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When a part of an article is marked with Citation needed, someone asked for verification of the claim made in that part of the article. Most articles on the Urban Dead wiki are based on fiction and don't necessarily require reliable sources. However, some articles do provide out-of-game content and this information should not be utter nonsense.

This template may be inserted into an article as an actual request for verification, or as a statement. By inserting the template you make clear that you highly doubt the information given in the preceding text and warn other users of the Urban Dead wiki that this information may be incorrect. By inserting it you tell other users (especially the author of that part of the article) that rephrasing the information may be helpful. When someone decides to make improvements to this section of the article, internal and external links may be added to provide for a greater source of reliability.

To mark a paragraph or sentence as poor in plausibility, please insert the following code into the article, after the text you'd like to mark.

{{citation needed}}

Example usage:

All cats love rainbows.{{citation needed}}