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P4X639 is not our diplomat.

- Warrior X2 (B.M.C. leader)

P4X639? You mean telc? He changed that himself.

-"Co-Leader" Vorador

I'd like to know who im supposed to have killed, and also if youve any evidence. If it was awwsnapitsjelly, that was a mistake. My brother was being an ass and shot up half the police department. I only came to find this out when i logged in and had 3 hp left. Thanks to several members in the Pd healing me and others, as well as explaining my situation, as well as my current inability to move from miltown, due to no ap, the situation was rectified. However, Comrade corpsekiller has been hounding me with stray shots the last two days, and if he does it again, ill have no choice but to, as they say " Bust a cap in his ass". Ive no problems with the SWFM, but i propose taking a hold of your members under an already rectified situation. -Kaein

  • kiss kiss* - Corpsekiller

Lol, all's fine then corpsekiller. -Kaein

Comrade commie4life has defected, and is slandering throughout pennville. Ill see what can be done. -K.

In Fort Perryn somebody has left the graffiti: "This armoury is property of the BMC. Leave or die."

We don't know who is responsable for leaving this message, but while a portion of the BMC inhabbits the armoury, we have no problem with others there.

Don't know if it's one of our members being a c**t or someone else trying to stir things up.

Also my posting privilages have been removed from your MB. Would one of you pass on the message for me. Cheers.

-El Marto of the BMC.


What the hell is going on on this page? Please, someone fill me in because there appears to be a lot of vandalism going on - but I can't tell what to revert to. --Daxx 13:25, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)

-We are being Repeatedly Vandalized by the Poor Grammared CarrytheRedFlag He's the SWFM's Disgruntled Postal Worker. Jahanian

Okay, CarryTheRedFlag, you can say what you want to say here. Please note that groups are allowed to have practically whatever they want as part of their POV section; this section of their pages are treated like user pages meaning that they can choose what to have / not to have as part of the page. You are, however, allowed to create a seperate page and link from this page to it under the NPOV section detailing your grievances (but note also that this seperate page will also be treated as NPOV, so any grievances you have must be 'alleged' unless you have definitive proof.

Please refrain from further vandalism. The above solution I believe you will find satisfactory, as others have in the past. --Daxx 16:12, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Here you go. [[1]]
"ReginalRenard" is "Sandra" from the SWFM forums, I was banished after deleting her account even though Act10 clearly reads: "I, the founding member, reserve the right to ban possible infiltrators/saboteurs from our organization". Since carlo made me admin while he was away I just assumed he left that up to me. I've banned Pk13 members before and he had no problem with it. :CarryTheRedFlag
Okay, firstly - you must bear in mind that I have no idea what's happening here. Who 'banished' you? What do you mean by 'banished'? For what reason(s)? Have you been banned from the forums, or just kicked out of the group?
It may be that we can come to a more neutral NPOV statement which takes into account this information without making either side look bad as such, whilst retaining all pertinant information. I want to help out both sides of this argument, but this requires both sides (yes, both) to talk this through maturely. That's what arbitration is about. --Daxx 16:32, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Vorador, you have been Banned from the Forums and the Group. We don't want you there anymore. You violated the Charter by kicking those members out, Admins cannot "Act" like the Founder. It clearly states THE FOUNDER can only do those things. You were not and never will be the Founder. You took Slayer90's Comment out of Context, he was telling you not to call him Sandra, he wasn't saying to keep it a secret. You're Trying to win on a technicallity. "Oh but it can be taken the other way" yeah, just leave us alone.

(Note: above comment posted by Jahanian)

Okay Jahanian, thanks for your side of the story. Now let's hear his so we can put something useful together and keep flaming to a minimum. --Daxx 23:19, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)

I must say, the SWFM has a cracking line in spin and agitprop: "Fork in the Road"?! It was a full-blown schism in the finest tradition of the ultra-left! "Reshuffle"?! You mean the rapid-fire bannings of everyone by Vorador followed by his own expulsion? They were heady days and deserve to be aired publicly. Tut-tut, honestly, leave it to the Socialist Workers to cover up the truth... ;P --Doc Steiner 14:27, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)

Socialist Project

A project has been started and you are asked if your group is interested. See Union of Malton's Socialist Factions.

What happened to this? I have a couple of characters at UD, at I would have at least one of them join the socialists if all the socialist groups either merged or at least united into a firm alliance/coalition/network. Also, would you be interested in organizing a counter to this White Pride Rally known as Operation White Storm? I have a great name for it: Operation Storm Whitey. --Luigi Galleani 17:36, 10 August 2006 (BST)


Hey, I fixed your group's image on the main page. Hope you don't mind... Here's the edit. --A1C JerryASSPKASAT 09:51, 28 August 2006 (BST)

Oh. Nevermind. You guys are disbanded. Ok. Speedy deletion nomination.--A1C JerryASSPKASAT 10:05, 28 August 2006 (BST)
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