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This is where you can communicate with Team Xtreme.--Josh Clark 16:32, 21 June 2009 (BST)


Malton College of Medicine, located in the northwest corner of Greentown, is dedicated to teaching new survivors how to cope in a zombie apocalypse. We answer questions, call out the wounded for new people to heal, and have regular lectures, both by our own faculty and staff and by guest lecturers. We are a recognized Center of Learning, and as such we are neutral ground, a no-kill zone for bounty hunters and PKers. We won't even kill peaceful zombies. As a result, we often have a wide variety of people on our campus, usually including multiple PKers and a bounty hunter or four, all peacefully coexisting. Given that this collection is our normal state of affairs, I was a bit amused to log on to this unusual behavior in front of 112 people. I'm sure several of the audience were absolutely delighted to hear this broadcast by your enthusiastic but uninformed team member. (I must commend your teammate for her initiative and for taking steps to solve a problem on her own with the resources available, however.)

Might I suggest that, rather than using Pippard Necrotech Building in South Blythville (29, 72) as a regroup spot, you move one step to the northeast and regroup on our campus in the warehouse at 30,71? The main chatter happens in 31,71 in St. George's Hospital, and the warehouse, our dormitory, is for quiet resting and civil discussions between adversaries. You are of course welcome to join us in the happy chaos of 31,71, but it is easier to communicate in the warehouse, and the warehouse is also covered by the shelter of our neutral grounds recognition. Admittedly, not everyone adheres to the no killing rule, but many do. Pippard is not covered by the neutral grounds policy, and given the oh-so-public announcement, I recommend an alternate regrouping location. --Violet Begonia Dean MCM MOB 08:35, 24 September 2008 (BST)


You state that you will only kill Player Killers listed on the Rogues Gallery, correct? Then, you may not kill me JUST because I am a Philosophe Knights member. Correct? Please contact me via my talk page. -- THELORDGUNSLINGER 21:08, 31 May 2008 (BST)

Ally Bacon

I come to you from the good ship Scour the Earth and am seeking a formal alliance. We could do great things together. If we worked together we could kill all the PKers in the game. I would like a full English Breakfast, please. --Sir Topaz DR 20:55, 29 June 2008 (BST)

The Saints

Hey m8 put together a template for The Saints! you can see what it looks like on our wiki page. Allies of the team extreme --Divs 06:05, 23 May 2009 (BST)

Team Zombie Hardcore

This is Duke Cage of the Team Zombie Hardcore/The Dhestroyers. Just wanted to thank Advenger for the shotgun slug to my ass. Nice to see you guys use the RG. That's a completely tried and true perfect system. Yes, sir boss! You guys showed me the way! I really don't consider myself a pker. We just happened to declare war against a team that committed blasphemy in terms of our groups nature. If you looked at my record you'd see that I don't just target anybody. But hey, whatever you guys gotta bring it! Right?

Mr. Cage We have heard alot about Team Zombie Hardcore. There is a way to be "Pro-Survivor" and stay off the Rogues Gallery, without going around killing others who are not on it. I have been killed by people not on it and reported the murder and then have gotten revenge on the PKers. I have also declaired War on PKer groups and not have recieved the Negative attention of Your group. The way I see it it's the way you guys come at people. Now I myself love taunting PKers in a fun joking way, but I don't take it to far. Team Xtreme goes after people that are KOS mainly and if you would get off the RG and go after the real baddies like for example The Columbine Kids then we would see you guys as good guys. But your group doesn't belive in the RG and most players see it as part of the game. I personally use it to make sure I'm not in a room with a killer so i won't get PKed by some one who I didn't know was a Pker. That's a good way to tell who you might could trust in the room with you. The RG is a good tool. Also not liking Bounty Hunters hurts your group as well. I recomend making friends with the hunters they can be good allies. ADVANGER shot you most likley because you killed Adam Selene a member of The Saints who are our allies! Adam is a Bounty Hunter as well, and you guys hate Bounty Hunters. If I saw one of my Allies killed I would kill whomever I saw kill him. Sorry but that's the way it is. Team Xtreme helps our Allies that's waht Allies do! So I hope you at least consider my advice and change your ways. --Josh Clark 07:41, 10 July 2008 (BST)

Nah, I will just shoot your stupid ass face, Im running out of DORIS to shoot. Oh and for the record we dont care how you see us Team N00bleme.
--Obi + Talk!|TZH|MDK 11:18, 10 July 2008 (BST)
Josh Clark, this is Duke Cage. I would first like to thank you for talking to me as if you were a human being. This is very refreshing. According to Doris, who we are at war with, Adam Selene is one of their members. They state that he only goes after people with Bounties, but I reject that as an excuse not to be a target. Doris, and in particular, Sonny, are the most annoying, lametastic group we've come across in a long time. I am not lying when I say this: In the passed month we have been fighting [and by fighting, I mean killing and killed by] Doris, Columbine Kids, Philosophe Knights, RedRum, BrainRot Rum, The Spartans, Flowers of Disease, Independent allies of the Malton Skeetclub, Independent pkers such as Lady HK; Dirty Girl; TehKamikaze, and the Maeni Domini... and now Team Xtreme as well? None of these groups were targeted by US. They came due to our presence on Brainstock or their inner softcoreness. I shit you not. We are seriously fighting all of these groups right now. They came to our Land of Awesome uninvited and are now getting a healthy dose of ass bruising in the name of Whalberg. We aren't killing innocents, though I'll admit we probably have different definitions of who are innocent.
[Continued] As far as the RG goes, we don't believe it is justified. People get killed for being on that all the time and they often don't report the kill. I've easily been killed 3x more than my bounty, and I still have one on my head. I would also like to point out that my bounty was amassed due to a war that the DEM/RG didn't recognize and thus it added up quickly. We also think that since the RG was not created by Kevan, that it isn't really part of the game. It's a system that has been adopted by some yes, but we never agreed to it. Shouldn't we be allowed to not accept the RG? We aren't asking for any of the positives that it may/may not bring. I'll stop here for now. Thanks again for the reply back. I would love to continue this dialogue. __Duke cage 15:54, 10 July 2008 (BST)
Yeah, sorry for the harsh reply you were pretty reasonable comparing to the others but I still think you deserve some face shooting the RG is indeed a good tool but is easly exploited, we do not have to follow it just because you or others do, by this I mean that if you shoot us you will get shoot, simple no bs, we dont mess with others people business and we couldnt care less of what you were doing but again you(ADVANGER) shoot us first remember that, and again Ma'am Selene is a member of a group we are at war with. --Obi + Talk!|TZH|MDK 17:17, 10 July 2008 (BST)
Duke here. Sorry about taking so long to reply. I had a busy couple of weeks. Thanks for the response and the impressive level of hardass you displayed. We really respect that. Thanks for joining us in the ass bruising of groups like Flowers of Disease. They fucked with the wrong whalberg! However, there appears to be a zombie presence coming into the South Blythville area, so I wouldn't be surprised if all the pkers run off with their arms flailing around their heads screaming for help, but they will not be able to run, for their asses will still be connected to our feet. And we're staying right here and fighting whatever pisses of Whalberg. Balls To The Whalls! __Duke cage 23:26, 14 July 2008 (BST)


You know, I don't think the FOD and Team Xtreme are going to be the good friends I thought we'd be. Not one bit. --Hibernaculum 13:16, 12 July 2008 (BST)

Josh, Josh, Josh. You kill us, we kill you, you kill us, we kill you...currently we've only been engaged in a little tit for tat killing with you thus far. We don't see the point of wasting time with an actual campaign against a Bounty Hunter. When we have payed back your unprovoked violence, it has been with sadness, not joy. It's a shame to see someone of your tenacity toiling away when you could be doing better and more productive things. All that said Josh, we have, on occasion, taken time from clearing Malton of Flotsam to hunt down single individuals who do not wish to let sleeping dogs lie. We do not have an agenda with you or your group but it seems to me you are looking for conflict. --Hibernaculum 13:59, 5 August 2008 (BST)

RE from the BBK

Hi Josh. Whilst we'd be happy to offer assistance to your group in the way of revives or healing - the BBK are strongly against the use of the Rogues Gallery as a be-all-and-end-all source for locating PKers. In the past we've found it extremely unreliable. So do background research and cross-check your sources on anyone you decide to target because they might just have been reported by a dedicated PKer. Just be careful of how you use it is all I'm saying. Having said that, if you're ever around Penny Heights and you're in need of assistance during a breakin or something like that, then we'll be there to help, but don't expect us to help you track down players on the RG, that's really not our style. See you guys around town?--Nallan (Talk) 07:29, 18 July 2008 (BST)

Because Duke Cage is Fucking Awesome, and he thinks you're cool...

I made you this sweet ass picture. Oh, and because:


Keep rocking it out. --Dhavid Grohl 06:27, 22 July 2008 (BST)

Just messin

I messed up a pker page The columbine kids...leon365 :( —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Leon365 (talkcontribs) at an unknown time.

Leon that is NOT cool. We do not condone vandalizing others pages. This is just a game for all to enjoy. If you do such acts then take our name off your group affiliation. We will not have our members doing such things. It will not be tolerated! We don't want immature members in our group. We will not be resposible for the consequences of your actions here.--Josh Clark 00:07, 14 October 2008 (BST)

Legends Of Darkness Awaits

Hey, I thought you were going to hunt us down? I've been waiting, and waiting....*Pokes you in the eye and laughs* So where are you? *cough* OH! By the way. I am in the middle of creating a page for people who have made LoD art, videos, poems & cartoons. I'll be posting a link to the vid TX made that included some segments of myself and other members if you don't mind. Let me know who to give credit to and I will make sure it's included with vid link. Page isn't complete yet as I am Wiki-Fu-Less and it takes me time to muddle through it. --Psychotic Pantomime 01:44, 29 June 2009 (BST)

Since we have been having a little fun back and forth I decided to leave you a little gifty! Now you can remember us fondly :P --AU10Pantomime Mistress of Pain┌∩┐()┌∩┐ 22:33, 16 November 2009 (UTC)
LODvictim.jpg Touched by the Darkness
I've been touched by the Darkness and it was good!

TX Wiki disscuss

Hi Josh!...what you think we can udpate or improve in our wiki?--(x)AlvaromesaTalk | Bacardi |MPD | Malton Public Radio 02:28, 5 August 2009 (BST)

Thank you!!!

I wanted to thank you for being there to protect my newbie character. Jimaine Dunwich practically saved my life; I was the only other one in the Williams Arms apart from Terds Murphy, who had an RG bounty. Thank you, Team Xtreme. Thank you! --Chekken 17:27, 16 August 2009 (BST)

I owe you one

I do believe I owe you folks I'd like to see if I could enroll my veteran zombie-turned-bouty hunter, Tobias Gilman as a member in TxT. Can it be done? --Chekken 22:26, 7 September 2009 (BST)

Well looking at your characters profile ANALRAPE aka Tobias Gilman, I would have to say that no your character doesn't fit into what we are about. Sorry. --Josh Clark 05:10, 8 September 2009 (BST)

Response from Dawn Patrol

In response to the message regarding the killing of your members, I would like to relay a one-finger salute and a 2 by 4 across the face. -Squishier, Dawn Patrol

But you forget 1 thing Squishier... We will have fun putting bullets in all of your group members. We are in the killing profession and we are good at our jobs. *Returns Salute* --Josh Clark 02:08, 10 January 2010 (UTC)

wow okay, im not into the war and stuff, but anyway, check what u say, you'r calling "profession" what do you do in a text based game... dont u think that u'r going too far? then u are saying that ur group is cool for the awards and stuff... man, its a game. then someone is making epic wins about DP... u really take this all that seriously? (however i liked the movies and i like the epic wins too, i always check for new ones on FB xD) --DeltaMainTalk |Latinos|D.P|TF 141
Delta Nitroxs, don't worry, we don't have the slightest doubts that this is just a text-based game... ;) YOU are the one who are taking things too seriously. Ever heard about role-playing? That people are actually enjoying meta-gaming besides the 50 clicks per day? Main part of the fun is to create a character and then stay true to you character - or group. And that's what we are doing, and the reason why I put this banner on my wiki page, as warning:
Red Mage.gif Roleplaying Notice
Notice: This User or Group enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPGs, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of roleplaying and/or creative writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.

Yes, as long, as we don't put an "OOC" ("Out of character") tag before our replys or comments, you can consider all things spoken and all things done by members of the killing profession. Being a member of a PK group yourself, you shouldn't be too touchy about some nice psychological and verbal warfare :P - Best, Jimaine Dunwich 14:52, 28 January 2010 (UTC)
hehe i know, but try to get what i mean. seems like u waste more time in your "roleplaying life" than in your "real life". do u think that we care about an "bad award" that we got from people that we dont even know that we know? or, a little more simple for you: people who dont really know us. all those things that u guys say about DP, goat, kar, mein and stuff are crap when i read'em. i know all these guys and who they are, what do they do with their lifes and stuff. thats a good talk. the only thing that they (i say they, cuz they are in the war, im the leader of the still vigilant anti-pk unit in DP) speak about you is "i got killed by an xbox" or "i killed an xbox", a copypaste from UD and thats all. no funny pictures, no time wasted with you and stuff.). so, i hope u dont take too seriously what im saying. --DeltaMainTalk |Latinos|D.P|TF 141

spotted in miltown. come and get him please.. just reading his stupid profile made me cringe.----sexualharrisonStarofdavid2.png ¯\(Boobs.gif)/¯ 19:02, 8 May 2010 (BST)

Working towards a better Whittenside

Greetings Team Xtreme. I found my way here while researching a member of the Heathers by the name of Deathslap. I had intended to notify you that he is using your group tag, but it appears you are already aware of that. I was however wondering if you had happened to see the database that we have put together on Deathslap and his associates. Given your history with the Heathers, I thought you might have interest.

Yours in science,

--Albert Schwan Albert Schwan  00:08, 22 May 2010 (BST)

Potential Operations in Whittenside

My group, in conjunction with two of our allied groups, is planning a strike on Whittenside sometime in the near future. We calculate that the Escape movement may provide the opportunity to set to work restoring the suburb. I am hoping to also enlist the aid of others to accomplish an organized strike aimed at revitalizing the area. Do you have any operatives in the area who would be interested in assisting? In the last month since the fort fell, Whittenside has become a hell-hole with perpetually ruined resource buildings, graffiti, and rampant PKing by the Heathers preventing any serious restoration of the burb. Zombie action has declined since that fall, though the PKers are still here and not likely to leave. Despite their influence, which is primarily aimed at my group, we can take back Whittenside with enough help. I do not mind remaining the target of this Heather violence but there is no reason that the suburb needs to be entirely lost because of it. For us, this is a mission of science and progress but for others it is an issue of pride. I am here posting this call to action publicly in the hopes of gathering as much aid as possible. If we can garner enough support, it may even be possible to take back the fort providing survivors with a way to minimize the tactical advantage of the zombie hoard. There are but two forts in Malton making their maintenance vital to the survivor effort as a whole. If Escape succeeds, there will be a resulting shift in the zombie survivor dynamic, during which time we will need all of the advantage we can get if we are to weather the backlash. If you are interested, please contact me on the D.S.R&D group page or in our forum so that we can plan the particulars.

Yours in science,

--Albert Schwan Albert Schwan  23:18, 25 May 2010 (BST)

Xtreme Halloween Hilarity

Hey Josh, you're even weedier in real life than I had expected! However, the actor who played me (poorly) has none of my wit, and several times my gut.

I hope you get over your obsession with the Club, and that your voice drops at some point. Send your video to America's Funniest Videos and you could at least get some cash in exchange for your long-gone dignity. Good luck, soldier boy! :) --Mallrat The Spanish Inquisition TSI The Kilt Store TKS Clubbed to Death CTD 15:46, 9 November 2010 (UTC)

Rogues Gallery

Might wanna update your rules section since we are no longer at Brainsuck--THE Godfather of Яesensitized, Anime Sucks Yalk | W! U! WMM| CC CPFOAS DORISFlag.jpg LOE ZHU | Яezzens 20:35, 6 December 2010 (UTC)

Yeah I been meaning to for a while now. Just never really got around to doing it. >.< --Josh Clark 06:25, 8 December 2010 (UTC)

Mother Shabubu

Someone who claims to be a member of Team Xtreme pk'ed an alt of mine: Dumbwit record. I guess this is an impostor, since I don't have any RG record whatsoever. If this char is a legitimate member, I'd be glad to hear why she killed me... --Kurt Kreti 23:21, 27 April 2011 (BST) I responded on your talk page --Josh Clark 23:33, 27 April 2011 (BST)

Category: Team Xtreme

Group Category
The following inclusion page(s) in your group space are transcluded on the wiki but are not linked anywhere:
As such, a new category has been created for your group and the above page(s) have been linked there. Feel free to use the category however you wish, but please do not remove the links to these page(s). Keeping them linked will help with wiki maintenance.
Thanks. ~Vsig.png 01:28, 2 February 2011 (UTC)

bounty hunters are just self-glorified PKers

Hello there, I want to talk with you fellas about your glorious leader, Josh Clark, who apparently thinks that he can PK random people for simply saying things that he does not like. Seriously, what separates a bounty hunter from a PKer? By definition a PKer is someone who hunts and kills other what does that make you? If I say such to you in-game, and you hunt me down and kill me for it, does that not make you a self-serving PKer on the same level as COBRA or the Pathetic Bills? Josh Clark killed my character for petty, selfish reasons whilst I was engaged in rebuilding efforts in Richmond Hills. You realize, of course, that if I report this PKing to the RG, Josh will receive a bounty just like anyone else - as he shot me not claim a bounty, but for his own reasons...namely he didnt like what I had to say about bounty hunters. I shall quote Josh's righteous reason..."pissing off team xtreme is bad for your health"...the truth hurts, eh? Someone says that bounty hunters are just PKers who hide behind pretentious airs, and you kill them for it....thus clearly defining yourselves simply more of the trash of Malton, killing whomever you choose to gratify personal whims. I, however, kill other survivors strictly for the purpose of such, I feel it is necessary for me to hunt down Josh and shoot him for his arrogance and insulting behavior. Feel free to apologize though, it does the soul good to admit wrongs. --User:Springheel jak 09:36, 28 April 2011 (MST)

jak, this is a argument as old as Malton. Yes Bounty Hunters are PKers. The only difference is we Bounty Hunters hunt from a exclusive list of a certain type of person. Where as PKers kill anyone they want. Also to point out you have a bounty on you and I can claim it, which I did. On the other hand my team are not typical bounty hunters we are a different type of Bounty Hunter. We have taken out people who think they can hide behind the RG and have gotten bounties on us at times. Bounties on our heads never bothered us. You can't push us around, we welcome a fight. If I come across you jak I will not hesitate to claim your life again. --Josh Clark 19:20, 28 April 2011 (BST)
Hello Springheel jak, I myself have nothing against you. You have been nothing but nice to me considering I myself am a Bounty Hunter. I do use the term "Glorified PKer" ^.^ It makes some made so that is why I use it. I know I have PKed a few people like Kitti. and Mobile Phone and that one Red Rummer who did not have a bounty on the RG yet and a few Trotters . But then you can ask anyone if I am a loose canon. So not all Bounty Hunters are bad mean and nasty and some have had a bad day. I know that is not a reason but sometimes its just hard. No if you would excuse me Griff just gave me a soda and there is a bar stool that spins and its calling my name. *whispers her name* See did you hear it. *waves* --Carrie Cutter 19:34, 28 April 2011 (BST)

2011 Best Bounty Hunter Group

MMA11.png Maltie's Eleven Malton Murder Award Winner
The contributions of Team Xtreme to the PKing industry earned them an award at the Maltie's Eleven Malton Murder Awards.

Congratulations TX, a well deserved award and a fitting way to walk into retirement for both you Josh and the rest of the TX, 'the most feared Bounty Hunting group in Malton'. I will miss you each and everyday. --Raven Corvus 18:22, 6 January 2012 (UTC)

Team Xtreme? Feared? This just goes to show how superior zombies are to PKers. :D Enjoy your retirement, though; Clubbed to Death enjoyed your attempts at claiming Blesley.--Mallrat The Spanish Inquisition TSI The Kilt Store TKS Clubbed to Death CTD 07:02, 7 January 2012 (UTC)

Angels Wing

Greetings Team Extreme! we would like to align with you.

We are settled in Wyke Hills, that is our home I've fallen in love with the place, and i can't see it fall into the hands of evil so, We will be trying to protect it from PKers and the such, so far I haven't been real good at it, heh.

Anyways, We'd love to work with you, and we wish to help you in whatever efforts you need, we're here to help!

Best wishes, Head of AW

--Snoog4 07:34, 9 January 2012 (UTC)


I know I've said it before but it bares repeating. Congrats on a long and industrious UD career, TX. Good luck with historical voting. Though I don't vote on those things, I think you all deserve the extra prestige. ~Vsig.png 04:06, 4 July 2012 (UTC)

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