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Anonymous Character
No image
Joined: Unknown
Character class: Unspecified
Favorite equipment: None
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Unknown
Character group: None
Character stats: Unknown
Journal: No journal for {{{char_name}}}

Usage Guide


char_name=Character name|
char_image=URL of character image if available|
char_joindate=Date character was created|
char_class=character class| 
char_equip=favorite equipment|
char_profileID=profile number - URL prefix is provided|
char_status=Alive or Zombie|
char_stats=List kills, revives, deaths, etc.|
char_journal=[http://example.com Journal] or [[Journal:character|Journal]]| - or (e.g.) "No journal"

Note the bar at the end is what gives you the break between entries.


 char_name=Mr. Example|
 char_joindate=July 3, 2005|
 char_class=Civilian, Firefighter| 
 char_equip=Fire Axe|
 char_group=Example Group|
 char_stats=10 kills, 10 revives, 10 deaths|
 char_journal=No journal

This example results in:

Mr. Example
Joined: July 3, 2005
Character class: Civilian, Firefighter
Favorite equipment: Fire Axe
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: The Chudleyton Blend-Ins
Character stats: 10 kills, 10 revives, 10 deaths
Journal: No journal for Mr. Example