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Families of Malton Template

This is a template for standardising the formatting of all Families of Malton entries.


Try to create the desired Family page, then add:


To the page and save the page.

All the information on this template should appear on the page, and will allow you to start your project from there.

Please Contribute!
This page is a work in progress. Please contribute to its development by fixing problems and adding new material.


As each family is researched and entered, the family articles will present:

  1. The Famous members of this family;
  2. The Current (if any) members of this family;
  3. The Landmarks of Malton that either were made possible, named for, or represent a member of this family, and;
  4. Any additional information about this family that may be relevant.

Where an AKA is listed a historical connection to the families exists and thus for the purpose of this resource are listed together. The "Primary" entry is not necessarily the most common occurrence of the name nor is it necessarily the most significant. If you choose to add information to this archive please use the example below, and please check to see if the name you wish to work on is a variant (aka) of one already processed. Thank you.

Example Family Bio:

Brief Intro

Who this family was, how did they impact Malton, when did they come to Malton and did they help found Malton etc..

The Famous members of this family.

Members of this family who have been mentioned in the History of Malton or in Historical citations of locations should be listed here. If there are any Zombies claiming to be members of this family they would list their names and or profile links here.

Members of this Family Currently in Malton

Survivors who are allegedly members of this family would list their names and/or profile links here.

Foot Prints on Malton

The Landmarks of Malton that either was made possible, named for, or represents a member of this family and the links to those locations go here.

Additional Relevant Information

Any additional information, rumors, innuendo, or facts about the family not otherwise covered goes here.

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