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oh wow, its cool you included me! I wish someone would do that for me when I did necronet scans lol

Is there anyway to include scent points into the suburb map? I'ld like to update more frequently, but I generally plan a route through as many resource points in a suburb. Could the suburb map be adapted with appreciations of scent points? I think currently the appreviations are dark and RP. Maybe something like SP or ZP, scent point or zombie-scent point? It's mostly for my convience lol, but I hope more people would agree its a worth while change. Otherwise maybe you could take the copy whole suburb map just for ZALP and then I could just update danger reports and scent points there.

While the map listing is a good idea, I think people would frown on editing the suburb maps with a new designation until our process is a bit more established. If the map begins to generate sufficent support, that might change. Until then, I will add an in-house map to our list of things to look into. That said, the scentoral imaging locations are in a standard grid at the 81 places where the 5,16,27,38,50,61,72,83,or 94 latitude or longitude lines cross. If you ever see two of these numbers in your GPS, feel free to take a whiff. The 81 location pages for these spots have scent images on them and links but the easiest way to update a scan is to do so from the linked coordinate map here. We are working on posting links in the suburb resources section of each suburb page that contains a scentoral imaging location. Look for those in coming days along with user templates to reflect various donor levels as we here at ZALP try to provide greater support and recognition for our valued contributors. --Albert Schwan Albert Schwan  21:16, 13 June 2011 (BST)
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