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Checking out your guys' mission, I thought you guys would dig on these pages:

Informs the public of cinema generator status

Shows what's playing at a cinema

They currently have stock movies and stuff cause we just got them finished. We are looking to get pople to keep 'em updated. Satandisc 18:39, 28 May 2006 (BST)

Image Issues

We've been informed that the image you are using in your group box is not only copyrighted, but is being linked directly from the commercial site that it belongs to. This situation could get messy, legally, so we'd like to ask you to either give proof that you have the copyright holder's permission to use the image in question, or remove the image from your group page. -- Odd Starter talkModW! 09:23, 21 March 2006 (GMT)

The AoG

The AoG is getting a kick-start by myself and Swiper, we're trying to get all the groups near to Giddings in the 3x3 suburb block to go to the AoG forums. Hope to see you there: AoG Forums--HVLD 15:33, 26 May 2006 (BST)

A Quick Question

Hello there, I was just wondering...would your group object to my new human group(People Killing Every Rotter) setting up a base in Neal Cinema in Roftwood? We could keep it very secure for you, but we would have the transmitter(there isn't even one there yet) set to our fequency and use the building for meetings and planning and such. We've been having trouble finding a place to call one wants a group in public places. I hoped it wouldn't be a problem, but since I saw you're all in Pimbank right now and really close, I thought I should ask. -TsakaH, Co-founder of Group PKER 19:33, 12 July 2006