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UPDATE: Most of Charlie has been banned, any that were not have joined a new group, Ungrateful Dead.

Watch your back!

Commander: CalvinTHEaxe

Lieutenants: NivlacTehGun - Snappy Guy Ninja Boy


MeHealYou DeathLimper TyroneGuavaCrotch YouNoTakeMyBrains

DoctorAllCome Taste4Flesh ToughGuyBigWheel Zediphobe

WalkingBandAid 99ways2die FakBOTbeta YouWillFightTheBear

Who is Charlie Squad?

Charlie Squad is a division of Team_Zombie_Hardcore. Charlie squad is based mostly out of Arizona, Nevada, and California, and most of us know each other in person/real life. We roam North Blythville and South Blythville mainly, but have been known to travel when the need is there.


Above: NivlacTehGun leading his platoon in some 'exercises'.

Below: Charlie Platoon 2 in combat.


NivlacTehGun and Snappy Guy Ninja Boy are both Lieutenants of this squad, with CalvinTHEaxe being the HIGH COMMANDER of Charlie Squad.


Above: TZH prepping to raid Pippen NT and kill some MSC members.

Below: TZH, led by Duke Cage and Charlie 3, heading to Nichols Mall.


Deathlimper, 99ways2die, and Taste4flesh are our 3 brainrotter members, which means we encourage them to NOT DIE as much as possible. Lol.

The rest of the squad is fairly new, and are still earning their wings.

What does Charlie Squad do for fun?

Charlie primarily hangs out in and defends NB. This includes cading and lighting as many buildings as possible, killing any hostile Zombies, and reviving everyone we can.


Charlie 1 fixxin to go kick some zombie ass!

Do you guys kill just zombies?

Heh well it used to be so, but then came along the Malton Skeet Club, a group of racist, asshole, PKer/Zed Helpers, who we are now destroying. Charlie does NOT tolerate PKing, racism, or cock sucking, and MSC does all 3.

Tzhsquad.jpg TZH taking down a member of Malton Skeet Club.

Wow, that sounds like you guys kick ass, and drip awesomeness. How can I join?

Visit the Team Zombie Hardcore wiki page and contact leadership there. If you reek of awesomeness, they will let you in and assign new members to squads. Please direct any inquiries into team Charlie to CalvinTheAxe, NivlacTehGun, or Snappy Guy Ninja Boy.


Charlie 3 guarding outside Deer Street PD during a block party!


SOME of our kick ass AWESOME members:


Deathlimper, shortly after turning survivor, trying to remember how to use a gun.


Fakbotbeta.JPG FakBOTbeta


MeHealYou.JPG MeHealYou, learning the hard way how to be a medic.


Walkingbandaid.jpg WalkingBandAid, prepping a syringe for a fallen member of Olney Militia in NB.


Doctorallcome.jpg DoctorAllCome, about to PWN the hell out of another Malton Skeet Club member.


Flaming Skull.gif
This Group is HARDCORE
This group follows and believes in his Divine Awesomeness.
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