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Pippard Barricade Policy

August 2014 Update

This is an operational Rot Revive clinic, largely staffed by the MCM. The default barricade level is VSB (graffiti says VSB++, more specifically); if under unfriendly zombie siege, cades may be higher. Zombies who want revives are encouraged to knock down the cades. MCM has a small DNR list, but is generally open about handing out heals and revives, plus supports combat revives, so any rotter breaking in can usually be assured of a revive (whether wanted or not). See documentation/discussion here. -- Jen T | SFHNAS | PK 12:58, 16 August 2014 (UTC)


A couple years ago, the BRRC operated the Pippard Rotter Revive Clinic in a "Open Door" mode. Meaning, the building would never have barricades, and would often be ransacked (when that game feature became available). Generators would be provided during times they were available and it was convienent for the BRRC to conduct brain rot revives. They would typically use Mear Cinema south of Pippard as a safehouse. Following the first big bash, and exodus of several BRRC members, Pippard was run in a secure mode with EHB cades (my idea; a fuller expression of which is available on BRRC's history page). Indeed, this was very convienent for me. When the BRRC started running Pippard again, they began experimenting with cade levels. The current experiment is VSB+0. Which as the BRRC reasoning goes, leaves Pippard as not only available for Brain Rot revives but also one of the very few NT's friendly to new players, who may not have free running.

Currently (June 2008)

Even with Dhavid Grohl and TZH griefing Pippard and breaking in every day with their zombies, coordinated cading to EHB, Generator destroying, and PK'ing of BRRC members (some of whom have brain rot) the VSB+0 experiment is still in play. BRRC leadership DocDead Talk and Chimera Talk are presumably available for comment. But they seem happy with the status quo so far.

--Jack's Cold Sweat 03:37, 18 June 2008 (BST) (DocDead and Chimera should feel free to rewrite my above above comments to their tastes, then remove or add their own sigs as they see fit).

I'm pretty happy with the VSB+0 policy. it _would_ be nice to be able to revert to an open door policy, but I think we've got more to gain by sticking with VSB+0, espically given the current climate. *cough*tzhgriefing*cough* --Docdead 10:32, 18 June 2008 (BST)


TZH Would like to officially dispute this policy. Until the BRRC comes under new leadership, or current leadership agree to terms given, TZH encourages the citizens of South Blythville to keep the building EHB. There have been multiple Zombie break-ins that have proven hostile. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause to Rotters hoping for a revive. When the TZH/MSC conflict as ended, TZH hopes to see the Pippard Building operating in full swing, as the wonderful Rotter Clinic that it once was. Any questions can be directed to: --Dhavid Grohl 02:31, 18 June 2008 (BST)

Wow, that's awesome Dave. You want Pippard to be safe for newbies again.... I've got a zany idea. You could have TZH and your "alts" stop PK'ing, GK'ing, overcading, and attacking it as zombies. I assume you intended "hospital" to read "hostile." I'd further note, there is no conflict with MSC/TZH, as MSC barely even ever existed. Whatever conflict exists is entirely one-sided, as numerous screenshots and accepted bounty reports can attest. Should TZH want an end to their conflict (which isn't even with the BRRC), I dare say all they need to do is stop doing it. Complicated, I know. While you're at it, consider the obvious fact that survivors can't make any use of an NT building that's open to the street and ransacked. Should you wish to discuss this directly with the BRRC leadership, not only do they have talk pages on which they have previously responded to TZH blathering, and a bonified BRRC talk page, they also have public forums. You're an idiot. In short, HAND. --Jack's Cold Sweat 03:37, 18 June 2008 (BST)
This. ^ --Docdead 10:29, 18 June 2008 (BST)

Griefing of Pippard 1

Since mid May 2008 several parties have been griefing Pippard; in particular members of the BRRC. They apparently object to the BRRC's careful and considered approach to providing Brain Rot revives. Though their specific objections are unstated; and, in all honestly, are probably irrelevant. The primary actors shoot people down or attack as zombies, whichever is convienent for them, with a fair amount of generator killing, and overcading (Pippard is currently run as VSB+0 for easy rotter access). The others primarily focus on just generator killing, and occasionally overcading.

While the griefing continues, it is recommended that interested parties help maintain Pippard's barricades at VSB+0, and rotters seeking a revive make use of the Pippard Forums to schedule an appointment. While certainly more troublesome, it's extremely difficult for griefers to stop a scheduled appointment. It's recommended that rotters setting up an appointment read the Revive Guidelines, registration on the forums is not necessary in the least. While revives (rotter and otherwise) will continue to be provided sans appointment, due to the griefing, they will be somewhat less consistant and more haphazard.--Jack's Cold Sweat 21:39, 21 June 2008 (BST)

Again, TZH members are attacking no one who falls outside of the MSC umbrella, which includes at this time all BRRC members in the Pippard Building. This will not stop, it will not end, and there will be no let up until the terms are met. We would invite all rotters to head to the Nich building, which is currently operating as a Rotter Revive clinic. All Newbies are safe here from any TZH members regardless of what form they may be in. We can make no guarantees to anyone's health from other local zombies as long as the cades are left at VSB+0. The matter of negotiation of a cease fire has been brought to MSC members repeatedly, and met each time with rejection, and further aggression. TZH continues to strive for a peaceful solution, and we hope that the innocent Occupants of the Pippard Building and South Blythville at large will bear with us for the duration of this conflict. Long Live a Free South Blythville!--Dhavid Grohl 20:04, 24 June 2008 (BST)
Well a ceasefire should be no problem since no one from the MSC (which has formaly disbanded) or BRRC (AFAIK) has PK'd anyone in TZH. Since you've never been fired upon, all you have to do is stop shooting for there to be a ceasefire, and indeed a complete end to the entirely one sided hostilities. I'm glad we could eventually come to such an obvious resolution.--Jack's Cold Sweat 22:10, 24 June 2008 (BST)
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