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OK- i guess I'll start the discussion. It is really hard to live with ZD- knowing that one day you're fine and the next thing you know, it's two weeks later and you're waking up pantsless in a cemetery across Malton. You're freinds are eaten and its your fault. You have no memory of the terrible things you've done. It's so disconcerting. You feel like you don't want to associate yourself with a group for fear of posing a danger to them. I guess I realized I had ZD after I spent the night in an auto repair shop last winter. I bunked in with these guys and even helped refuel their generator. In the morning I woke up outside- with no pants on. The place had obviously been torn apart and hastily rebarricaded. When I went indiside there was a new group of survivors- a ragtag bunch. I asked them what happened to the others and thy said When they arrived, the barricades had been smashed down and a group of zombies had eaten everyone. They said I was among the Zombies who ate those poor survivors. Low on ammo, they combat revived me and chucked me outside. I was furious. I demanded to know who had combat revived be- a strictly forbidded tactic! A grisled old man in a stained lab coat hunched in the corner admitted it. When I pressed him about how dangerous that could have been he said he had seen my kind before. He knew what he was dealing with and that it was the only thing that could be done at the time. He said if he hadn't revived me the way he did, I might have been cursed to wander Malton for months or even years before I randomly found safe haven at a cemetery. He said I had ZD. Even if i never had it before, I had it now. It might have been latent for years- or maybye I had it all along and never knew it. Either way, he said, it was somehting I'd have to live with. They handed me some pants and sent me on my way. They said it'd be best if I didn't stay with them. Seek out safe territory, they said. Sleep alone. It's the only way. This life of ZD I lead- it's so lonely. if I didn't have the ZDSN I don't know what I'd do.

-Bob, ZD sufferer since Jan 07

Thanks for contributing Bob. You're never alone with us here. Liam Degen 17:55, 1 May 2007 (BST)

Unlike some ZD individuals, I can remember my bouts of dementia. It's like I'm watching a silent movie. I can't hear anything and I have no control over the actions of my body. Not being able to hear the screams of my freinds as I eat their brains is no consolation. Their faces haunt me every day. Things will go fine for months on end, and then without warning- our building will come under seige. As soon as I fall in combat the urge comes over me. I rise and begin eating everyone around me. Its so terrible. My freinds have learned to cope with it- by now they know to revive me on the spot, or run away. We get along somehow. Whenever I get down on myself and think I should live alone in an island or something- I think about all the brave survivors in teh ZDSN. I know that if you guys can go on leading normal lives, then I can too!


Thanks for sharing, Mary. Good luck to you and your freinds Liam Degen 17:55, 1 May 2007 (BST)

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Thanks Graaaagh! although Brain Rot may not be the answer for all of us, it has certainly worked for you! best of luck! Liam Degen 18:02, 1 May 2007 (BST)

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