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There was a lot of speculation on this page about Necrotech and its relation to the beginning of the zombie menace. Given that Kevan hasn't realeased any significant backstory of the outbreak, the most we have to go on in writing it for ourselves is the possible causes page based on the newspaper headlines. Necrotech is only one of the possible causes, so we can't definitively say that Necrotech engineered the whole solution.

For this reason, I've edited the relevant places to be much more based on rumour and speculation, to avoid any conflict with the other potential causes. I've also made them more consistent and generally revised them to fit in more closely with the pages on Willum J. Kersley, the mansion, Necrotech, and so on. Really, any speculation about Necrotech and the story of the outbreak should take place there, or on the causes page, or the Malton page... anyway, not on a page for the history of one of the suburbs.

Possibly all this Necrotech stuff should be moved there so that people can see it, and edit if if they have better ideas or want to keep it from being too definitive. --Ivy

This page is more of folklore, legends, rumors, and tall tales. It is complete fiction and was written for fun. Saromu 01:09, 28 April 2006 (BST)