentries with Literates in the area. The excessive danger of circumstances keep all discussions to whispered combat reports.
Back in the Quartly Library... we welcome our four newest Librarians.

  • Von Luthius
  • Marina
  • Flickman666
  • Darth Malak

Any librarians full of ammo and lusting for combat should check out news from the fronts at the Quartly Battle Group.

21:27, 16 December 2006 (UTC)

Literary Acquisitions

Through continued dilligence of fellow literates and the attention of our library's experienced guests, the mall and library are the safest I've ever seen them. Through dedication to the cause of education, some brave survivors and zombies have changed Roftwood into a citadel of literacy.

01:38, 6 December 2006 (UTC)

Literary Acquisitions

Not only does the Quartly Library have the erudite wisdom of Scheffler and our Ridleybank friends to draw upon, but now we have a huge pile of zambahz demonstrating barhah and zambah migration/herding tendencies.
After the defeat at Eligius the invading zambah have rallied three score and ten strong at the southwest of Hildebrand Mall, just four blocks south of our pile of one score sans five.

November 2006

23:35, 29 November 2006 (UTC)

Literary Acquisitions

The lectures have continued wonderfully... Thank you all to the brave members of the Broadway Zombies, the RRF, the Gore Corps, and Shacknews. We enjoyed our discussions terrifically, and will treasure our time together. Before you ask, the lecture series is not over, a few of the guests were called to active-duty.

  • I almost forgot to tell you about dis Barhah.

07:42, 19 November 2006 (UTC)

Literary Acquisitions

The first volley of lectures got of on the right foot with a stunning dissertation on Zombie Spies and PKing. This naturally led to our next discussion on why Zombies prefer eating trench-coater brainz. A trenchcoaters brain is like veal...

  • Next lecture topic: the true meaning of Barhah.

23:07, 11 November 2006 (UTC)

Literary Acquisitions

In preparation for our first in a series of debates on theoretical neuroscience, some Malton Rangers have come to the library. Invitations have been sent out to six residents of Malton, three dead and three living.

  • Debate #1: Brains vs. Barhah - or - Do Zombies know they stink ?
  • I just can't stop thinking about her...

* Early Greatness
* The Heart of Objectivism
* My favorite !

23:49, 2 November 2006 (UTC)

Literary Acquisitions

Operation: Reference desk continues. Members from many groups barricade our library, only to find that the Bash has sent zombies into Roftwood, yet again. The pile of zombies before our Library is a mob of twenty, never have we seen the undead besiege a library so vehemently.

Found in our overnight drop box at Turpin Crescent:

And of course the Slowreaderz contributions

October 2006

06:25, 26 October 2006 (BST)

Literary Acquisitions

The battle for the Quartly Library is raging terribly; a tempest of pain, a fountain of dismemberment, and a geyser of revivifications. On a daily basis, strike teams are sent in to secure our beloved namesake and neighboring buildings. The first strike teams have the easy jobs, revivification of friends and elimination of foes. The poor final wave, Operation Reference Desk, must barricade the library and tutor the Apocalypse Horde Slow Readers Group.

The battle for Roftwood is dire.

Viva Literacy !

23:58, 12 October 2006 (BST)

Literary Acquisitions

In what would at first glance appear to be some sort of peace offering, a gang of the Loathsome Rabble broke into our Athenaeum and, after having devoured several Literates, left behind a fine collection of Rare Works, with a strange emphasis on umlaut-based tomes. It is at present unclear what purpose these Bookburners of the Nauseating Horde have in their repeated book offerings. We will continue to add them to the Rare Books Vault (as yet untouched by illiterate hands) and return to the Sisyphean task of converting the library to the LOC System of Organization.
What Is known at this time is that the Horde Member Defcon Puta owes an unusual amount in Overdue Fines. Should anyone see him, they are encouraged to collect them with extreme prejudice.

14:37, 8 October 2006 (BST)

Literary Acquisitions

Even though the Library is understaffed, the dead are returning books. Several slightly chewed volumes were returned to Operation: Reference Desk.
In this operation, at least one lucky intern/librarian will stay behind at the library and collect late-fees, organize the card-catalogue, and feed the natives.

Thanks to the literate dead for returning several classics.

01:22, 2 October 2006 (BST)

Literary Acquisitions

Quartly Library needs your help this week! With the help of the Erudite Mr. Scheffler, we will keep our precious Library safe! Return, my Prodigal Librarians! Your ammo, needles, and barricades are needed; our Literate and Classy friends have Greater Blackmore under control and the time has come to humiliate the Despicable Mob of Bookburners.

  • Oh the agony, they destroyed everything and even left graffiti to ridicule us. Good thing Scheffler was out getting tea, there's hope for literacy yet.

Older Updates

September 2006

August 2006

July 2006


There is no truth to the rumors that the QSG is a front group for the Brothers of the Yellow Sign.

Blackmore Bastard Brigade.JPG Blackmore Bastards
The Blackmore Bastard Brigade is a pile of lunatics, that we are happy to be associated with.

8/18/06 - 10/13/06

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Frequency: 28.34 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: ??,??

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This user/group supports the equal opportunity policy and does not discriminate on grounds of vitality, welcoming members/friends from both the living and the dead.
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