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If you wish to reply to something that is archived in one of these pages, go to the suggestions talk page, make a heading with the same name as what you are replying to and link to the relevant section in the archived page. As of April 2007 only Further Discussion and Policy Votes are archived.

A guide to to archiving the Talk:Suggestions page

This is more or less how *I* did it, if you want to do it differently, feel free.

  • Create a new archive page at Talk:Suggestions/archiveXX, replacing XX with the next archive number.
  • Add *'''[[Talk:Suggestions/archiveXX|Archive XX]]''' -- ''~~~~~'' to this page in the table, again replacing the XX with a number.
  • Add old policy discussions and votes from the talk:Suggestions page that haven't had any recent replies -allow a week or so- to the new archive page, and take them off talk:suggestions.
  • Add titles like to the archive page if needed.
  • Add {{Archive|Suggestions}} to the top of the archive page
  • Save everything.
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