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Discussion Page

I suggest we move all of the small talk and less important things to this page. It is a much more appropriate location and it makes things look much nicer. 28 December 2006 -Wandering Insouciant


Requesting a medic, over: Allright guys, I see you are all arguing over revive points. Personally, I use Walrond Square. Sure, there are 50+ zombies there but if I request a revive using the Creedy Intelligence Tool,, I am revived in a few hours. I have been revived there twice in the past week, both times in under 4 hours. Hope that helps. -Wandering Insouciant

Old Stuff

December 19: Any chance Sgt Wyant will be back anytime soon? Hope he's been reading the updates, might be quite a shock to wake up from your hidey-hole to find the entire suburb gone. Redwave 00:28, 20 December 2006 (UTC)

The Aardwolf Rangers will help you hold down the warehouse, but only after the hospital is back in our hands. You and I both know that if the horde at the mall turns its attention on 83,41 you won't last for 10 minuites. And that's a real possibility with the mall next door. I would gladly lay down my life defending the warehouse, but with all the Zeds in the suburb at Giddings it presents a small window of oppurtunity for us that we might not get for a while. I'll come with one or two others in a few days. Hope you can hold till then. Redwave 18:05, 17 December 2006 (UTC)

It is too bad no one is following the barricading policy we have enacted. For a week I have been trying to get the cades down with no luck. I spent 27 AP the other day without bringing it down any. I think we need to corridinate our attacks against our own barricades since someone feels the need to keep bringing them up. -Wandering Insouciant