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Team Zombie Hardcore Commanders

Mark Whalberg - The greatest hero alive (or dead for that matter). First in command of Team Zombie Hardcore, this guy has started a new epidemic in Malton. The epidemic of hardcore. Zombies and Pkers live in fear due to the unstoppable, pure awesome Army of Whalberg that is TZH. Any follower of Whalberg uses the battle cry of TZH, "Balls To The Whalls!", when bruising zombie ass and drop-kicking Pker's in the face.

Dhavid Grohl - Second in command of Team Zombie Hardcore. Dhave is the reincarnation of the long, lost legend Big Nixon, now retired (Much shit shall be rocked in your name, sir). Dhave is the TZH Online Command and is the closest connection to Mark Whalberg that you can find. Whalberg is often busy being awesome and converting Washington diplomats into hardcore fighters for awesomeness. Dhavid Grohl fights for the hardcore and all that is awesome. He will never surrender to the softcore tards of Malton.

Duke Cage - General of Team Zombie Hardcore. Duke Cage was the ringleader of Team Strike Force eons ago which later was incorporated as Team Zombie Hardcore/Bravo Squad. Duke Cage and Dhavid Grohl work heroically together as fighters for freedom and all that is awesome in Malton. Armed with only shotguns and a giant fire axe, Duke Cage spearheads the wrath of TZH against those who are softcore d-bags. When you've been told, "Duke Cage SMASH!" those will be that last words you ever hear. Glory to the Harcore! Hail Whalberg the Divine Leader!

This group is currently being structured, be patient, this page will come along soon.

--Tiger Striped Dog 02:42, 10 April 2007 (BST)

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This Group is HARDCORE
This group follows and believes in his Divine Awesomeness.
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