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  • The {{{1}}} and the DEM would like the citizens of Malton know that our ranks are always open to those who want to make a difference here. If you are looking to be part of a great team, check us out {{{2}}}.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, The {{{1}}} would like to encourage you to learm more about us on the wiki. We're looking for good people to join us: {{{2}}}.
  • Folks, I am a member of the {{{1}}}. I'd like to encourage you to consider joining the {{{1}}}. We work in tandem, share information and support each other. We do a lot of good -you can too. {{{2}}}
  • The {{{1}}} is now offering exciting new positions in our organization. Be part of one of the premiere groups in Malton in our struggle against the zombie menace. Learn about the {{{1}}} here {{{2}}}
  • Hey survivors, got questions? Check out the Urban Dead wiki for detailed information about in game groups, maps and answers to all of your questions. This message brought to you by the {{{1}}}.
  • Organization is key to our survival. Please check the wiki for recent events in your area and share your information with other survivors.
  • Have you witnessed a murder? The {{{1}}} suggests that survivors report PKs to the DEM Rogues Gallery: http://tinyurl.com/qy9dd Keep this address in your bookmarks and make sure they don't get away with murder.
  • Want to find PKers in your area? It's easy, free and a great way to discourage PKers! Bookmark and use the DEM's Rogues Gallery http://ud-malton.info/PK_list.cgi
  • PKers rely on the apathy and disorganization of the masses to murder who they want. If you want to find and exterminate PKers, check out and bookmark the DEM's Rogues Gallery: http://ud-malton.info/PK_list.cgi
  • Don't revive at random. Some Zombies want to remain zombies, and will cause a lot of damage if they are combat revived. Combat revives are never a good idea. Instead, check the DEM's revive reqest tool http://tinyurl.com/odyx6
  • Your chances of being revived quickly are increased if you file a report in the DEM's Revivification Request Tool at http://tinyurl.com/odyx6 DEM members won't revive zombies who don't make a request. Filing just takes a minute to do.
  • DO NOT OVER-BARRICADE! Citizens that are unable to find safe places to sleep will be turned into more zombies - which then have to be revived. Save your allies and reduce your enemies by maintaining very strongly in most areas.
  • Please DO NOT sleep in a VS resource building if you have the Free Running skill, just to save the AP to move into an EH building. You are putting the lives of the weaker survivors at risk by presenting the building as a more tempting target.
  • Hospitals, Police and Fire Depts should be kept at VS. DO NOT OVER-BARRICADE. If you feel exposed in a VS building, move out of a resource building. Over barricading locks other people outside. It could be you looking for a VS block one day.
  • Observe the Sacred Ground Policy. The Sacred Ground Policy is a movement to convert ALL Cemeteries in Malton to Revive Points. This will provide revive points in every Suburb that do not require any notification.
  • Spread the word! Tell others what you know. Use an action to communicate important information when you have one to spare. Citizens, report in, the community needs your help. {{{2}}}
  • Be safe! Calculate your movements, plan for obstacles and combat. Don't be caught without a safe place to hide! The first step to victory is YOUR survival.
  • The {{{1}}} would like to remind the citizens of Malton that we must work together for our survival. Please spread useful information when you have it. Spray cans can alert survivors to safehouses or extremely barricaded buildings.
  • Want to know what's going on in Malton? Take a look at the Threat Map, a service brought to you by the Department of Emergency Management. (address here)
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