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This page is for suggestions that have passed the vote limit, but neither have significantly positive or negative reviews. This is not the place to put new Suggestions. The Suggestions Page is the queue for new Suggestions to be voted on and suggested. Any Suggestions that have not been voted on will be removed from this page.

Notes for Editors

Those who are placing Suggestions on this page should do so under the following procedure:

  1. Take the entire template and paste it into this section.
  2. Remove the entire suggest_votes field.
Please see discussion section for this page. --Squashua 20:22, 16 Nov 2005 (GMT)
  1. Add the field suggest_moved, and then timestamp it with ~~~~~.
  2. replace "suggestion" with "psuggestions".
  3. Please note under the suggestion, briefly, what the controversy was about. It would be good for people to know when revising suggestions and deciding whether to submit a new version of one of these.

So, the new template should look like:

===Suggestion Name===
suggest_time=Old Timestamp|
suggest_type=Original type|
suggest_scope=Original scope|
suggest_description=Original description|
suggest_moved=~~~~~ |
suggest_issues=Notes about the discussion about the skill. |
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