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Hey there. I'm Nefrutas, of the Edicts Of Anubis. I'm also a ZKer, and if you hadn't noticed my "team" is rather pitiful. So, I'd ditch the title of sole member if I could join your group, since I feel that both Zoidberg and Wilson are equally worthy individuals to be worshipped. And I have nothing against Platypus's either.


Sure, you're in. Have to clear it with the Zombie Pope but that's really just a formality. We're still working out the details of how to deal with non local members. So until we figure things out just change your profile and check the main page every week or so for a possible forum or something.Cardinal in Charge of Propeganda 18:19, 13 Feb 2006 (GMT)

23 June 2006


I´m Karloth Vois, leader of The Surrealists, and we seem to share very similar aims. We too revere Wilson from Home Improvement in His Impregnable Knowledge Of All Things Worth Knowing, as well as a couple of other things from your list.

Care for an alliance(due to our somewhat chaotic nature this could well be temporary, but still in the very least amusing)?

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