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Featured Article

Syringe.png 404 - Charge of the Life Brigade is a case-study looking at the weeks following the RRF's attack on Havercroft in 2009. It's a tale that follows a group of survivors determined to rebuild a devastated suburb, and offers glimpses into post-siege survivor and zombie mentality. (more...)

Community Projects

  • The Minor Mission List for survivors has been set up. Current target: Reclaiming Pegton.
  • Zombie players who are looking for something to do are encouraged to travel to Dunnel Hills, Molebank, or other areas within the Dead Man Zone and do their thing.

This month in Urban Dead history: September

  • September 7th, 2005: UDWiki is created.
  • September 8th, 2007: The millionth character is created.

See the other September events from UD history...

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