Tambazi Ufu

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Tambazi Ufu
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Abbreviation: TU
Group Numbers: 10
Leadership: Dahomey
Goals: To Spread Disease and Defile. To Make Malton Fit For Sakpata's Return
Recruitment Policy: http://www.reddit.com/r/tambaziufu/
Contact: http://www.reddit.com/user/Sakpata/

Tambazi Ufu is the Malton Zombie Cult devoted to Sakpata, God of Disease and Insanity. The Plague that struck Malton in 2005, killing a large portion of it's population and having them rise from the grave as Undead, is thought to have been the Divine Work of Sakpata, working through his priests. This Cleansing was to make the ground holy so that Sakpata's Avatar might walk upon the Material Plane once again for the first time since the 1907 Yoruba Smallpox Outbreak in Western Africa. His Awakening was delayed when his priests were murdered during the Caiger Mall Invasion, a final battle that would have sparked Malton's True End had the Cultists survived to perform the sacred rites.

In early 2014, some 8 years after their fall, Tambazi Ufu rose from their graves amidst the rubble. The Priests of Sakpata shambled back to Gibsonton, back to St. Matthew's Cathedral, to finish what they started almost a decade before.


Destroy any survivor who enters our Domain. Feast upon his corpse in tribute to the God who gave you Unlife.


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