Tasker Park

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Tasker Park

Molebank [11,41]

Mitchel Walk Dauncey Square a junkyard
the Bayford Building Tasker Park Aston Lane
the Pankhurst Building Wadden Boulevard a carpark

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.
The Tasker Park arboretum in 2002.


Tasker Park features an enclosed arboretum which was home to some unique botanical species prior to the fall of Malton.


Built on a former wasteland, Tasker Park was commissioned by NecroTech and designed by and named after Frederick Tasker, a Manchester architect. It features an elaborate enclosed arboretum, specifically designed for the NecroTech employees from the neighboring Pankhurst Building and Bayford Building. It housed over a hundred botanical species, ranging from domestic ones to exotic growths no one had ever heard of. Due to its proximity to the former two buildings and the events that unfolded there during the Malton incident, the park was overrun and ransacked by zombies in the first few days of the outbreak.

Current Status

The current status is unknown, although it can be assumed no one has tended to the unique variety of botanical species, and it has as such fallen victim to wild growth of the more dominant species in the garden.

Barricading policy

This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.
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