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This talk page belongs to a historical group that is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history. Please do not edit this page or the corresponding group page without good reason.


Original Message

"I understand that you will quickly erase this. What I don't understand is why you are still in Yagonton. You quit being scary a week or two ago. For several days we thought you all had left. But then we saw your dead bodies just laying about. You have become very ineffectual. You break into buildings with like 3 or 4 guys, talking about your Bananas and Manbagz. It is kind of scary when 127 of us are huddled in a PD and 25 Zeds break in with their funny words. But what have you accomplished in the last week or more? You do not have a large enough horde to take down Yagoton. If you go back to Millen Hills, everyone there has to be low level, and would be very impressed with your antics. Or I am sure you could move in to some burb recently razed by a real horde. You could be scary to the already traumatized."


Ok, To address the issue in Yagoton,

To clarify one thing, if it was the "The Gray" who hit you, then it would not have been 3-4 guys. You probably got hit by some other group. However, it is possible that some members may be making individual attacks, who knows?

Also the "reports" section of the Wiki was designed as an actual reporting base (omg!) and the whole purpose was not to bring up unquantified and unsupported allegations. If you were hit, then you will know it was us.

On another note, it is entirely possible that the Gray is no longer in Yagoton and have mearly neglected to announce that fact. Only we truly know where we are.


I am so sorry I was not clear enough. I am not saying that 3-4 Gray Zeds attacked, I was saying that the Gray were breaking into buildings with 3-4 survivors inside. So it is like, ok, Scary. The Gray are in Yagoton, and they are scaring young children and the elderly. We all have most of your Profiles saved, so we know where you are.

I dunno, from what I'm looking at it looks like Yagoton is still under pretty heavy seige by all sorts of zed hordes. But then again you'd probably know that if you bothered to get out of your little pansy harman shelter and looked around for a bit - Alton Brown 18:42, 18 Jan 2006 (GMT)


Has it occured to you that the only reason that the buildings have 3-4 people in them is that we've already raided the buidling previosuly and are just checking back?

Also, to quote one of my fellow Greylings:

"Well, the other day we found 127 survivors huddled in a PD so me and 24 other guys broke in with our funny words."

As well as January 17 Zombies, including leadership of The Gray, have broken into Catherine General Hospital and are wreaking havoc there, with little to stop them."


Ok. You are truly scary. You are doing a great job. You have the puny humans on the run.

Are you moving in? Is Yagoton your new home? If so, you have to pay half the rent, and the food in the fridge marked in sharpie with my name is mine. Don't eat it. And yes, I did count every slice of bread. (This was supposed to be funny. "I did count every slice of bread" Funny, yes?)


Relax, it's just a game. Nothing to get upset over.


Instead of telling The Gray they suck, do something about it. I mean, if that they're that dumb then why not go slaughter them all? Or are there too many for you, ie. they don't suck? --Zaknrfama 21:23, 20 Jan 2006 (GMT)


From your page, I see you've been at Styles Building on 14/1. From what available panic reports, that was The Grays' handiwork. What do you think? AAJ 23:22, 20 Jan 2006 (GMT)


Hey, if you think it was us, then post it on the main page. We will not confirm or deny any attacks.TTMSHU 11:38, 21 Jan 2006 (GMT)

The new picture

Damn, guys, you couldn't shrink that picture down just a teeny little bit? Alton Brown 02:51, 24 March 2006 (GMT)


So, my gray friends, are you still alive and kicking?


Are you brave Enough, are you bold Enough, to take down Caiger Mall? If you are see my page. User:Reptileus

Brothers the time has come to destroy Caiger Mall, and the Confederacy of Malton is in need of your help. We ask that you join our mission to destroy both the mall, and the city it's self. Will you join us in our hour of victroy? User:Reptileus

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