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GE infantry.gif Beer Cruzade
You has receive an invitation for be part of the Beer Cruzade formation Group.

get more information about this new iniciative here

Use this tag to invite people to Join the Beer Cruzade, just put it on them Talk Page ;)

What tha hell i am trying to do?

Make Stronger the survivors groups, by forming a huge & easy to control "Confederacy" who just act coordinating leaders operations to try to make them more efficiently in the liberation of new suburbs.

This was maded before, but didnt work

Wrong, it works at certain point acording to my information.

i ignore how the coordination of confederacys make before, but the suggestion here is

1º) See the tactical points of any suburbs and make a steps plan to take the entire suburb taking that like reference.

2º) Using this information, Create the goals who each group separately must acomplish on this suburb for this way help to the liberation of that suburb

3º) Distribute the goals between the groups, the best will be if more groups have the same job -or- if some groups have the mission of (help the resistance of the suburb meanwhile the others acomplish them goals) or something like that.

4º) Start the call to a new Beer Cruzade!!!

What you wanna win making this?

By now i just hope call some group leaders to try to make this think works, thats all, the reasons i post it before.

How is organized this cruzade?

Well... always exist vote &/or discussion for take desitions, but if you mind... i can suggest you this:

1º) First In Charge; the entirely responsable about this cruzade, if it fails maybie he is the guilty, this guy (who can be choosed or can be assigned because he was the one of the idea to make this cruzade) is the guy who design the steps plan &/or the guy who distribute between all group leaders the goals of each step of the mission.

2º) Group of Leaders: this group can propose steps plans &/or distribute between them the goals of each step of the mission.

of course i am just droping ideas to the wind, so between yourself can decide how to organize.


& about my recently formed group??? well... what about it... i still without any hispane on it, i think not too much hispane people play this game... Wherever, i am not consider myself a Group Leader Untile i have at least 1 platoon in my group.

If you are intrested & wanna contribute in this proyect, well then tell me to my talk page --Obsdark 03:54, 11 November 2008 (UTC)