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The TZH Dhestroyers



That's right chumps and bitches! We are the Dhestroyers! We are the Second Horseman Brigade of the Whalberg Army Team Zombie Hardcore. When we aren't busy bitch slapping you, we're busy bitch slapping your corpse!


All we wanted to do was uppercut zombies all day long and then use them to build a fort, but no. You douchebag pkers and bounty hunters had to crash our party. Well guess what, this party never ends and you are not invited EVER! If you kill us then you're a douchebag... and if we kill you then you're a douchebag. Down with Douchebags! But don't you worry, there's always a spot for you crying bithces on the end of our fist! Our philosophy is rightfully and tastefully described by this short video:Our Manifesto

The Roster

This is Duke Cage. The second horseman of He who dropkicks elmo. When he's not curb stomping you into a pile of chump justice, he's flexing and saying cool stuff.

This is Morris O'Brian. He's our squad ladies man. When he isn't putting a dent in your face with a crowbar, he's putting a dent in your sister. Hey oh!

This is Shu. The super friendly scientist who moonlights as a berzerker hero of TZH. When he's not not reading books and solving theorems, he's dual wielding pkers as billy clubs pounding away at other stupid enemies of Whalberg.

This is Mike Smith. The most independent hero of all time. He single handedly made the Profile Police quit the game and he's not even really part of the squad, but he hates Bounty Hunters and both he and Duke are real life friends. He doesn't use the wiki, forums, nothing. He just shoves everyone's shit in 24/7!

This be Shirly Logan. This guy single handedly killed all the Steeeve zerg characters and then made a necklace out of the corpses. But then he pawned the necklace for $5... all profit! When he's not busy rapping about candy, he's beating you over the head with a chain-link fence.

This is 8008135. He like boobs. He also likes lighting you the fuck up with flare guns. This pimp also knows how to grow an afro. When he's not lighting you on fire, he's dialing his bitches.

This is ScotW. He's our team tech guy, medic, and all around PR guy. When he's not hacking into your face with his laptop, he's hacking into your face with a fire axe.

This is the one and only ObiFireFighter. Easily the most destructive and hardcore rampage artist you will ever come across. When he's not thrashing with Whalberg, he's throwing a dumpster at your spine.

Where you can find us

In your fucking face! We lay claim to one spot Warehouse 26,66, but we are rarely ever there. We spend most of the time throwing chumps out windows and letting DORIS know they're not funny. If we got nothing to do, then we call up The Beyonder and he flies in with his hoes. You're not invited. Unless you're hardcore AND roll with He who skates on Ashton Martins.

Oh and heads up, because that warehouse is guarded by a neighborhood Polar Bear who is loyal to Whalberg. It is fat from eating zombies, and it gets diarrhea from eating Pker's. Sometimes there is a midget Santa riding on Polar bear, no clue why. Polarbear666.jpg

Our wheels?

We tend to fire up the Polar Express to Pain. Duke Cage built it with his feet. Whalberg is the only one who can drive it. Here you can see him conducting the tank with only his balls. Oh that Whalberg!


N1042844654 30005206 7904.jpg Under The Beyonder's Grace

This Group is Allied The Church Of The Beyonder. They are true Pimps Of The Land.

Flaming Skull.gif
This Group is HARDCORE
This group follows and believes in his Divine Awesomeness.
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