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Auto Repair Shops 0 n/a
Factories 0 n/a
Forts 0 n/a
Hospitals 0 n/a
Malls 0 n/a
NecroTech Buildings 0 n/a
Police Departments 0 n/a


Blank Template


Example (using data from Pitneybank)

|autos=[[Byrne Auto Repair|Byrne]] (83,43), [[Bromley Auto Repair|Bromley]] (85,43)
|facts=(89,44), (87,45)
|forts=[[Fort Creedy]] (80,48)
|hosps=[[St. Benedict's Hospital (Pitneybank)|St Benedict's]] (83,47)
|malls=[[Giddings Mall]] (84,41),(85,41),(84,42),(85,42)
|nts=[[the Morrish Building|Morrish]] (84,43), [[the Farmer Building|Farmer]] (82,46)
|pds=[[Boutcher Alley Police Dept|Boutcher Alley]] (82,41), [[Halberry Boulevard Police Dept|Halberry Boulevard]] (87,44)


Auto Repair Shops 2 Byrne (83,43), Bromley (85,43)
Factories 2 (89,44), (87,45)
Forts 1 Creedy (80,48)
Hospitals 1 St Benedict's (83,47)
Malls 1 Giddings (84,41),(85,41),(84,42),(85,42)
NecroTech Buildings 2 Morrish (84,43), Farmer (82,46)
Police Departments 2 Boutcher Alley (82,41), Halberry Boulevard (87,44)


  • The common parts of location names (e.g. "Police Dept", "Hospital", "Auto Repair") are not repeated.
  • In the case of factories (which are all called "a factory"), only the co-ordinates are given.
  • For the Fort, only the co-ordinates of the gatehouse are given (and the fort would not be listed in a suburb which did not contain the gatehouse).
  • With a Mall, all the squares that are in the suburb are listed.
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