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Can be used on A/PM and A/RE bids to show data relevant to the User in question.


  • 1=User - Name of user
  • 2=Bid type - Use PM for A/PM bids or RE for A/RE bids

Alternitively, the bid type variable may be left off if the template is placed on either A/PM or A/RE. The appropriate version of the template will be used but will default to the PM version when the bid is archived. At times, it may be desirable to use RE as a variable when used on A/PM bids, especially when a previous system op is bidding for another term. The RE variable will add a link to the user's Sysop Archives page.


{{bid|Example User|PM}}



{{bid|Example User|RE}}


Alternatively, if you are in A/RE or A/PM

{{bid|Example User}}

will use the correct version.

If you are not in A/RE or A/PM

{{bid|Example User}}

will use the PM version.

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