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Annual Malton Donation Day Holiday

Dear Mayor,

I would like to humbly propose a topic for your consideration and perhaps next council meeting should you see fit.

Would it be possible for the Mayoral Office to declare an annual Malton Donation Day Holiday? It would be just one nominated day of the year, perhaps the summer solstice or autumn equinox, when everyone refrains from violence and comes out for a city wide street party, pub crawl and $5 donation to the character of their choice, akin to what the RRF was doing in Santlerville this last Sunday. Maybe Kevan could even be persuaded to tweak the server countermeasures to include every Malton citizen in order to discourage violence and rioting.

There are approximately 6400 maxed out Level 41-42 characters in UD at the moment, or 16% of the entire population. Minus the Zombies they make up about a quarter of all standing living. That's up to $30 000 right there ... unless they're all merciless zergers and/or creditless teens :)

Your humble Zombie voter,

Zeug 20:52, 29 May 2007 (BST)