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Disaster struck the Baboneau Arms this evening when it was raided by an unknown number of zombies. All patrons and staff in the arms at the time were killed, including the proprieter, Vincent Tokay. It is unknown whether the attacks were linked with Vince's plans to start a revive point outside the arms and repower the nearby necrotech building in partnership with Otto Fitkin, or if the Zeds were just thirsty. ESLEF, the only known currently living staff, is attempting to find volunteers to return the arms to its normal living state. Keep checking for updates!


Vincent Tokay was revived this evening and is currently residing in Club Veal, looking for people to help reclaim his bar. It is unknown if the arms are secure, or if otto has survived the recent raids in the area.


After a little reconnaissance, it appears both fitkin auto repair and the arms are still under zombie influence. Vince is calling for any survivours to help him reclaim west peddlesden village.


The Arms have been reclaimed! Vince triumphantly returned this afternoon, and offers thanks and free spirits to all who helped with the West Peddlesden Village Reclamation Effort. However, there is still an undead presence in the area, so it is advised to stay cautious.


There was a brief break in today, and the Arms' new generator was destroyed. Thankfully the human bastion of order that is Otto Fitkin supplied us with a new one quick sharp. The Arms are back in business! Vince is currently taking a week off to cook up some syringes, and has left his faithful bar staff in charge.


Tragedy has struck the village. Instead of helping quell the increasing zombie presence as any sane survivor would, Gurt Johnny and Man Son decided to slaughter the entire Baboneau staff, claiming we were 'pushers'. Their whereabouts is now unknown, and they may still be residing in the Arms, but rest assured, a warrant for their deaths has been issued. If it were not for the actions of maniacs like these, Malton would have recovered by now.


Finally the Baboneau Arms are officially reclaimed. It is good to be back folks and the drinks are on Vince!


Vincent Tokay has refurbished the arms as a revive point! However, there is some troubling news of people taking advantage of our undead punters for experience. The names of any survivors reported doing this will be recorded and the appropriate action will be taken. The same goes for any Brain Rotters seen outside the arms.

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